How The Queen Of Sugar Kicked Her Habit!


This is a post I never thought I’d write.

But the truth is SUGAR is bad. Yes I said it, it’s bad,  SO very bad. And what’s worst is that we look at sugar as an old friend, someone who can comfort us, someone who is always there to make us feel happy. After all sugar will never stand us up, sugar never argues back, and sugar will always taste sweet. But what’s that old saying….

“…for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

Yes yes he does and the worst thing of all… you don’t even know it’s there and without realising it you and your family are probably well exceeding your sugar limit (6 tsps women, 9 tsps men).

Let me just blow you mind for a second… think about those 2 sugars in your morning coffee, think about that big dollop of sweet chilli sauce at lunch, think about that sneaky chocolate bar before dinner, think about that can of coke to keep you going. How much sugar, add it up, what do you reckon? Well for a start that can of coke contains over 9 tsps of sugar. That little bar of Dairy milk has 6.25 tbsps,  you get the picture.

And that’s only the things we KNOW are bad… what about all the other little things. When you start checking ingredients, it’s literally MIND BLOWING!

Ok, now onto the factsheet… because no doubt you need hard proof iF you’re gonna give up your best bud sugar… so here we go, why is sugar bad:

It makes us fat…. and yes, in the words of Bridget Jones,  I will always be just a little bit fat, but I’m talking about ‘obesity’ and THAT is dangerous.

It causes heart disease….sugar literally helps to damage the lining of your blood vessels, what a bastard!

Sugar has a way of suppressing your immune system…WHAT! It’s literally trying to kill you!

Sugar has an empty soul meaning it literally gives your body NOTHING.  Sugar also enjoys taking away valuable stuff such as zinc, magnesium, potassium and chromium, all the good stuff we have!

Bad bacteria LOVES sugar so it really is your guts worst energy… think yeast infections, autoimmune disorders, arthritis to name but a few.

Type 2 diabetes… yeah yeah we know the drill…but did you know that it can lead to cancer, coronary heart disease and strokes.

Sugar is ADDICTIVE. Meaning it makes you want it, even when you don’t REALLY want it and definitely don’t need it.

So now we can all see sugar for the devil it is… let’s see how we can move on with our lives and be the healthy goddesses we all know we are.


  • Smoothies: They are literally like the ‘get out of jail free’ card for kicking cravings and keeping your appetite satisfied. There’s a million different kinds, find what you love and get blending!
  • Bananas: Like them or not they offer a great energy and sugar fix. They are also amazing in smoothies, especially protein smoothies…My fav is unsweetened almond milk,  bananas,  cacao powder and organic peanut butter, that’s how I usually start the day.
  • Labels: this is the best way to check your sugar intake, because companies love to sneak sugar in wherever they can! After all… it’s addict, which means you’ll keep coming back for their products! Peanut butter, sauces, milk alternatives, cereal bars, sugar loves to hide in supposedly healthy places.
  • Fruit: pineapple, grapes, mango those super sweety fruits really give you the boost you need. If my family or friends are tucking into treats I have my own stash of fruit and cheese at the ready!
  • Drink green tea: for those who are wanting to loose weight in addition to cutting sugar, green tea is a wonderful way to reduce cravings and for many people it helps to loose weight.
  • Diary: Eating a little more diary really helped me, cheese and fruit are a really satisfying thing and also butter on toast, it stoped me wanting cake!
  • Visualisation: this was really good for me… visualising chocolate, cakes and sweets in a VERY negative way stops you wanting them! I imagined them making me feel sick, hurting my teeth and picturing all that oiling, sugary crap that they are made of.  It’s a good idea to check the indigents in your favourite ‘bad’ foods but beware it REALLY puts you off them!
  • Eat more: you’ll feel more hungry so always make sure you have nice snacks (nuts, cheese, fruits, smoothies, sandwich, shakes, sugar free cakes) eating little and often is the best way.

Finally I must tell you after a few weeks with 0 added sugar (not even honey, agave syrup etc) I felt pretty amazing.

My brain felt clearer, my skin was gooood, a cavity that was hurting before just stopped and in general I felt less mood swings and less tired! So a pretty big payoff for quitting sugar.

I’m going to do a month and then I’ll probably add agave syrup again, as the only thing I’m really missing is pancakes with bacon and agave nectar!

Have you given added sugar the boot, I would LOVE to hear your story!

NOTE: When I say SUGAR I’m talking specifically about added sugar. Sugar that has been added in during the making process I AM NOT TAKING ABOUT NATURALLY OCCURRING SUGAR. Fruit has natural sugar and is amazing, so don’t think of them in the same light.

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23 thoughts on “How The Queen Of Sugar Kicked Her Habit!

  1. This is brilliant, well done, I have such a sweet tooth, I’m refined sugar free 99% of the time and I feel so much better for it, smoothies are my staple too but I can’t live without maple syrup and dates :) #KCACOLS

  2. Great post! And well done for kicking so much sugar out of your diet! I did quite well at really reducing my sugar intake last year, and I shudder to think how much sugar I’m now eating again. It’s so all encompassing, it’s in so many things, and I worry about how much the kids eat too. I really need to go back to basics and cut that junk out.

  3. My name is Tracey and I am a sugar addict! haha, seriously I really need to lower my intake and you have some great tips! Does using an alternative like canderel sweetener count as I am not sure I can give up coffee? #kcacols

    1. To be honest alternative sweeteners are usually chemical based,so they are quite terrible! Toxic crap! But things like agave syrup, honey etc are great instead of sugar.

  4. Well done you! I must admit though, I am a total chocoholic and could never in a million years give it up, but I have cut back a bit #DreamTeam xx

  5. In my last job, I worked with a lot of people who would come to the US just for short-term work with our company. One thing that many of them commented on was the crazy amount of added sugar in EVERYTHING in the US. I remember an Italian telling me that he ate bread with sugar in it and his face looked absolutely appalled. Haha.
    It is really hard to keep our sugar intake low, but aded sugar is so terrible for a healthy body. Good for you for kicking the habit!

  6. Firstly, well done to you for kicking the sugar – I bet it was tough! Secondly, I’m definitely a sugar habit, but I am trying to work on it. I think having a young child helps me in a way as I don’t want to pass these bad habits on to him, and him thinking eating a certain way is just normal. Growing up, I picked up on the eating habits of those around me, and I definitely think it didn’t help in the long run. I’m not blaming others, I just wish I was more food aware as a youngster. #DreamTeam

  7. I don’t add sugar to any of my food and I’m not a big fan of fizzy drinks. I’m also really careful when buying food and read the labels to avoid unnecessary sugar, best thing is to cook from scratch when you can. My biggest let down is chocolate! Well done for kicking the habit, it’s a tough one to crack x
    Thanks for joining #DreamTeam

  8. aw well done! im so addicted to sugar and specifically red bull. it isn’t good and I really need to kick the habit. I like the idea of visualization but im finding it so hard not to want one each morning! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  9. I am a sugar addict – especially at the moment with the disturbed sleep and tiring days! I do keep trying to cut it down though and reading this post has been a real inspiration! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  10. I’m a complete sugar love. Chocolate, kids sweets, French bread, croissants…the sugar list is endless.

    I have PCOS and an insulin resistance so sugar is enemy number 1.

    I like Sarah Wilsons stuff about going sugar-free, but it is hard. Now that I am in France, well, I gone back to full on sugar mode – it’s impossible to be sugar-free. But no snacking has helped.

    When I am back in the UK – I’ll try again. Nuts are my saviour! #KCACOLS

  11. I’m a complete sugar monster and crave it so badly regardless of what I try replacing it with so I’m mega impressed with your achievement!!
    I really need to just be a lot more strict with myself and remember how bad it is (while trying to ignore how damn GOOD it tastes- arrggghhh!!!)

    1. Yes that’s the trick! Also remember that the cravings DO go away…. like quitting smoking, it goes and pretty quickly. Not to say you’ll never want cake again, but you do surprise yourself. Our tastebuds have changed…. they’ve adapted to the super sweet stuff that’s be put on the market… and they can be changed back (:

  12. Here, here! I gave up sugar (again) 2 weeks ago because my Crohns was just getting so bad, and when that gets bad it usually leads to thrush or water infections, and bloating. So, 2 weeks in I could murder a snickers and I am totally fed up with clean eating (and I mean really clean eating – everything from scratch, mostly only fruit and veg, and no meat!) BUT I do feel a million times better, my Crohns has cleared up, I have no spots, no PMT and I’ve lost 2 lbs and I’m not bloated! I splashed out on a pack of ready mix to make some healthy brownies later, there is no sugar or agave in it and you just add an egg and butter. It was £4.50 (!) but hey – I haven’t had a glass of wine in 2 weeks!! I deserve it! It’ll probably taste like poop but I’m really hoping not. Ultimately the big scare for me (cos of the scar tissue from my Crohns) is stomach cancer and sugar supposedly feeds cancer and it’s also a toxin so your body has to exert energy digesting it and can’t put energy in to healing. Go girl! I with you on this one and I hope you can keep it up! I hope I can too! #kcacols

    1. Thanks for sharing your sugar journey with me! I’m still going with the sugar detox, but after 1 month I have added in the occasional treat (for me it’s truffles!) Though I maintain one that 1 treat has sugar, keeping sugar out of your daily cooking and daily routine is the BEST way… keeping sugar when you can see it (: Good luck to you to darling!

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