Make Your Hair Go Boom!


As my readers know I have a real love hate relationship with my hair. By that I mean I love my hair, I don’t burn it, don’t throw chemicals on it and in return it just hates me!

Anyway on my great quest to find the golden hairbrush I came across a total haircare wizard called JOHN MASTERS. I love ALL his products from his Apricot & Rose Hair Milk to his Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo (please do read my fabulous reviews) but today I’m talking about this one… John Master’s Organic Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment. It’s a herbal spritz that you spray into the roots of your hair and just wait for the magic to happen.

Ok, it doesn’t literally make your hair go BOOM but it really goes tantalise the roots and bring your hair to life. Among it’s many wonderfully natural ingredients are things like Irish moss, burdock root, papaya, chamomile, nettle, so you can imagine the divine smell, a real herbal stew. It has a fresh, very light consistency which leaves 0 residue on the hair. If anything it helped my usually greasy roots. You just massage and leave in wet hair.

What an amazing product, especially for people with thin hair and unlike most of the John Master’s styling products this one’s available in miniature, with a pretty cute price of £7.00.

I’d love to know you’re organic haircare routine!? Leave a comment below!


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