Inside Everyone of us is a Petite Goddess


Hello Dearest Goddesses!

So here’s the story of Petite Goddess….
One day I looked inside my heart and saw love and colour in abundance…. I thought of lovely things to say and ways to make people feel happy… I realised that bright colours and warm words DO bring people joy and so…. I created Petite Goddess.

And Petite Goddess is just for you, for the unique one, the individual, the seeker of bright bold happiness because we all deserve a sprinkling of magic in our lives.

Petite Goddess bags are unique and when I say unique I mean 1 OF A KIND! Every bag is hand painted and signed by me, so no two bags are the same… because after all no two people are the same!
We are all so very original and my bags are a celebration of individuality!

Because being unique must BE CELEBRATED.

But Petite Goddess is not just about creating beautiful things…it’s also about you wonderful people realising how magic, how beauty, how fantastical you are.

Because… inside each one of us there is a Petite Goddess just waiting to be realised, waiting to be released….

Each parcel comes with an inspiring goddess card and is wrapped in golden sweetness, in the hope that a parcel from me will bring you or someone you love, a little slice of joy because maybe they’re having a bad time or maybe you just need some inspiration or a little treat, this is for you…. This brightness, this gift, is made for you.

If you fancy a little nosey in my Etsy store click here.

Sending love to you all!

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9 thoughts on “Inside Everyone of us is a Petite Goddess

  1. Such lovely designs and I love how they are all unique. You’re right. Unique should be celebrated! :)

  2. I feel very silly, because somehow I quite missed that you had an etsy store. #sorry. I love how each of your bags is slightly different, and of course that goes hand-in-hand with your positive posts about being the unique you that you are. #Dreamteam xx

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