Cleaner Teeth The Organic Way


Teeth are important, aren’t they. It’s your smile, the first thing people usually notice and the gateway to the rest of your body. So if you’re teeth aren’t healthy they could be causing your body all kinds of problems!

And we’d all love to have a gleaming white smile, but that doesn’t always mean healthy teeth and gums. Chemical pastes, abrasive whiting, and nasties like bleach may give you white teeth but could do major, often irreparable damage to your nashers.

So first things first here’s a little list highlighting the toxics to look out for, because chances are your toothpaste has at least 1 of them, even your kid’s toothpaste!

Fluoride a truly horrendous chemical that’s been linked to all kinds of mental health issues and problems with brain function, seriously toxic stuff. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) many reasons not to use this but for a start it’s a pesticide, used to kill insects and plants (put it in my mouth, uh no thanks) and its corrosive (on my teeth! Hell no!).  Aspartame yes the nasty little sweeter which has been band in so many soft drinks due to links with Alzheimer’s disease and birth defects, not exactly something you’d want in your toothpaste! Microbeads which are essentially teeny tiny plastic beads, mostly used in body scrubs and whitening pastes, as the beads exfoliate and then go directly into your body, yes that’s right, you have plastic in you body! It goes down the drain as well and because the beads are so small they can’t be filtered out so those beads end up in the ocean, and you know that juicy piece of fish you’re about to eat, yes, that’s probably where the microbeads have ended up. Green Peace are working really hard to band them, with our helpDiethanolamine (DEA) is another horrible toxin that goes directly into skin and causes bladder, esophagus, liver and stomach cancer, hard to believe it’s in a toothpaste, but it is, just check the packet of most big brands. Propylene Glycol is a mineral oil (which in itself has huge links to premature ageing) and can be found in paint enamel, antifreeze and other products you wouldn’t dream of using on your skin, let alone in your mouth, also links to organ system toxicity.

Yuck right, so what to do, well luckily there are loads to amazing organic and chemical free toothpastes out there and you could even try making your own! Here’s a super simple recipe from Food Renegade if you fancy giving it a whirl.

No on to my personal dental routine. My teeth may not be pearly white, but they’re pretty good and I’ve had more compliments from my dentist that EVER before, which is something to be proud of. I’ve also banished my tooth sensitivity, definitely something to smile about!

My Dental Regime:

Lanes Sarakan Original Salvadora Toothpaste £2.85

My fav natural toothpaste and I’ve tried a lot, it’s also one of the cheapest! It uses extract of Salvadora persica a.k.a the toothbrush tree, which has been naturally cleaning teeth for centuries. I’ve never had a cleaner teeth feeling. Really is wonderful stuff and although it doesn’t have the regular mint taste, it really is pleasant and you quickly get used to it. Mint pastes feel sickly to me now!

Weleda Salt Toothpaste, £3.98

I used to get a lot of mouth ulcers, so I started using this paste every other day, as an extra, because salt is naturally antibacterial and leaves my gums feeling really healthy.

Groovy Food Virgin Coconut Oil, £4.99

I use this as a mouthwash, a teaspoon in my mouth quickly turns to a liquid and you can swish it around, after a few minutes your teeth are super clean and shiny. And used everyday you can definitely see a whiting effect. It also seals gums, which is a big WIN for dental hygiene!

I hope you’ve been inspired to to change your dental regime to a safer and cleaner one! If you’d like to learn more this site was really helpful. I’d also love to hear about any new organic products you’re loving, get in touch below and happy smiling…


Words of Blogging Wisdom From The Ladies That Know!


Once upon a time we started to blog. We started to blog because we had something to say and we wanted people to listen. Maybe we felt inspired or maybe we were just curious, either way we all embarked on a journey that would lead us somewhere new.

Wherever you’ve travelled on your blogging path you can be sure it’s been paved with wonderfully inspiring bloggers, that have encouraged and influenced your whole blogging persona.

And this post is all about them: My favs. The super duper bloggers that make my head spin with their sass, their dedication and their exceptional approach to life. They deliver us posts of truth and wisdom, with heartfelt words about real stuff happening to real people because they are survivors and they are absolutely fabulous.

So for all you bloggers who are stuck in a runt, who have lost your voice, or maybe you just need some words of comfort, I give you, the creme de la creme of mama bloggers, with some truly wonderful advice for new bloggers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 23.25.24
Follow your own path, write about what interests you, don’t try to fit in! Do the opposite of fitting in, you’ll have more fun. And don’t worry about stats, popularity doesn’t make a good blog.


I would say read lots of other blogs – it’s great for inspiration and to get ideas and kind of help you to know how you would like your own blog to evolve. It is also great for making friends with other bloggers – something which really helps to keep you motivated and helps you to have someone to bounce ideas off!

logo2Follow your own journey, comparison can be very damaging so stick with what you believe in and the rest will follow.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 23.30.47
Blogging is incredibly time consuming and takes lots of hard work, so before you buy your domain name and take the time to create your blog, sit down and think about why you are setting up a blog. Come up with your USP, develop your voice and think about your style. Planning is key.

Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Just concentrate on finding your voice and your niche and everything else will follow.


I think my best piece of advice for new bloggers when they’re thinking about getting serious would be schedule and be consistent! Whether it be 2 days a week they decide to publish a post or more, somehow sticking to a schedule automatically seems to help me get my butt in gear and for the first time in a year I’m now so set in that routine, I’m able to have posts finished well in advance, which is much less stressful!


My advice for new bloggers would be to stay true to yourself and what you believe in. Don’t be afraid to write about the things you are passionate about even if they don’t appeal to the masses, I think it’s good to have opinions too, even if they might put some people off returning.

Blogging is about expressing yourself and being creative in writing and/or graphic form. Don’t worry too much about being perfect or what others think of your blog. If you write from the heart people will come and read your blog. If you want people to come to your blog then link up. There are so many linkys out there. It is mind blowing. Link up with them and see which linky suit your style best. It is the best way to get yourselves out there as well as making friends on the Blogging World. You’ll be surprised.

HM_Logo_FINAL_transparency-no-border-no-text-small-1My advice for new bloggers would be to write what you’re passionate about. Passion will give you purpose, always. Also-don’t self-sabotage, don’t let self- doubt prevent you from sharing your voice (which matters) with the world. My post on pushing through the self-doubt might help.

Wonderful advice ladies, thank you so much! Stay tuned for the next instalment, when these super mama bloggers will be talking about first time parenting!

Stop Listening….See How Life Changes

Life is noisy, I mean if you stop and actually listen to everyone and everything it ‘s insane, truly it is.

If it’s not the TV declaring “The end is nigh!” then it’s our neighbour peeping over the fence to inform  us “Our hedge needs trimming” or it’s our favourite magazine telling us we’re too fat for those shorts or it’s our friends, nagging that we work to much.

Imagine if you just stopped listening.

You learned to shut out all the comments, all life’s niggling commentaries, because in the end they DO add up and have a big (often negative) impact on your life, if you let it. So here’s what happened when I stopped listening to the big wide world and just listened more to little old me:

You learn you CAN be anything you want. Literally there is nothing stopping you from dressing up like a unicorn and running down the street declaring “I am a unicorn” just an example but you get the gist. People usually stop themselves because they care too much what people will say.

You learn that the media is bad. Turn off that tv, read, read read and draw your own conclusions about world. I’ve had enough of being spoon fed rubbish.

You learn that fashion is ludicrous and start to question the people following it! Yes I used to be a voguer, totally gobbling up every trend, but now I look around and see outfits that are so bewildering, I can’t help but laugh. Fashion is an industry, but chic is timeless and CoCo would be turning in her grave if she could see it now. Be you, be cool.

-You learn how strong you can really be. Death, disaster, stress, things breaking down but look at us, we don’t discombobulate, we don’t magically varnish in a puff of smoke, we carry on and we piece things back together. We are survivors until the very end and I think that’s pretty dam special.

-You understand what true kindness is. It sticks out like a blooming flower when you start listening to your heart and see people for who they really are.

-You see who your real friends are. Friends and family who love you, will respect you and love you no matter what, that is the unspoken rule of the universe. Just because you don’t agree with them or choose a different path doesn’t mean the love and friendship goes away.

You become happier. And learn what real happiness is and can sustain it for longer. Look inside your heart and ask the question, what makes ME happy? Because we live in a world where we’re usually just listening to what makes others happy.

-You find peace. It’s stressful being told things repeatedly, maybe things you don’t believe to be true or maybe they’re clouds of negative words, so when you close your ears to the world you find a sort of peace and contentment within yourself, pretty blissful.

So that’s it, that’s what happened when I stopped listing to the world.  But, that said sometimes the world does have important and wonderful things to say and of course my ears are always open for lovely people who need an ear.

Did you stop listening to the white noise, how did it change you?

Shhhhh It’s A Secret (Face Cream)

balance-me-cream-review-petite-wrods*********TOP SECRET*******
Here’s a little secret, I’ve done it, I gone and found the perfect face cream for combination skin.  And it’s Organic (of course!).

Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream is sensational. I’m not being sponsored to write this post, I haven’t been given a load of free Balance Me products, I’m just passionate about Organic beauty and want people to know where the good stuff is!

My skin before: slight acne scaring, oily t zone, puffy, dry and occasional red blotches.

My skin after: soft (I mean pure silk), spot free (no break outs for months), no dry red patches, a nice smooth even skin tone.

And it’s natural, safe and chemical free. And yes it’s £24.00 (though that’s actually cheaper than many chemical creams) but considering it lasts you 3-4 months it’s 100% worth the money. If you buy one organic product make this it!

Bye for now! And remember it’s a secret, just for you lovely people.

When Your Husband Is Your Business Partner

Spouse- work_ company-petite-words

I never in a million years thought I’d end up working with my husband. How did we end up here!

Well, we did and in many ways working with your beloved is a joy, pure happiness, utopia but in other ways it’s like sailing across a lava stream in a ropy wooden boat. It can be a disaster, nightmare and highly dangerous to your marriage.

So here’s my top tips to not only survive but also thrive working with your spouse…

Communication is key. Keep in touch every step of the way. We found bite size meetings helped for smooth transitioning and fine tuning the small details. Sometimes if a little thing is misunderstood it throws a massive spanner in the works. Keep talking.

Never EVER bicker or argue in front of clients. It goes without saying but you’d be surprised how easy it is to do, and what a massive impact that could have on your business.

Give praise. Even if it’s just a run down of what worked well or agreeing with their ideas, positive feedback works like magic to inspire and motivate each other.

Focus on the positives. It’s easy to critisise your partner’s work, because in many ways your subconsciously expecting more from them. Before you highlight something negative always have a few good things to say.

Spend time together after big projects. It may seem like the last thing you and your partner need after weeks of working closely together, but believe me when I say, YOU NEED IT. And of course blooming well deserve it! A holiday, a minibreak or just a trip out, no work talk, just chilling.

Kind words. Would you talk down to your staff, even if they made  big mistake. NO, because it just doesn’t help the situation. So never do that with your partner, kind wording always makes things better, poison words, sour everything and makes for a rather tight atmosphere.

Be thoughtful. Do you want a coffee, do you need help with that task. Always remember you are a partnership, never take for granted the work your partner does.

Stay professional. As much as you adore your snugglebun husband it’s never a good idea to show affection in front of clients or other workers. You’re a business and your partner just happens to be your husband, get over it and get to work.

Never loose prospective. This is the most important rule. Never EVER let your business take over your marriage. Your business is special, a massive part of your life, but whatever you do remember your marriage is your marriage, your love is important and that can’t be replaced. If you REALLY cannot make running a business work for you then don’t force it. Whether you change to become a silent partner or alter the dynamics, you’ve got to make it work for your marriage not just your business.

Working together is one of the hardest situations for couples, not everyone can do it. That doesn’t mean you’re not a strong couple or that you shouldn’t be together!

Newest Nibbles (August/ September)


Where did August go! I seem to have misplaced an entire month. My summer has been stuffed with a mound of projects, leaving me a bit frazzled, so after a little chill time I’m back with some super delectable treats to see you though September.


Being a picky little one I always like a mix of salted and sweet popcorn so I was super pleased to discover these. And of course there’s no nasties so a good treat for little one’s pack lunches!

ThreeSixty Organic Peru Coffee 227g, £4.99

More than I usually spend on coffee but this curious to try it. I love the whole concept of ThreeSixy coffee, each bag contains coordinates so you know exactly where the coffee comes form, you know you’re getting the bees knees.

Yarden Greek Style Aubergine 250g, £1.80

Truly scrumptious, though one little tub is never enough! Sweet, juicy, stuffed with flavour, perfect with salad, bread, eggs, anything really!

Cranks organic bread wholemeal 800g, £1.55

I’m not a lover of wholemeal bread but my husband adores this and it’s definitely a healthy alternative, packed with fibre. It’s firm and wholesome, you really feel like you’re getting a satisfying loaf of bread.


Delectable, my husband and I love brownies but sometimes I find there much pricer to make than to buy  (well if you do it the right way, real choc and ground almonds) so I’m always searching for supermarket alternatives. These are great, try for yourself as I’m sure you SO deserve it!

Have you discovered any new organic/ fairtrade / free-from treats this month, I’d love to know.


My Wedding Day Of Doom

wedding-brideI rarely share sad experiences, mostly because I feel when something upsetting happens, it’s usually good not to dwell on it. However, some experiences aren’t just remembered for being sad, they are also very poignant moments in our lives. And this is one of them.

2 years ago was one of the worst days of my life: my wedding day.

Most women spend years planning every detail of their special day: the white dress, the gorgeous venue, fine tuning every last frill and canapé.

But for me, our wedding was just an essential task that needed to be completed, ipso facto a way to insure my partner and I could continue life together, because, yes the world really is that cruel.Anyway, to cut a long story short my husband is Colombian, I’m British, we met in China. And so, the government don’t care how beautiful your love is, if you haven’t got money to throw at an immigration problem, it’s a brick wall.

So, some time later off we flew to Hong Kong to get married. We had just enough money for 3 nights in a beach hotel, on a tiny island next to Hong Kong, Llama island; a bump of tropical trees, expats and frogs. You might be thinking, wow, what an adventure and that’s what I thought too! We’d made the very brave decision to forfeit anything remotely weddingy. We would have no reception, no white dress, no guests, just us and we would just do what we had to do, in the hope that a few years down the line we could have a real wedding celebration back in the U.K with our families.

The day started off as surreal as you’d expect. Breakfast looking out to sea,  we didn’t talk much, but I tried my best to feel happy thought quite frankly, we were lonely. We missed our families, we missed the celebration of it all. We were both awash with emotions and somewhere between the cava and the getting glammed up, everything fell apart. My husband was stressed I had told him the registry office is pretty casual and that he wouldn’t need a jacket. But now he regretted not bringing one and had a massive superman without his cape moment.  The wedding was in 2 hours and now he was devising a plan to head into central HK  to buy a jacket and then meet me at the registry office. My husband has no harry potter time turner and is quite possibly the worst time keeper in the universe. So, fearing he’d be hours late for his OWN wedding and that I’d be stood there like a bridal lemon, I tried to talk him out of it.

But, with emotions already stretched, it all began to unravel and the arguments began. Screaming, shouting, our love letters and wedding gifts to each other, torn up, thrown around the room. My face, that had been perfectly made up, was now a mess of tears and smudges. I collapsed on the bed, sobbing, why was this happening to us? The rest was a blur. We bellowed at each other for what felt like hours and then, a reality check… we were already late for the ferry which would take us to the registry office and the final one was leaving in 10 minutes.

To wed or not to wed, that was the question…..

Then there was silence, and the next thing I know, we picked ourselves up. There was no time for fresh makeup, no time to get dressed, so I threw on my shorts and stuffed my bag with makeup, my dress, shoes, rings. And we ran. We ran for our wedding, we ran because we didn’t know what else to do. Through the bustling streets with men selling lobster and  expats enjoying beers in the sunshine, our faces bathed in sweat, 38′ heat and we’re running, literally sprinting. My stick on bra, which stood so firm before, was now far from doing it’s job. (F.Y.I stick on bras don’t react well to humidity).

And we made it. And here in ferry bathroom I tried to piece myself back together, covering my blotchy cheeks with concealer, placing the flowers back in my hair, applying lipstick to my smile-less mouth. I was not a shining bride, but I was there.

We sat, bobbing up and down on the ferry, looking at each other painfully, our love so unsettled, we just didn’t know what we were doing. Most people would have taken a epic argument on their wedding day as a sign NOT to get married. I just wanted to press the restart button, have the day afresh but life is no game and we don’t have the luxury of 2nd starts. It’s go forward or go home.

In the end, 45 minutes late, with puffy eyes and frayed nerves we said ‘I do’.  But not just to marriage, we said ‘I do’ to struggle, to life being difficult and accepting that real sadness is not a wedding day ruined or a disappointing moment, no, real sadness is something you can’t come back from and there were we, standing together accepting that.

After the wedding, things continued to be a nightmare, lots of ignoring each other, feeling strange and unsettled because honestly, we were both broken. I was desperate to make things normal, to push us back together but my husband, who was also hurt by the whole mess, needed time to find himself again. So we spent the following days with no smiles and lots of resentment.

Not exactly a honeymoon recipe, but isn’t that just life.

I mean, there is NO fairytale, marriage is not a dream and romantic things usually never work how you hoped. However love, if you want to put your money on anything, love is your best bet. Love IS a bit special, it’s the magic which binds life together, which makes disasters that bit more bearable and the happy days that bit more blissful. Love always wins, not matter your situation never forget that.

P.S Incase you’re wandering, my husband and I are still very much in love, have been together almost 4 years and are ready to say the I Do’s all over again, but this  time in the proper setting, with our families in England, cake and of course and the big white dress. So for anyone scared of marriage, look at our horror story and  how our love survived it! You’ll also be glad to know they’ll be no stick on bra this time round and of course my husband will have a whole wardrobe of jackets, just in case!


Clarifying Clay Hair Mask

beauty_remedies-clarifing-hair-mask-petite-wordsI love using organic hair products, but due to living in a hard water area, sometimes they don’t work as well as I’d like. As a result, every few months I’m left with a horrid buildup on my hair, that makes my locks a tangled, dull mess!

So, what to do? I’ve been experimenting at home and found bentonite clay is pretty super at clarifying your hair and combined with apple cider vinegar is works some serious magic. This recipe was inspired by Wellness Mama who is a total goddess of DIY beauty. It works to cleanse your hair, leaving a luscious finish and a brilliant shine.


1 tbsp Organic apple cider vinegar

1 lime fresher addition

2 eggs

1 tbsp bentonite clay*

*Find this super clay on eBay, health food stores and other online retailers

Mix all the ingredients together, making sure there’s no clumps and apply to freshly brushed, dry hair. Make sure it’s covering all the hair. Leave on for 5 minutes then rinse with cool water OR apple cider vinegar rinse. I also like to spray a few drops of lavender oil/ water mix through my hair after, just to banish any egg/ vinegar lingering smells. Though in general it’s a very fresh feeling recipe.

What DIY beauty hacks do you love?

8 Ways to be a happy blogger

HAPPY-BLOGGER-petite-wordsI started this blog to make myself happy.  My blog is my little nook in the big wide web, my room, my space. I can put up flamingo fairy lights and paint the walls with glittery paint, I can drink tea in bed and eat cake for breakfast… My blog, my rules. No.1 rule on my blog is….BE HAPPY!

I may not be a rich blogger or have a million visits a day, but I am a regular and happy blogger, who LOVES blogging. And I think that is something to celebrate, because let’s face it with our insanely busy lives sometimes we just loose our blogging mojo and sometimes, shock horror, we give up! So here’s to happy blogging, my top tips for being a HAPPY blogger:

-Don’t do it for money, do it for love. It can be easy to fall in love with the idea of living off your blog and making a real success of it, because so many bloggers have. But most of us will never make any money and if you push to hard for money, it’s like selling fake flowers to the bees, it just doesn’t work.

-Don’t force the writing, let it flow. I’m dyslexic which means sometimes writing just doesn’t come. I could have a spare hour to blog but the words just hide in my mind, like a very stubborn hideous game of hide and seek. So I learnt a priceless lesson: forcing writing= bad posts.

-Go in whole heartedly. As Confucius once wrote “wherever you go, go with all your heart”.

-Don’t push for sponsorship, let it come to you. Don’t be easy, don’t be cheap. You are building a mini world of thoughts, that one day everyone might be interested in, so don’t sell yourself short and never beg for handouts.

-Don’t try to replicate other bloggers. Of course this is a life lesson, copying anyone always ends badly and with blogging, it’s just the same. Be you, because that’s the best person you can be!

-Integrate blogging in your everyday life. Recipes, life lessons, reviews of products you really wanted to try. My blog is my personal ideas diary and it’s more authentic because of that.

-Make Blogger Buddies. Say hello to other bloggers, be it with linkups, sharing ideas, it doesn’t just benefit your blog, nothing makes a blogger happier than making bloggy friends!

-Always remember blogging is a choice. Sometimes you’ll be exhausted but if the want is there, blog. Don’t ever resent the time it takes you.

So that’s my tips, but stay tuned this month, I’ve got a real treat for you! Top blogging advice from my absolute fav mummy bloggers, who really know what it’s all about!