John Masters: The Wizard OF FABULOUS HAIR!


Introducing my new pal JOHN MASTERS. To call him a ‘Master’ is an understatement, he is a true wizard of hair! Working his magic with each gorgeous potion. Every bottle is brimming with natural herbs and scented wonders, things like ‘aloe vera leaf juice’ and ‘nettle root extract’, the kind of concoctions you’d never dare to put together, but they work!

Hair care is a science, after all and dare I say it, this shampoo has finally got it right.

John Masters has such a wide range of treats to choose from, and without really knowing WHAT my hair IS (as I’ve previously explained my hair resembles a ‘crimped’ terrier and that’s probably being a bit harsh on the terrier) so in the end I played it safe and opted for NORMAL HAIR.

But THIS shampoo is far from normal, it had my locks soft and tamed, with not a terrier in site.

And yes it’s pricey, IT IS. But if you wash you hair once or twice a week the  a bottle of shampoo last what, 3/4 months!?  So is £17 really that damaging?

Well, I’ll tell you what IS damaging, the nasty little shampoos sold in all are favourite shops and supermarkets…. some of them even dare to call themselves ‘NATURAL’ when they’re technically a bottle of toxic waste. CHEMICALS people are surrounding us and so John Masters shines down like a beacon of hope. And yes there are a lot of super Organic brands out there and I’m not affiliated with John Masters in any way, but I just REALLY love their all their products and want to spread the word…..

ORGANIC BEAUTY IS THE WAY FORWARD. Forget the chemicals, here’s to healthy happy hair!

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