Time Is OURS… let’s take it back!


Jolly Cake time picture aside the other day was far from a cake walk….I just cried, I cried because time tick tocked by and seemed to just  laugh in my face at all the plans I had… “As if you have time to do that all!” cackled Time. And so I cried a bit more.

Has that ever happened to you? What a silly question, I’m almost certain it has, and if you’re very unlucky it may happen on a daily basis!

Because you know what… our current system IS flawed, but have you ever stopped to think just how bad it is and how much it’s effecting YOUR life?

Look at an average persons week: working 40 hours (the U.K average)  adding on a commute, 54 minutes each way (the U.K average) plus getting ready in the mornings, that’s over 55 hours spent being the WORKER YOU! Not being YOU because YOU are not your job, but being a YOU that’s doing a certain role, for a certain company that you may or may not loathe.

And I guess the rest of the time you’re sleeping? Well, that is, unless you have a child or a life, a family, a husband, friends, where do they all fit in?

And what if your trying to better yourself, you’re writing a book, maybe your a blogger, perhaps you’re trying to set up a company, you’re moving house, you’re pregnant. Or what if times are hard, you’re suffering from depression, you’re  going through a divorce, someone in your family is terminally ill, you’re having to take another part time job. These are things that real people are going through every day.

You can quickly see just how easy it is to become a shell….. a ghost of a person, someone who goes through the motions of life, having no time to really relish any of life’s happiness. Wow, do I sound bitter, but I’m not, not anymore…

Yes, I’ve done 12 hours days and silly commute times and I’ve felt sheer momentous exhaustion before, one where you don’t know whether to eat, sleep or shower first. And you know what, I could never EVER do it again. Even for a million pounds and I mean that.

Because I had NO time, NO energy left to be me, Charlotte…. just to sit down and chat with my partner, to go for a coffee with their parents, no time for my writing, no time for watching anime, no time for drawing, no time for eBay shopping and reading articles… I don’t like ‘no time’ for that stuff. Time in mine! And re-connecting with people, and yourself takes time.

So now, I feel exceptionally lucky to work from home and work for myself, because demanding and stressful as it can be, it is totally mine, my schedule is my own. And there’s something really special about that.

So this post for everyone who hates their job, who sighs and almost cries when their alarm goes off, who can’t even find time to read a book or do their 15 mins yoga workout,  who feels sick to their stomach every Sunday night.

To you I say….Time is yours…. let’s take back time. Money is money, a job IS a job, but ultimately we make the choice, we shape our own lives and sometimes we forget that. Even if it seems like you have no choice and find yourself saying “Well, it’s all right for them…” STOP. Think…. why are you really doing what you’re doing and is it really worth it?

Is the world going to crumble if you don’t bake a cake for the school’s cake sale, will it be armageddon if you don’t clean the house for one more day, and well all hell break loose if you don’t attend Annalouise’ birthday party? No? Didn’t think so.

YOU deserve happiness, not just at weekends, but everyday and to be happy in your job, in the life you lead.

And because there really IS nothing more important in life than happiness and healthiness and if your lacking in either of these then something has GOT to change.

Wishing you health and happiness always!



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25 thoughts on “Time Is OURS… let’s take it back!

  1. I had a demanding job and after having children I have scaled back – I went freelance, working from home and part time rather than 5 days a week and a 2+ hours commute. I feel so much less stressed now and I agree that it’s so important to have more time – even if it’s just time to think! I’m still working things out career-wise. Ideally I’d like to write and have more time with the children. We shall see! Thanks for the great post, it’s nice to read that we’re not alone. #MarvMondays

  2. Oh my gosh this is just like you’ve taken the words from my brain for me. I completely resonate with all of this and I’m very much for taking time for yourself. I’m so glad I work from home now, and whilst the days are longer, and I don’t always fit everything in, I am happier, because I am with the people I love, writing and being who I was born to me. Myself. #MarvMondays

  3. This post resonates me and a year or so ago I made some changes to make sure I make the best of my time. I commute daily and it takes anywhere from 45 mins to an hour. I stopped listening to trashy radio and changed to podcasts and radio 4. I just want to get something out of every minute! to learn :) #KCACOLS

  4. Having just gone back to work, I always feel the time pressure – my favourite phrase at the moment is “I don’t have enough time (or energy”). I keep thinking I need to set some time aside to figure out my life and get back some control….but I never had enough time (how ironic!). With the end of the year looming, and lots of goals for next year planned, I need to take back control! #MarvMondays

  5. You’re right on so many levels. I feel though that if you have a good work schedule, a flexible one that even allows you to work from home when you can, understanding colleagues, and a collaborative work culture, that side of work-life balance is very much possible. It is the finding time for oneself that is more challenging because even in the “life” part, if you are a mom, your time is pretty much for your kids leaving you little time to do what YOU want with yourself for together with your spouse. I like the premise of your post and I also believe that one should not exert pressure on oneself to be perfect. #globalblogging

  6. This is just the post I need to read this morning! Our life is always so hectic and I spend so much of it feeling guilty because I can’t fit it all in! Time to make a change I think – I need to care less and stop feeling bad about the things I don’t have time to do and prioritise better.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

  7. I don’t have to go to work or anything during the day but I know whatsbits like to feel like you have absolutely no time at all. I have a 19 month old and a 4 month old that refuses sleep, a blog, thinking about writing a novel and also do a newsletter so I’m always feeling like I’m pulled 100 ways and it’s awful as my children are the ones that suffer from it all as well as my relationship. There just isn’t ever enough hours in the day! #MarvMondays

  8. It is exactly how you say, happiness and health matter the most. To make a move, to dare to make a change and go after our dreams or perhaps just accept what we have and make the best of it. Easy to say, right? But so hard to actually do.

  9. Very true and obviously written from bittersweet experience. I’m doing better at claiming back time and I’m lucky enough to be supported by my husband while I figure it all out. I love how you make the definition between the worker and YOU. We are not our jobs but quite often its the first thing that people ask “what do you do” meaning your job and how you make money. I am way more than my job and I now refuse to let the job be everything because at the end of the day a job can just drop you no matter how hard you’ve worked and how much of yourself you have sacrificed. Take the time for yourself is a very good mantra #dreamteam

  10. It is so easy to get ensnared into the daily grind and it can be so difficult to see a way out once you’re drowning in it. I feel so lucky to only “go out to work” 2 days a week. It allows me the time to be me outside of work and to be mum and wife and blogger and all the things I want to be, and I then appreciate the time to be professional, independent and enjoy a career for the two days that I’m in work. I know that I’m incredibly lucky to be able to do that and not everyone can, but it makes sense to take a step back and look for other ways to get by if we can in order to improve our quality of life. Love this. Thanks for linking it with #DreamTeam x

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