I’m rubbish.

low-self-esteem-petite-wordsThat’s me somedays. Telling myself I’m rubbish. I’m not clever enough. I don’t smile enough. I’m not kind enough. Maybe I’m just not a good enough human being.

I can be pretty hard on myself somedays, especially given none of the above is true.

In fact… I am a pretty wonderful person.  I am kind and I care about people. So if you know me you’re probably reading this thinking ‘WHAT!?!’  because on the outside I’m a very ‘together’ person, I am ambitious and happy, but, like most things in like a story is so much more then the cover.

And despite all the happiness there are still some days when that unwelcome little whisper tells me I’m just not good enough.

I’m not the only one am I?

We’ve all been there, we’ve all listen for too long and too attentively to that sad little voice in our heads, the self doubt, the anxiety of ‘what if’.

Low self esteem, there you go, I said it. It’s there and it’s as common as a hipster in a flannel shirt, so why do we still feel ashamed to talk about it?

I blame the British ‘stiff upper lip’ nonsense. We’re scared of coming up inadequate or letting our insecurities be seen  because god forbid we aren’t actually perfect. So we bury our heads in the sand and we paint on smiles instead of accepting our problems and working to find a solution.

But I say let’s STOP. Let’s not spend a second longer doubting our awesomeness. We are amazing and it’s a new year, a perfect time to give ourselves a big hug and take back control. Here’s my top self-esteem boosting tips, because you ARE a super star, go ahead an whisper that to yourself!

  1. Get out there! Don’t just stay at home, playing out your life, pondering all the things that could go wrong. Get dressed and push yourself out there, a good friend once told me ‘If we don’t go, we can never know.’ Exactly.
  2. Meditation: Like it or not, meditation and just being still is a great way to clear the fog that self-doubt and negative thoughts bring, allowing you to see more clearly. It always works for me.
  3. Think Positive: It’s all about the mindset. Tell yourself something enough times and you will believe it, this works with both positive and negative thoughts. I find affirmations help me a lot, telling myself I am loved, I am a good person that has a wonderful family supporting me. Try writing a list of 10 positive affirmations and repeat them each day. Read my own affirmations to give you a little inspiration.
  4. Chakra Healing: My wonderful par gave me a great book ‘The Book Of Chakra Healing’ by Liz Simpson. I’m finding myself more and more draw to this kind of life choice, because it just seems to work, it keeps me calm and helps me to find a balance. If you’re unfamiliar with ‘Chakras’ do look into it, I’d try and explain it, but I wouldn’t do it justice, read more here, you won’t be sorry you did.
  5. Do what you love and do it more often: So many times I’ve seen people feeling so low, with no confidence and I look at their life and think ‘no wonder!’. Because they don’t seem to love themselves. If you don’t truly love yourself your world will just crumble. We must make time for ourselves, be it time for eating truffles in the bath or reading novels in bed, we MUST put ourselves first, at least a little of the time.







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20 thoughts on “I’m rubbish.

  1. Yep I go through little phases like this too! Sometimes you just can’t stop the negative getting in your head. Getting out is the best piece of advice – even though you really really don’t feel like it – it does make the difference #stayclassymama

  2. Definitely needed to read this post! Been feeling a bit flat this new year…you are so right, a bit more me time definitely required.

  3. I heard, ages ago, that we need to hear seven positive things to counteract each negative thing we hear. Well, the world is good at giving us negative messages – so keep feeding your brain with the positive statements. :)

  4. What fab words and some top tips in there to send us all on our way to being super stars. I think you are right about the stiff upper lip malarkey… it’s far easier to say everythings fine than admit to feeling a bit not good enough.Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam x

  5. This is definitely a need to read post for very gloomy January. I am trying at the day to think and remind myself of one thing I have done well in a day rather than berate myself about things I havnt as then you just go to bed gloomy. Its just a little step but it helps xxx #KCACOLS

  6. I love this post. So positive and uplifting! I think we have all had those moments when we have thought and felt exactly like you have. One of my favourite ways of getting out of my funk when I’m in it is listening to some music that I love :-) Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  7. Brilliant words – I think we definitely all feel this sometimes. My sister has just started meditation and my mum has done a bit too – they keep telling me to give it a go so maybe I will! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  8. Great post! I’m a sucker for not taking time for myself! I’ll say I’m going to have a soak in the bath or read my book and before I know it I’ve been distracted by household chores and have spent my me time picking hair of the plug hole!

  9. I love that line “Let’s not spend a second longer doubting our awesomeness” here here to that!

    We should be celebrating how fab we are and all we achieve. Thinking time does me the world of good, a bit like meditating is so soothing.

    Great pick me up post:)

  10. Great advice! I sometimes feel like that. There are so many factors to that: bad weather, period, nothing exciting happening, bad news, frustrated about things, feel ill, tired, etc. When I feel like that, I normally think “okay, this day is rubbish, I feel like rubbish but hopefully, tomorrow will be another day!”. Sometimes, the next day is better sometimes not but at least you have something to look after, right? Love your post! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is lovely to have you, :) xx

  11. You aren’t the only one. Those days when children are dragging out stuff faster than it can possibly be put back and when I’m too busy for a shower, I feel like that. I love your idea of sitting quietly and doing more of what you love. Thanks for the reminder. -Tabitha #fandayfriday

  12. There is so much truth to this post, I love it! These are things that everyone needs to remind themselves of often. Getting out, keeping yourself busy—those are things that help immensely. Thank you for sharing this great article, you did a lovely job!

  13. Oh my. This is totally me. I use those exact words. I love how you put it as “how I deal” not “how I dealt” because it never goes away. It always needs healing and support. Thank you #marvmondays

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