How To Find The Christmas Spirit


Christmas, the most magical time of the year, a fairytale of tinsel and wonder, a time that will either drive you crazy or bring on a happiness of epic proportions. Me? I’ve always been a devout lover of Christmas, I’m not religious, I just believe in the spirit of it all and the magic that it brings.

However, the older I get, the more I find myself troubled by the confusion and misdirection of it all. Between the continuous stream of advertising and the palpable pressure society puts on us, we’ve lost our way. We’ve let the true spirit of Christmas fade into tacky Christmas jumpers and maxing out our credit cards.

Since when was Christmas about money, has it not always been about JOY. About love,  about giving and being united in our happiness.

So this year, I want to do my bit in spreading Christmas cheer with my top tips to find the magic of Christmas, because it really is the best gift of all.

  • Don’t buy too many presents. No my name is not scrooge and yes I DO like presents, but hasn’t it all got a bit much? Some may gasp in horror, others may say “Well it’s only once a year!” well so what, does that mean that we must turn into greedy delusional monsters, I’d rather not. And because money, as we all know,  does not buy happiness, it just buys something cool, something pretty, which will probably end up in the charity shop come next year.
  • Deck the halls as a family. This is a definite giver of joy and a great chance to get away from the madness outside and embrace the warmth of your home and family. Just put on some Christmas tunes, pour yourself something sweet n strong and enjoy the whimsy of hanging all kinds of knick-knackery around the house, knowing it will never, EVER be dusted and nobody cares, it’s Christmas.
  • Don’t go shopping in December. As if shopping wasn’t a big enough horror story, you can still see people madly dashing about like headless reindeers days before the ‘big day’. All in the name of “just one more this” or “Oh no I’ve forgotten that” There is no end to it, until YOU put an end to it. You really don’t NEED what you think you need.
  • Embrace the Elf gift wrapper within. It’s gotta be done, and providing you followed RULE 1 then wrapping your presents should be pretty effortless. So grab a glass of festive cheer (yes elves DO drink prosecco) and imagine you’ve been hired by Father Christmas as head gift wrapper. Then award yourself prosecco for a job well done!
  • Bake Christmassy Stuff. It frustrates me to see so much stress caused by the Christmas dinner, we really do pile those expectations on. So I much prefer pre-Christmas baking, and the happiness that comes from making sweet treats like marzipan fruits, mince pies and the naughtiest of all Chocolate log! So embrace the festive baker within, the turkey can wait, now is the time for jolly experimentation and cooking fun!
  • Go out for mulled wine. Like it or not mulled wine has a magical way of bringing about festive cheer. I’m not sure whether it’s the alcohol or the various spices, it just works, so go on, chin chin!
  • Take a walk in a forest. Especially if you are permitted to snip snip a holly branch or 2! There’s just something truly beautiful about forests and woodlands in wintertime, the crisp winter air, the feeling that everything is content, nestled sleepily waiting for spring, super peaceful. And no, it’s not the mulled wine talking!
  • Listen to a Christmas band. This marks the start of Christmas for me, a brass band’s nostalgic hum bringing people together, iPhones down, ahhh can you smell Christmas in the air?  
  • Spring clean the house. It may sound like the last place you’d find festive cheer but truly giving your house a good clean banishes all kinds of negative energy, making way for the all Christmas joy to come.
  • Go tree shopping & Buy and REAL tree. For me Christmas died a little bit when a silly man invented a plastic tree…. I’m sorry plastic tree people, it’s nothing personal, you just can’t replace that divine pine smell and the feeling that Christmas, like your sap leaking tree, is REAL…
  • Go for brunch. I can’t pin-point why it feels so good, I just know that it does. Brunch around Christmas time just fills me with a glow, a happiness like the day is all a fresh and there’s so much wonder to come. And it’s always so much more chilled than festive lunches or bustling dinners out. And coffee is always endless.
  • Buy Champagne. Nothing says Christmas like the clinking of bottles, especially sparkling bottles of delight. Champagne is my absolute favourite drink and still remains my no.1 fav thing about being an adult. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth, just know that champagne is so worth it. I’m sorry prosecco, you aint got nothing on Queen Champers.
  • Spend time with your siblings. We never truly grow up, do we… so your brothers and sisters remain like portholes back to Christmas’ past. And all the memories you’ve shared glow even brighten at Christmas. The excitement of being with my brothers at this time of year, will always remain one of my favourite things about Christmas, we remember we are always siblings, always someones children forever, no matter our ages.

So, have a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS wonderful people! See you in the new year, 2017 I can see you coming…..

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19 thoughts on “How To Find The Christmas Spirit

  1. Totes agree with all of this! This year I have been very calm, I am not going mad buying stuff for the sake of it. He have a REAL tree, we are making lots of decorations and we are going for a walk in the woods today. Christmas has almost become a competition at who has spent the most – I just want to enjoy the festivities with my family and friends and have a lovely chilled out time. Thanks for sharing. Sarah #FabFridayPost

  2. I SO agree with this! Especially with the presents thing! For our children it’s not just once a year – it’s many times a year! There are often excuses for presents (or so it seems), and they don’t seem to appreciate things anymore! They unwrap them and are just happy they got what they asked for. And then move on to the next thing! This year I’m really tempted to not get them (maybe just get something tiny, as a gesture), as they’re so ungrateful for them, and it’s not what Christmas is about at all! So, like you say, we lost the spirit along the way, and that’s a bit sad! Thank you for sharing at #KCACOLS

  3. I never have an issue with finding the Christmas Spirit. Actually this time of year makes me want to hibernate though because of how busy it is. These are great ideas though as to how to make Christmas mean more. I posted something on that last week on my site as a reminder to myself that it’s not all about what you’re giving or getting but it’s about family time. Thanks so much for posting this for me to find on #MarvMondays!

  4. I always used to struggle with getting into the spirit but now I have a baby i’m beginning to understand just why it is so special. I can’t wait to create lots of new traditions with her as she grows. #MarvMondays

  5. It is definitely all about the family interaction NOT the presents. It is easy to get bogged down in buying stuff that will make their world explode for 10 minutes before they are on to the next thing. Making memories is what is truly important, not stuff. #marvmondays

  6. Lovely ideas. Christmas is all about family for us too, it’s lovely to spend that time together and just enjoy ourselves, regardless of presents, because ultimately that is the greatest gift isn’t it? #TwinklyTuesday

  7. I love this list. It’s so fantastic. I love a Christmas brunch, and I have started stocking up on the champagne. Christmas is a family affair for us that’s our focus. I think you’re right about the presents I’m sure ours get way too much! #KCACOLS

  8. Champagne, brunch and prosecco all the way with friends and family! Taking time to truly appreciate the season and those who are important to is all is so special. I agree about not getting stressed out, maxed out or wrapped out!
    Tis the season to be jolly after all, at no point should it be the season to get in debt or trouble!!

    Memories are what need to be created and remembered for a lifetime.x

  9. I love this list! Think I need to call my brother and meet up with him. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday X

  10. You are so right. Christmas is all about family. My husband doesn’t get much time off during the rest of the year (he’s self-employed) and so it’s the one time we have some uninterrupted family time together. I love that we all down tools and just enjoy the festivities as a family #KCACOLS

  11. Brilliant post and you’re spot on my lovely. I’m feeling the happiest ever this year. I’ve spent less than usual, been (slightly!) more organised and most of all, the thing that gives me the greatest joy is sharing the magic of Christmas with my now 26m and 7m old. I had a tough 6 months with a short age gap but now I can see that family is what it’s all about. Hearing my daughter sing When a santa got stuck up the chimney, and reading Stickman with her EVERY night warms my heart. These are the moments you can’t buy. The only thing missing this year is the carol service. I normally go with my mates and have mulled wine and mince pies, but someone didn’t get around to buying th tickets early enough. BUT we are all meeting tomorrow night for prosecco and everyone is bringing a dish to eat. Hoorah!! Here’s to joy, family and friendship xx

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