Instagram…Inspiring or just making us feel shit!


I love using instagram, I like the idea of snapping away,  little rainbow fragments of my life. I love sharing snippets of thought and interacting with my fellow insta-sistas.

But ….

The other day I was flicking through Instagram as you do, touting for new inspiring peeps to follow, searching for vibrant bursts of wonder to zest up my imagination…. AND suddenly I was knocked down by a sudden wave of rubbishness… I felt blemished,  I felt scruffy,  like an ugly little ragamuffin in comparison to what I was seeing…all those shiny, sparkling people on Instagram.

Thankfully it only lasted a few moments, until my brain kicked back in and I remembered, THIS IS INSTAGRAM not the real world.

However, it did make me worry, what about all those people who CAN’T see through the filters, the young, very impressionable people who believe perfect DOES exist and who spend their entire lives striving for it. Then instagram becomes not a thing of inspiration but of segregation… the Sparkly Perfect People Vs the Real People.

And so I wrote this post…. because I can only take so much of THAT woman, we all know the one… the one with the perfect messy bun (there’s an oxymoron for you) with her little model baby that never gets chocolatey cheeks or sticky hands. The one with the house that looks like a Pintrest board and the vintage designer wardrobe. The one with the hipster husband and his glossy beard, who wears limited edition ran bans you’ve only seen in vogue. That woman who drinks fancy gin you’ve never even heard of and eats vegan white strawberries for breakfast. They’re so cool, with their cryptic tattoos that you can’t even decipher.

Buts guess what…. I don’t follow THAT woman….because she doesn’t inspire me. In fact she makes fell like shit. Which I am absolutely not and neither are you.

So from now on I only look for ‘Healthy’ inspiration. That is the kind of inspiration I can fly with, the kind of inspiration that stirs a sense of wonder and fascination.

Because yes our lives are sometimes messy, even with a filter on.  So why should Instagram not be? How can we only enjoy perfect pictures, why should it be exclusively for pretty things, surely we’re missing the point. Instagram should be a platform to inspire each other with our messed up, weird and wonderful lives.  And say hey this is me, it’s a mess, sometimes I’m sad, but this is my slice of earth and this is how I roll.

And those are my favourite instagram accounts. The ones I can believe. The ones that share the painful times, the cock ups as well as the sweet times. The ones that can laugh at themselves! Because it’s those nuggets of human emotion that we’re all looking for because we’re really just looking for the story, the soul that’s brings a picture to life. Because without the story we’re just flicking through a mindless catalogue of ‘pretty’ pictures and that’s just not the inspiration we deserve.

Are you an Instagramer? Let me know! I’m over at Petite.words hope we can spread the inspiration love!

P.S I’d really like do a feature list of the not so well know instagrammers, the newbies that really do inspire, if you have any favs drop me a line below!

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23 thoughts on “Instagram…Inspiring or just making us feel shit!

  1. Oh my god, I literally could have written this myself!!! I love Instagram, but I do NOT love to be smacked in the face with so-called perfection every time I unlock my phone! I made a pact with myself when I started blogging (and properly getting into IG) that I would share the good, the bad, and the downright shit moments. I may well filter the hell out of those moments, and occasionally I even try my hand at making them look a bit artsy, just ’cause I can (I really, can’t haha!) but it’s there for all to see. My screaming kid, my make-up-less face, my awful green work uniform, my sick kids, along with my smiling kids at the beach, my peaceful sleeping kids etc. My fave ever share was of my daughter literally dragging her brother across the floor – at the time she was yelling “No! Don’t leave me Wills! Mum wants a nice picture of us!” haha!! #ablogginggoodtime

  2. Normality is good! I know what you mean but I do still like to have a pretty feed of my own! I’m just not in the pictures on the day I’m not feeling photogenic. I don’t think that means I’m not normal though. Great post. #ablogginggoodtime

  3. I definitely agree with you. I love occasionally finding these beautiful ‘seemingly perfect’ instagrammers, but to be perfectly honest I very much prefer to follow to more real people! #KCACOLS

  4. So true. I am very far from perfect. The only perfect pics on my instagram are of restaurant served food, and the amazing landscape around me!
    Homes, kids, cars, parties, outfits – are never realistically perfect.
    Glad to see I’m already following you on Instagram.

  5. I’ll go find you right now! You’re so right! You made me laugh – I love your writing style. It’s so descriptive and ‘rich’! See you on Instagram! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again next time!

  6. Yes!! I get the raggamuffin feeling all the time. My messy bun is genuinely a mess and my house has no chic spot from which I can snap a cool, sparkly shot. I was getting fed up with my non-sparkly life, I needed to read this and remember that you’re right, so thank you! #marvmondays

  7. I love Instagram – it has made me more picky about the photos I put on there but honestly Im proud of my feed. I have longings to have some others but it doesn’t mean they are better just different. I just love having a nose at other peoples lives ha ha ha
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime and don’t forget to join us this Thurs.

  8. I’ve recently rejoined Instagram (I last posted in 2012) and I was so shocked at how the landscape has changed since then. I felt exactly like you did. It’s really tough to see through the filters and perfect makeup. I can’t get my hair to cooperate on most days, but that’s who I am. I just followed you on Instagram and look forward to seeing some healthy inspiration. Thanks for the reminder! #MarvMondays

  9. I love instagram as you can find the same like minded people, or follow women who are at the same stages of pregnancy. or parenthood, but then you see the “instawhores” which isn’t what i want to see on my feed.!


  10. Ohh I love this! I’m guilty of feeling ‘less’ because I don’t have a perfect insta page. I’ve asked myself if I should be a better photographer (my skills are pretty shocking), or take photos with my camera instead of my phone. I love your mantra about healthy inspiration. Our lives ARE messy! LOVE IT! Thanks for linking to #GlobalBlogging xx

  11. Yes! I love this post. I’m totally with you on the keeping it real! I love instagram, but I dont love how sometimes it does make me feel inadequate and gives me the worst FOMO in the world. At the same time I am totally inspired by, and love all the pretty pictures, but you have to be very good at reminding yourself that a lot of it is curated, perfect snapshots of peoples best moments. I do worry about the young and impressionable though, so a great post to share. Thanks for linking it up to #MarvMondays. Emily

  12. I love Instagram. It’s one of my guilty pleasures, that I’m totally obsessed with. I’m just like you, I’ll look at someone’s amazing account and think that mines crap. But as you said it’s not real life, I like reading posts that are honest and real life, not fake or filtered up to the nines. #KCACOLS

  13. You’re spot on! There’s so many people making out their life is perfect and better than others when what we really need is some truth! #KCACOLS

  14. Brilliant post. Insta is great but it has left me feeling naff sometimes too…often because I don’t know how to make my feed look as good as some, or reflect what I want to. Then I think “just chill out and capture what means something ” … I like your suggestion to follow people that inspire you for positive reasons. Not ones that seem unreadable and unrealistic xx

  15. I know what you mean, totally!! I like to think accounts are just different and I love sharing snaps I’ve taken on my phone just as much as the more styled ones. The ones with me in never look too polished tho, haha!! Love your insta! xxx

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