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SKIN…. It lives, it breathes and it needs nourishing. And  I don’t know about you but my skin tends to drink up any lotion thrown its way! That can be an expensive business when you use Organic products, as some of the good ones don’t come cheap.

So here’s what I did, not wanting to sacrifice my healthy organic habits I opted to make my own Body butter using a few key raw ingredients and it was pretty effortless!

I bought raw Organic Raw Shea Butter and Organic Coconut Oil  which you just melt down, I prefer using a bowl of boiling water and placing the cup of ingredients inside, so it can slowly melt. I used about 5 parts shea butter and 1 part coconut oil, as I wanted a thicker, creamer body butter.

Now time for scents…

What I love about making my own products is how unique they become, each cosmetic can be tailor made to suit your style. I added a few drops of Bulgarian Rose oil and Lavender essential oil, Organic of course. You can be so free and the really wonderful thing is,  you know exactly what goes into them, no nasty chemicals that can harm you or your family.

This body butter costs very little to make and you can whip up large tubs to share with all your friends. Go one give it a whirl…. Here’s to happy hydrated skin, the ORGANIC way!

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13 thoughts on “WOW DIY Body Butter

  1. I bet that smells amazing. I make my own lip balms from time to time with beeswax, shea butter / coconut oil, sweet almond oil and a couple of drops of essential oil like peppermint or lime x

  2. I love shea butter!!! It never occurred to me before to try this. We buy shea butter for making soap every year, and we always have coconut oil around. I will have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

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