Who Am I?


W H O  AM I?

I am a girl.

A woman.

I am a flowery top and big sunglasses.

I am a fringe, I am frizzy hair and pouting pink lips.

I am big ears and dangling earrings.

I am soft dough flesh and strong walking muscles.

I am unplucked eyebrows and prickly legs.

I am sparkly blue nail varnish with beads and bangles.

I am rosey cheeks and freckles.

I am. . . Who am I?

You can see all these things… but they are not who I am. One day I might not have a fringe, one day my nails might orange instead of blue. One day my freckles may be faded, omy belly may be bigger or smaller. One day my limbs may wobble or be steadier. I don’t know. No one does.

But it doesn’t matter… because THIS is who I am…

I am a human.

I am a sunshine ray of pure light.

I am pure love and abundant joy.

I am enteral wonder and I am freaking amazing.

And so are Y O U!

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