My Pot belly is divine. My tiny boobs are perfect.


This week I’ve be thinking a lot about BEAUTY.

Like many women I’ve had a real love-hate relationship with myself… though eating disorders and low self-esteem, at times utterly discontent with my body…. with teeny boobs I’d been given, the podge belly that would never flatten and the size 8 clown feet that were so tricky to shoe…..

Then one day, I woke up to see that I WAS beautiful, I perfectly me and that was just as it should be. My body was marvellous,  powerful yet delicate and it was ALL MINE.

So now armed with my soul ablaze I wish to set light to all you lost woman who still think you are not enough….

To you I say…



You were made to be you, your imperfections are marvels.

STOP cutting away pieces of yourself to fit in with society’s idea of beauty.

We are throwing our beauty away without even understanding it, without even discovering it yet.

We are altering the very bodies we were blessed with, the bodies our mothers and fathers made for us….. and to alter our body is to be at war with our very soul. We are telling our souls we are not good enough, we are telling them we need to be changed…. and your soul will never rest, your soul will be forever saddened that you needed change when you were already perfect.

So… take a stand, stand up for YOUR beauty, the way you would stand up for your mothers, your sisters, grandmothers, daughters beauty….  EMBRACING your beauty, is to embrace ALL women beauty. Society is sick…. it not does realise what it is to be human and it is our job to teach them.

Don’t let anyone tell you you NEED altering. They are sick. You are not.

Because one day when everyone looks the same, plastic faces on plastic bodies, there will still be a handful of wild women that run free, with flaws to see, hair that ruffles in the wind and skin that feels it all and those other woman will look at them in wonder…. as it to see a goddess, and they will wish they too could be free.

Why we SHOULD celebrate Halloween.

halloween-death-celebrationHalloween beckons…..So I thought it only right that I dedicate a post to the much misunderstood celebration of HALLOWEEN.

As a child I was never allowed to trick or treat, mama thought it was not a sound idea, knocking on random doors waiting for treats just didn’t seem right . But that’s not to say we didn’t celebrate halloween… in-fact staying in was much more of a celebration! For some random reason Halloween became our very own little autumn party.  Mama make a halloween cake, usually a white iced ghost and we’d decorate it together. Dad would always come home with a  pumpkin, the best he could find and  I imagined him in the shop rummaging through the pumpkin pile looking for the just right one. And for years we’d always carve it together, until I grew up and became more creative and better with the carving knife, then I became the chief carver.

And I’d always dress up, even though I’d only be watching t.v and eating cake, it just felt RIGHT. Halloween felt important to me, as though all the scary stuff, all the deamons and zombies, witches and monsters meant something, it was meaningful like we SHOULD celebrate it….

So…. Halloween, the ancient pagan festival, recognised all over the world, day of the dead, all soul’s day…. this holiday, like so many others has roots!

And as you can probably guess I’m not a big fan of the American’s highjacking of halloween, of the princess costumes and bags of candy, going “trick or treat” ING…. because I think  halloween is NOT  a plastic ‘novelty’ but a…

Celebration of DEATH.

After all we NEED death, without death there would be no LIFE. Without death there would be no end to pain, no change, no transformation, cycles of life would not longer function. Death is the beloved partner of life and how can we celebrate one but not the other

So Halloween is a time to embrace death, embrace the cycles of life and celebrate the dead that have passed.

I decorate my house, I carve a pumpkin, I cook a special dinner and give chocolates and small gifts to my family because if we cannot give respect  to death how will we ever understand it, how will we ever be at peace with life, if we cannot be at ease with death.

So I wish you alllll….

A Very Happy Halloween.

My job is to rest.


This week I was ill with a chesty cough, the kind that knocks you for 6, in fact I’m currently writing this from bed in-between naps and sips of hot tea.

And being ill this week got me thinking…..

If we have flu, we complain, we moan at the inconvenience it’s causing our lives, we have so much to do, places to be, errands to run, we don’t have TIME to be sick, but to be honest…. we stupid.

We watch as our body works to sweat out the virus, it’s makes us cough and sneeze, the endless runny noses and watering eyes…..OUR BODY IS FIGHTING FOR US! It’s fighting these gems so we can continue to live and this year people WILL die of the very same gems we’re complaining about fighting…. just because their bodies could not fight…. So….

Before you go and buy some trashy medicine to stop your runny noses or pills to banish your upset tummies….. THINK….

The problem is not those ‘pesky’ symptoms which help us survive! The problem is US….. trying to resist! We are working against our bodies natural flow. So before you crawl out to bed because “I don’t have time to be ill!” THINK… My only job now is to get better because without you wellness you won’t be doing or taking care of anything. Your body is the MOST powerful tool you will ever have, give it some RESPECT!

The dishes WILL wait,  your job will be there tomorrow and the world will not collapse if you give into the cycles of nature and have a few days in bed….. life does go on !




Today I’ve been thinking a lot about protecting, protecting children, armouring them with our love, making sure they’ll always be safe and secure in the heart space.


within our world there are pools of evil, evil so black it’s unthinkable.

But the thing is, no matter how painful, how dark, how doomful,   we MUST think about it, we MUST know about it and we MUST talk about it.… How can we face these evils with our head buried in the sand…. these are the things I dwell on, the things I suffer for, I feel their pain because children NEED us, they MUST have us to be there for them.

And I sit and wonder how I can help, what I can do… Feeling totally hopeless….. maybe you feel the same…. And today I wanted to tell you all…. that we are NOT hopeless…. that’s a lie,  because what I’ve learnt is that we are all FULL of hope, brimming with magic, you can’t even begin to imagine ✨

Our energy is a power so great, our love is a true dream maker and a manifestor of  GOOD!  So instead of pretending the darkness doesn’t exist, here’s what I do to fight evil…

I light candles,  I hold crystals and I send my positive vibes out into the world….let us send thoughts of LOVE, call them prayers if you like, prayers of goodness, of protection….  they are good thoughts for anyone who needs them. And I vibrate so high, feel so much love that darkness couldn’t touch me….

People may say that meditation is nothing and that praying is hopeless… but once you’ve felt the presence of higher vibrations you’ll never again question the power of humankind…

I’m telling you the brightness we possess, well that light,  ignited together, we’ll illuminate the skies so there’d be no place for darkness to hide.

Inside Everyone of us is a Petite Goddess


Hello Dearest Goddesses!

So here’s the story of Petite Goddess….
One day I looked inside my heart and saw love and colour in abundance…. I thought of lovely things to say and ways to make people feel happy… I realised that bright colours and warm words DO bring people joy and so…. I created Petite Goddess.

And Petite Goddess is just for you, for the unique one, the individual, the seeker of bright bold happiness because we all deserve a sprinkling of magic in our lives.

Petite Goddess bags are unique and when I say unique I mean 1 OF A KIND! Every bag is hand painted and signed by me, so no two bags are the same… because after all no two people are the same!
We are all so very original and my bags are a celebration of individuality!

Because being unique must BE CELEBRATED.

But Petite Goddess is not just about creating beautiful things…it’s also about you wonderful people realising how magic, how beauty, how fantastical you are.

Because… inside each one of us there is a Petite Goddess just waiting to be realised, waiting to be released….

Each parcel comes with an inspiring goddess card and is wrapped in golden sweetness, in the hope that a parcel from me will bring you or someone you love, a little slice of joy because maybe they’re having a bad time or maybe you just need some inspiration or a little treat, this is for you…. This brightness, this gift, is made for you.

If you fancy a little nosey in my Etsy store click here.

Sending love to you all!

Petite Mission 3: The Power of Softness

Hello to you wonderful goddesses (or gods!)

This week I’m talking about S O F T N E S S and how being gentle and kind is a freaking powerful weapon of wonder. Try it for yourself, it’s WOW.

And you know how much I LOVE your comments and questions, DO reach out and say HELLO.

Sending much love your way, until next time!

Who Am I?


W H O  AM I?

I am a girl.

A woman.

I am a flowery top and big sunglasses.

I am a fringe, I am frizzy hair and pouting pink lips.

I am big ears and dangling earrings.

I am soft dough flesh and strong walking muscles.

I am unplucked eyebrows and prickly legs.

I am sparkly blue nail varnish with beads and bangles.

I am rosey cheeks and freckles.

I am. . . Who am I?

You can see all these things… but they are not who I am. One day I might not have a fringe, one day my nails might orange instead of blue. One day my freckles may be faded, omy belly may be bigger or smaller. One day my limbs may wobble or be steadier. I don’t know. No one does.

But it doesn’t matter… because THIS is who I am…

I am a human.

I am a sunshine ray of pure light.

I am pure love and abundant joy.

I am enteral wonder and I am freaking amazing.

And so are Y O U!

Petite Mission 2: How to find your true beauty!


Today I’m talking about BEAUTY…. because for many of us beauty is a bit like wrestling an oily piglet… it’s a struggle.

We all want to feel beautiful, we all want to feel GOOD…. but unfortunately the media don’t want that… if you felt good all the time there would be no need to buy the latest fashion accessories or dip dye your hair the latest shade of grey or buy that new orange lipstick…. it seems beauty is a big secret only the young, fashion following ‘people’ who live in the pages of glossy magazines.

But truly, and I never lie…. the real beauty is US…. It’s in ALL of us.

I dare you to do this now…. stop reading and go to the mirror and just look. Look deep into the mirror and think of the loveliest thing in the world and S M I L E, a big beaming, sparkle smile…..


If you can’t see, then you need to keep doing that, keep doing it every day until you’re not blind anymore. You are so wonderfully beautiful, you are YOU and that is your greatest, most beautiful power.

Because…. a person that has soul (which we all do, even if it’s a little tattered or lost) will shine, will radiate beauty.

It has nothing to do with age, fashion or cultures, beauty IS Beauty.

So click play and watch me talking about how amazing you are, because you bloody well are!

I started these ‘mini missions’ as much for myself as to help others.  It’s incredibly therapeutic to voice your thoughts… talking to yourself works, you should give a try! You’ll be amazed at how crystal clear things become. Here’s the full collection of P E T I T E   M I S S I O N S …I hope you find some inspiration, you deserve it!

The Organic Beauty products I swear by…


I don’t know about you but this spring/ summer has been a pretty hectic! And when you’re that bumble bee busy there’s certain things we can take for granted… for me it’s Organic beauty…. As you may or may not know a few years ago I embarked on a quest to banish toxics and chemicals from my beauty regime, here’s a little vlog about why I switched to organic.

And for a long time it was a struggle to find good organic beauty brands, but no more!  I would have shared these little beauties sooner but you know, life and all that. So these are the little lovelies that keep me coming back for more. They’re all organic, safe and simply gorgeous.


This beauty really ‘sorts’ my frizzy haystack out. Smells delicious and a little goes a looooong way.

2. Georganics Remineralising Toothpaste Spearmint 60ml 

I’ve been on the pure pastes for a while now (NOTE: Regular toothpastes and FULL of nasties) but I love this brand, a lovely whipped consistency and delicate taste.

3. Ooh! – Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil 30ml

Face cream went out the window last year, for me it’s all about the facial oils. I have combo skin, but who knew oils just work! (NOTE: This oil is great for fine lines and doubles up as a good primer if you wear powder).


This is my GO TO product for spots, scratches , basically anything red and blotchy gets a dab of this with warm water. It’s Ammmmmmazing, forget savlon etc, this is the stuff.


Organic lipstick can be tricky, so when I found this one with such amazing stay power, smells floral and sweet and a wow colour, yippee! The whole collection is amazing.

6.Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara – Black Tea

This is my favouite mascara ever, may not be for everyone, it’s more natural and it’s not waterproof but it’s just the right side of sticky that is sculpts your lashes really well.

Ok so that’s all my favs, how about you…..Do you DO organic, no chemical beauty? As always I’d love to hear you thoughts, ma ears are open!

Until next time!

:-) Petite <3

Petite Mission 1: Stop Fighting The Battle

 H E R E   W  G O…..

…kicking off my new series of  P E T I T E   M I S S I O N S … these are little snippets of thought for us all to discuss. They are my life missions and ideas which I feel need to be brought to the surface. This is my bright, open space where I hope we can all bounce ideas of one another and share life affirming ideas that brighten our days!

So please reach out and message me because it’s all about opening up and sharing… I absolutely love to hear you thoughts!