Petite Misson 2: How to find your true beauty!


Today I’m talking about BEAUTY…. because for many of us beauty is a bit like wrestling an oily piglet… it’s a struggle.

We all want to feel beautiful, we all want to feel GOOD…. but unfortunately the media don’t want that… if you felt good all the time there would be no need to buy the latest fashion accessories or dip dye your hair the latest shade of grey or buy that new orange lipstick…. it seems beauty is a big secret only the young, fashion following ‘people’ who live in the pages of glossy magazines.

But truly, and I never lie…. the real beauty is US…. It’s in ALL of us.

I dare you to do this now…. stop reading and go to the mirror and just look. Look deep into the mirror and think of the loveliest thing in the world and S M I L E, a big beaming, sparkle smile…..


If you can’t see, then you need to keep doing that, keep doing it every day until you’re not blind anymore. You are so wonderfully beautiful, you are YOU and that is your greatest, most beautiful power.

Because…. a person that has soul (which we all do, even if it’s a little tattered or lost) will shine, will radiate beauty.

It has nothing to do with age, fashion or cultures, beauty IS Beauty.

So click play and watch me talking about how amazing you are, because you bloody well are!

I started these ‘mini missions’ as much for myself as to help others.  It’s incredibly therapeutic to voice your thoughts… talking to yourself works, you should give a try! You’ll be amazed at how crystal clear things become. Here’s the full collection of P E T I T E   M I S S I O N S …I hope you find some inspiration, you deserve it!

The Organic Beauty products I swear by…


I don’t know about you but this spring/ summer has been a pretty hectic! And when you’re that bumble bee busy there’s certain things we can take for granted… for me it’s Organic beauty…. As you may or may not know a few years ago I embarked on a quest to banish toxics and chemicals from my beauty regime, here’s a little vlog about why I switched to organic.

And for a long time it was a struggle to find good organic beauty brands, but no more!  I would have shared these little beauties sooner but you know, life and all that. So these are the little lovelies that keep me coming back for more. They’re all organic, safe and simply gorgeous.


This beauty really ‘sorts’ my frizzy haystack out. Smells delicious and a little goes a looooong way.

2. Georganics Remineralising Toothpaste Spearmint 60ml 

I’ve been on the pure pastes for a while now (NOTE: Regular toothpastes and FULL of nasties) but I love this brand, a lovely whipped consistency and delicate taste.

3. Ooh! – Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil 30ml

Face cream went out the window last year, for me it’s all about the facial oils. I have combo skin, but who knew oils just work! (NOTE: This oil is great for fine lines and doubles up as a good primer if you wear powder).


This is my GO TO product for spots, scratches , basically anything red and blotchy gets a dab of this with warm water. It’s Ammmmmmazing, forget savlon etc, this is the stuff.


Organic lipstick can be tricky, so when I found this one with such amazing stay power, smells floral and sweet and a wow colour, yippee! The whole collection is amazing.

6.Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara – Black Tea

This is my favouite mascara ever, may not be for everyone, it’s more natural and it’s not waterproof but it’s just the right side of sticky that is sculpts your lashes really well.

Ok so that’s all my favs, how about you…..Do you DO organic, no chemical beauty? As always I’d love to hear you thoughts, ma ears are open!

Until next time!

:-) Petite <3

Petite Mission 1: Stop Fighting The Battle

 H E R E   W  G O…..

…kicking off my new series of  P E T I T E   M I S S I O N S … these are little snippets of thought for us all to discuss. They are my life missions and ideas which I feel need to be brought to the surface. This is my bright, open space where I hope we can all bounce ideas of one another and share life affirming ideas that brighten our days!

So please reach out and message me because it’s all about opening up and sharing… I absolutely love to hear you thoughts!

Let it all go…

stop-fighting-the-battle-petite-wordsI felt inspired to write this post after seeing some true words of wisdom from the very lovely lady MAMA LINA…. she simply said:

“S T O P  F I G H T I N G  T H E  B A T T L E ”

and we’ve all felt it… that great pull down downwards, that knot in our stomachs, that just builds and builds until it is towering above us… and then knocks us flat. The fact is we’ve all made life exceptionally stressful for ourselves.  We’ve made bad choice and we’ve put ourselves in places we don’t want to be. Truth be told we’ve caved into pressure and it makes our lives dam right miserable.

And we needn’t have caved in, we didn’t need to pile all that stress on ourselves, we didn’t need to do that, see that, take this, have those….it was all an illusion and we need to go back to basics.

Reading those 4 little words was the answer to my prayers that day…. I needed to see those words… because these last 3 years I’ve made the transition to a more natural, more simple kind of living, with much less pressure and much more time for self-development. But why did I stop fighting the battle? Well, at one point a few years ago I was slipping down DOWN D O W N  for no other reason than my outlook was just totally wrong. I was trying too hard, pushing in the wrong direction and looking in all the wrong places, for all the wrong things. From the outside things looked good but my heart, my soul were totally in pieces. I was egotistical, vain, foolish, and fighting with myself.  I wanted to have big things and make grand plans for the future, I wasn;t a bad person but I just wanted things that can and should not be wanted, I wanted financial security, I wanted success…but these things are not obtanable, no amount of money will even insure happiness, no amount of houses or investments will eveer insure a peaceful future, no amount of career sucsefful will ever insure a happy ending.

Infact often these are the true roots of the problem because we get blinded by these things, because they are so appealing and sparkly, these are the things we are told to devote our life to, to put all our time and efort into….. can’t have a family until I have a house, can’t take my head up from the desk until I finish this work, can’t go out because I have to work overtime, can’t go expoloreing got to stay in educaiton…. what is really the driving force? I we driving? Or are we beaing driven…. STOP FIGHTING THE BATTLE…..

And if you stop fighting, struggling and pushing and just….

“L E T  I T  A L L  G O”

…you’ll see how happy you can really be…..I don’t have more stuff, more money or more success than a few years ago, instead I’ve spent time investing in M Y S E L F because what’s more important that that?! Now have a fresh perspective and this invigorating feeling inside, the best feeling I’ve ever felt, the feeling of peace, of freedom and contentment…. because when you truly let go….. that’s when the good stuff floods in.


My New Bestie Cacao!


Since giving sugar the boot I’ve began a new love affair. It starts with a C and it rhymes with Kapow!

CACAO, also known as cocoa is little magic bean that answers your dreams!

So here’s 5 reasons why you’ll also fall in love with CACAO!

1.Raw cacao is the most antioxidant-rich food in the world.

Cacao contains over 300 important compounds! WOW…these include protein, fat, certain B-vitamins and minerals (calcium, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and copper). Pretty impressive stuff!

2. It can improve your mood.

Cacao contains naturally mood enhancing chemicals (phenylethylamine (PEA) & anandamide). These are the chemicals that make us feel excited, the chemicals we get after dong things like exercising. And it’s these chemical which can help to fight depression. We all need some of that right!

3. It can help you lose weight.

Another nifty thing about Cacao is that it contains chromium, which can naturally regulate blood sugar and it also contains coumarin, which has been know to suppress the appetite, thin blood AND as if that wasn’t enough it has anti-tumor properties too.  Here’s the sciencey bit….Agriculture and Food Chemistry say the “compounds in the cocoa bean appear to disrupt the activity of enzymes normally used to digest fats and some carbohydrates. With this activity disrupted, the fats and carbs don’t get digested – so we don’t experience the harmful effects, including weight gain.”

4. It protects the heart/cardiovascular system.

According to the Linus Pauling Institute, the flavonoids in cacao can decrease or even block the oxidation of “bad” LDL cholesterol. This improves circulation and minimises the risk of heart disease. Well done cacao!


Cacao also helps us to stay focused as it quickens our pulse rate. So if you’ve got a big deadline coming up try a cacao milkshake to stay on the ball. I’ve tried it and it really works!!!

How The Queen Of Sugar Kicked Her Habit!


This is a post I never thought I’d write.

But the truth is SUGAR is bad. Yes I said it, it’s bad,  SO very bad. And what’s worst is that we look at sugar as an old friend, someone who can comfort us, someone who is always there to make us feel happy. After all sugar will never stand us up, sugar never argues back, and sugar will always taste sweet. But what’s that old saying….

“…for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

Yes yes he does and the worst thing of all… you don’t even know it’s there and without realising it you and your family are probably well exceeding your sugar limit (6 tsps women, 9 tsps men).

Let me just blow you mind for a second… think about those 2 sugars in your morning coffee, think about that big dollop of sweet chilli sauce at lunch, think about that sneaky chocolate bar before dinner, think about that can of coke to keep you going. How much sugar, add it up, what do you reckon? Well for a start that can of coke contains over 9 tsps of sugar. That little bar of Dairy milk has 6.25 tbsps,  you get the picture.

And that’s only the things we KNOW are bad… what about all the other little things. When you start checking ingredients, it’s literally MIND BLOWING!

Ok, now onto the factsheet… because no doubt you need hard proof iF you’re gonna give up your best bud sugar… so here we go, why is sugar bad:

It makes us fat…. and yes, in the words of Bridget Jones,  I will always be just a little bit fat, but I’m talking about ‘obesity’ and THAT is dangerous.

It causes heart disease….sugar literally helps to damage the lining of your blood vessels, what a bastard!

Sugar has a way of suppressing your immune system…WHAT! It’s literally trying to kill you!

Sugar has an empty soul meaning it literally gives your body NOTHING.  Sugar also enjoys taking away valuable stuff such as zinc, magnesium, potassium and chromium, all the good stuff we have!

Bad bacteria LOVES sugar so it really is your guts worst energy… think yeast infections, autoimmune disorders, arthritis to name but a few.

Type 2 diabetes… yeah yeah we know the drill…but did you know that it can lead to cancer, coronary heart disease and strokes.

Sugar is ADDICTIVE. Meaning it makes you want it, even when you don’t REALLY want it and definitely don’t need it.

So now we can all see sugar for the devil it is… let’s see how we can move on with our lives and be the healthy goddesses we all know we are.


  • Smoothies: They are literally like the ‘get out of jail free’ card for kicking cravings and keeping your appetite satisfied. There’s a million different kinds, find what you love and get blending!
  • Bananas: Like them or not they offer a great energy and sugar fix. They are also amazing in smoothies, especially protein smoothies…My fav is unsweetened almond milk,  bananas,  cacao powder and organic peanut butter, that’s how I usually start the day.
  • Labels: this is the best way to check your sugar intake, because companies love to sneak sugar in wherever they can! After all… it’s addict, which means you’ll keep coming back for their products! Peanut butter, sauces, milk alternatives, cereal bars, sugar loves to hide in supposedly healthy places.
  • Fruit: pineapple, grapes, mango those super sweety fruits really give you the boost you need. If my family or friends are tucking into treats I have my own stash of fruit and cheese at the ready!
  • Drink green tea: for those who are wanting to loose weight in addition to cutting sugar, green tea is a wonderful way to reduce cravings and for many people it helps to loose weight.
  • Diary: Eating a little more diary really helped me, cheese and fruit are a really satisfying thing and also butter on toast, it stoped me wanting cake!
  • Visualisation: this was really good for me… visualising chocolate, cakes and sweets in a VERY negative way stops you wanting them! I imagined them making me feel sick, hurting my teeth and picturing all that oiling, sugary crap that they are made of.  It’s a good idea to check the indigents in your favourite ‘bad’ foods but beware it REALLY puts you off them!
  • Eat more: you’ll feel more hungry so always make sure you have nice snacks (nuts, cheese, fruits, smoothies, sandwich, shakes, sugar free cakes) eating little and often is the best way.

Finally I must tell you after a few weeks with 0 added sugar (not even honey, agave syrup etc) I felt pretty amazing.

My brain felt clearer, my skin was gooood, a cavity that was hurting before just stopped and in general I felt less mood swings and less tired! So a pretty big payoff for quitting sugar.

I’m going to do a month and then I’ll probably add agave syrup again, as the only thing I’m really missing is pancakes with bacon and agave nectar!

Have you given added sugar the boot, I would LOVE to hear your story!

NOTE: When I say SUGAR I’m talking specifically about added sugar. Sugar that has been added in during the making process I AM NOT TAKING ABOUT NATURALLY OCCURRING SUGAR. Fruit has natural sugar and is amazing, so don’t think of them in the same light.


petite-words-instagram-mayMay was a pretty special month, I didn’t have anything planned, nothing in particular went down but it was an amazing month of calm clarity.

Several things happened: I got outside a lot, taking in the gorgeous street art of Bristol (sometimes I forget how cool this city is!). I laid on the grass reading in the sunshine (good to top up the vitamin c) and I got busy making stuff, from trying out news paints to experimenting with smoothie recipes, getting my hands dirty ALWAYS gives my soul a good stretch!

I also cut myself a mini fringe which I never imagined would look good, but it did and I wouldn’t be without it now. I’ve also taken a step back from work, creating things as they come and generally going at a slower pace… because I’m always in such a beehive rush to push projects out and I can make myself crazed in the process. So taking time this month to invest in my mental and physical wellbeing has worked wonders.

This month I’ve also said good riddance to sugar and I’m not sure if my new found calmness has anything to do with that… we will see!

I hope you’ve have a magical May too!? Are we following each other on Instagram? Come and find me …..

Finally, each month I’m going to add a mantra in the name of self growth and all that stuff! So here goes….May’s Mantra :

Slow down, kick back,  breathe and take in the scenery because the ‘stuff’ will still be there when the sun goes down.


Make Your Hair Go Boom!


As my readers know I have a real love hate relationship with my hair. By that I mean I love my hair, I don’t burn it, don’t throw chemicals on it and in return it just hates me!

Anyway on my great quest to find the golden hairbrush I came across a total haircare wizard called JOHN MASTERS. I love ALL his products from his Apricot & Rose Hair Milk to his Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo (please do read my fabulous reviews) but today I’m talking about this one… John Master’s Organic Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment. It’s a herbal spritz that you spray into the roots of your hair and just wait for the magic to happen.

Ok, it doesn’t literally make your hair go BOOM but it really goes tantalise the roots and bring your hair to life. Among it’s many wonderfully natural ingredients are things like Irish moss, burdock root, papaya, chamomile, nettle, so you can imagine the divine smell, a real herbal stew. It has a fresh, very light consistency which leaves 0 residue on the hair. If anything it helped my usually greasy roots. You just massage and leave in wet hair.

What an amazing product, especially for people with thin hair and unlike most of the John Master’s styling products this one’s available in miniature, with a pretty cute price of £7.00.

I’d love to know you’re organic haircare routine!? Leave a comment below!


Petite Posters Are Here! Limited Edition.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 18.35.48Inspiration.

We need it. We need it everyday! We need it in our homes, we need it in our offices, we really just need to have something lovely and motivational to kick start our day, for when we’re doing the dishes or putting the little ones to bed. It’s not a luxury,  it’s essential!

So I’m very excited to share with you my new Petite Prints! They’re  small, so they can fit in anywhere and they aim to give you that essential  boost of inspiration that everybody must have.

Petite Prints are for a limited time only and at a very special price of £8.99. Come and have a nosy in my Etsy shop and grab your own little slice of inspiration!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.59.19

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.28.42

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 18.32.01


My Fav REAL PEOPLE instagrammers


Instagram is a place of inspiration, well sometimes, well actually no…sometimes it just makes us feel inadequate, messy and like we really don’t have our shit together! And yo can read more about that here: Instagram: Inspiring Or Just Making Us Feel Like Shit!

BUT fear not….I have found the gems, the great super woman that are keeping it real and far from making us feel crappy with their sparkly faces and not so messy buns, they are inspiring up with REAL life ! These are my Fav REAL People Instagrammers.

gypsynspice: This new mama is truly WOW, her openness about life has made me cry on more than one occasion because she asks the question’s we’re sometimes too shy to ask and she does so half naked, feeding her baby in a flower tiara, what a goddess!

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 22.38.59

KRISTINROGERS: This homeschooling mama is keeping it real. I loved her videos where she was showed people around her house, highlighting just how dirty it really is and how pictures can totally hide that. 100 points for honesty! A star!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 13.21.42

omgkenzieeeSo much respect for this lady, she really puts herself out there. Love your rolls, embrace your stretch marks, she shows us that beauty is not plastic, beauty comes from being REAL.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 23.25.09

GEMMA_MARIN: I’m a big fan of this Spanish mama living in L.A. Famous for her bump dancing, she really has an incredible energy! she shares her story in a very natural and warm way, she even uploaded her birth video to insta which unfortunately got pulled down due to her being a bit naked. It is such a powerful video that really shows how natural and instinctive birth can be.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.15.34

WILLITLOOKGOODONMETHO : These 2 gals are amazatron! They try out the new makeup and fashion trends to see what is looks like on a real person!  Because lets be honest does blue lipstick really work for anyone? And what an amazing job they’re doing.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 15.11.06

BADDIEWINKLE :This 88 year old superstar is a true asset to instagram! Legendary for her pink, fluffy lycra style, she is a rainbow bubble of inspiration!

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 23.40.51

bodyposipanda: This shining star is all about promoting positive body image. I love the unglossed pictures of beauty and how she empowers woman  all over the world.. This is a message we really need to embrace!

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 15.15.48

PINKSCHARMING: This British mama has her fair share of pretty pictures, but she also inspires me with her little real life snippets: her daughters misshapen gingerbread people, inspiring notes on life or Organic makeup that really works. A lovely feed (:

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 23.32.22

JULIABERNHARDCOMICS: For when only cynicism will do! This hilarious illustrator, based in Germany always makes me laugh out loud with her bitter-sweet observations on life! This is one of my absolute fav pics.


I hope you get some well deserve insta-ration. Am please let me know your most inspiring instagrammers! I absolutely can’t wait to know. And if they inspire me too, I’d love to add them to the list!