Today I’ve been thinking a lot about protecting, protecting children, armouring them with our love, making sure they’ll always be safe and secure in the heart space.


within our world there are pools of evil, evil so black it’s unthinkable.

But the thing is, no matter how painful, how dark, how doomful,   we MUST think about it, we MUST know about it and we MUST talk about it.… How can we face these evils with our head buried in the sand…. these are the things I dwell on, the things I suffer for, I feel their pain because children NEED us, they MUST have us to be there for them.

And I sit and wonder how I can help, what I can do… Feeling totally hopeless….. maybe you feel the same…. And today I wanted to tell you all…. that we are NOT hopeless…. that’s a lie,  because what I’ve learnt is that we are all FULL of hope, brimming with magic, you can’t even begin to imagine ✨

Our energy is a power so great, our love is a true dream maker and a manifestor of  GOOD!  So instead of pretending the darkness doesn’t exist, here’s what I do to fight evil…

I light candles,  I hold crystals and I send my positive vibes out into the world….let us send thoughts of LOVE, call them prayers if you like, prayers of goodness, of protection….  they are good thoughts for anyone who needs them. And I vibrate so high, feel so much love that darkness couldn’t touch me….

People may say that meditation is nothing and that praying is hopeless… but once you’ve felt the presence of higher vibrations you’ll never again question the power of humankind…

I’m telling you the brightness we possess, well that light,  ignited together, we’ll illuminate the skies so there’d be no place for darkness to hide.

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