Screw You Fashion! How-To Find YOUR Own Style…

sunshine-fashion-style-quote-be-you-unique-petite-wordsOnce upon a time I was a voguer, bitten by the Carrie Bradshaw bug I was a teen obsessed with fashion. And I dreamt of being a Fashion Journalist.

But luckily I grew up (don’t worry, not that much), I realised it was all a big pile of pretentious HOO-HA.

I mean, think about it, fashion trends come and go so fast, that you could be perfectly fashionable at breakfast only to be a total fashion faux par by lunchtime. How can anyone keep up with that?

But also,  why on earth would you want to, because if you really look at fashion it’s pretty DAM RIDICULOUS, let’s be honest. The shapes that cut all which ways, the styles that sag too much here and pinch too much there, the patterns that make us dizzy,  the colours that make us pasty, I just don’t get it.

And it’s ironic, because I remember as a kid in school everyone loathed wearing school uniform and hated looking the same as everyone else. So when we grew up, we strove to be unique and individual in our style, and so we followed trends that told us they were ‘quirky’ or ‘off-beat. But then we all ended up looking the same because…

Fashion is the most widely worn uniform in the world. 
Now you start to understand the term ‘SLAVE TO FASHION’!

And if we look back through fashion’s history WHO do we admire, who do idolise? The conformists? The people in uniform? NO! We admire men and women who pushed the boundaries of what was accepted, who made a stand, who invented something new. CoCo Chanel for example, in a time when everyone was all feathers and ruffles, she tore down the gaudy facade and intrigued the world with her simplicity, her elegance, the likes of which had never been seen. All of these iconic fashion figures stood for more than just ‘trends’ they were TIMELESS they were UNIQUE.

So do WE really want to be told what to wear? Excuse me, but I take orders from nobody,  I’m not a ‘off the rack’ kinda gal and I’m betting you aren’t either.

I believe in MY style. The kind of style that everyone can afford and that we can all make our own.

So here goes… 5 Tips to take back the GODDESS within:

  1. OWN IT: Be the girl who wears sunshine. Even the most stunning girl in the most gorgeous dress isn’t going anywhere without that LIGHT that sparkle. That sparkle is something  us amazing people have and can flip out at any moment, we got the power! So always remember a smile and some sass are the best accessories a girl can have.
  2. COLOUR: For some reason vibrant colours seem banned in the winter months, which actually makes me wear even more colour than usual, just out of pure rebellion. I mean since when did black suit everyone? I know it’s a sliming colour but actually black washes most people out. And it’s a fact that colour is a mood enhancer, just think about that. So, experiment, find the shades that suit you best and you’ll be amazed at how great you look.
  3. OLD IS THE NEW NEW: It’s lovely to treat yourself to a few key pieces now and then but when I’m trying to pull in the purse strings I find eBay and charity shops have some wonderful stuff, quality brands and quirky pieces that you just wouldn’t find on the high street. Also remember that not all designer brands are quality,  sometimes you’re just paying for the pretentious label.
  4. COMFORT: From the crazy that designed stiletto heels to the madman that came up with drainpipe jeans, these people are not of this world and have clearly never seen a human body. We must remember that comfort= happiness. And comfort doesn’t mean Bridget Jones pants and sloppy joe hoodies, being comfortable is about understanding your body’s shape and wearing clothes and shoes that make YOU feel amazing, not suffocated, not pained because that’s are never a good look!
  5. TRENDS: Finally, always remember TRENDS are a marketing tool designed to help you spend your hard earned money. Most of them won’t actually suit our bodies or make us feel good about ourselves. Remember that.

So here’s to us feeling wonderful about ourselves, to opening up our style possibilities and being free of the fashion restraints. May your style goddess run wild!

UPDATE: By popular demand ‘Dress Yourself In Sunshine’ is now available in Print form! Click here.


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20 thoughts on “Screw You Fashion! How-To Find YOUR Own Style…

  1. Great post and really sound advice. I used to worry when I was at school and uni about being on trend and fashionable but like you said a lot of it didn’t suit me at all, I’d look ridiculous trying and wasn’t comfortable which showed. These days I still like fashion but much more about what suits me and I’m comfortable in! #dreamteam

  2. Yes yes yes to all of this! I’ve never really been one for fashion but since having the kids I am now 100% about comfort, dressing “happy” and wearing what flatters my new post bump shape. Fashion can do one for me! Thanks for sharing this with #DreamTeam lovely x

  3. Here Here! Well said Petite! When I was at school, the teachers would say “you are so lucky to have uniform – it is so hard to pick something to wear different everyday.” I really don’t like that. I am not a heard of sheep. I want to be my own individuals – thank you very much! Fheww! Sorry – just got that load of my chest! lol! Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost xx

  4. Great tips here! I second the whole “vibrant colors in the winter” bit. It gets very tiresome seeing a sea of black and darkness.

    As for me, my main fashion rule is to try my very best not to embarrass the 60-year-old me when I look back at photos!

  5. Amen! Love this post. I’m working on finding my own style now that I’m a mom and my body has changed pretty substantially (since having my son and living with cancer). I’m trying to be the girl dressed in sunshine – such a great way of looking at it :) #KCACOLS

  6. I used to spend all my money on clothes when I was at college/first started work. Shopping at Mango, Warehouse, Karen Millen (sometimes)…..
    I love clothes but now they are not as important as they once were. I am now a charity shop shopper. haha. Sarah #FabFridayPost

  7. I LOVE this post. Its so true. I hate that everyone (ok, all the kids) dress the same these days. I mean, it was probably the same when I was young(er) but I look around now and I just think, why would you all want to look the same? Its SO boring. and unoriginal. Theres no character and no personality *yawn*. I definitely dress how I want to dress, in what I think looks good on me, what suits my body and try not to get caught up in trends unless I genuinely love them. Your post was a great reminder of that :-) Great post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  8. Oh, well said! Fashion is just one big consumerism mindtrick. It makes you think you NEED all these trendy outfits. I am at the age when I just go for comfort. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  9. Yes to all of this! I’m useless when it comes to fashion – I’ve always tried to keep up with it, but lately I’ve just been trying to wear what makes me feel like me. #twinklytuesday

  10. I love this post and it made me smile. I definitely need to add more colour to my wardrobe. I’m very much a grey/navy girl! Thanks for the fashion inspo, I’m off to try and revive my style! #KCACOLS

  11. Great post and great advice. Espeically agree with the colour point, I dont care who says I cant wear my yellow cardigan in winter, I WILL be wearing it!! #KCACOLS

  12. Well said! I was more fashion oriented before the kids, but even so I only wore what worked for me. There are plenty of fashion trends that I think look amazing on some people, but know I would not look right or feel comfortable in. #TheListLinky

  13. You are totally right! I love bright colours, although I may have overdone it a bit as a teenager, wearing all sorts of bizarre combinations and my green DM boots with everything whether they went together or not! I’m definitely on a low budget, so can’t really afford to follow fashion even if I wanted to. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t care, but I just try to find what I like that fits and suits me. #TheListLinky

  14. I feel like I’ve never really ‘got it’ with fashion. I always feel a little awkward in clothes! In fact, probably my most confident is when I’m pregnant. I feel like I own it then! I need to do some shopping soon as I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and my jeans are falling down so I’ll remember this post if I do go! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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