John Masters- The Master Of Taming Frizz


I have troll hair, there I said it, please don’t tell my hair, it will probably just make things worst.

So what does it mean to have ‘troll’ hair, well, it means frizz, and frizz that doesn’t go away. And it’s not even self inflicted frizz, I never dye my hair or use curlers/ straightens, what can I say, I just got the frizz gene. And of course both my parents have beautiful curly mains, but mine is that feral kind of hair, not straight, not curly, just a wild mess, and not in the sexy way, no no, hell no.

Anyway, it’s been a long quest, believe me when I say I’ve tried everything! From homemade remedies to the creme de la creme of Organic haircare, because it’s got to be natural, baby I was born this way and chemicals on you hair are no joke.

So I’ve finally found something that makes my hair less ‘Stig of the dump’ and more ‘glossy bedhead’, I can live with that.  John Master Rose & Apricot Hair Milk is a pretty special potion, with the faint aroma of Turkish delight, it rests lightly on your hair, yet nourishes deep into each tress, the perfect combination for easily to get greasy, frizzy hair.

And yes, the £25 price tag might be a little hefty but in my opinion it’s worth it and (in the words of some very none Organic sillies) ‘I’m worth it’!

Do you have annoying troll hair? How do you wrestle your untamed lion main? Love to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “John Masters- The Master Of Taming Frizz

  1. This sounds interesting. I also have a frizzy hair and it is so annoying. I’m always looking for products that will leave my hair more soft and flat. I will try this product and see how it goes. Thanks for this review and for sharing it at #KCACOLS. It is lovely to have you, :-) xx

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