My job is to rest.


This week I was ill with a chesty cough, the kind that knocks you for 6, in fact I’m currently writing this from bed in-between naps and sips of hot tea.

And being ill this week got me thinking…..

If we have flu, we complain, we moan at the inconvenience it’s causing our lives, we have so much to do, places to be, errands to run, we don’t have TIME to be sick, but to be honest…. we stupid.

We watch as our body works to sweat out the virus, it’s makes us cough and sneeze, the endless runny noses and watering eyes…..OUR BODY IS FIGHTING FOR US! It’s fighting these gems so we can continue to live and this year people WILL die of the very same gems we’re complaining about fighting…. just because their bodies could not fight…. So….

Before you go and buy some trashy medicine to stop your runny noses or pills to banish your upset tummies….. THINK….

The problem is not those ‘pesky’ symptoms which help us survive! The problem is US….. trying to resist! We are working against our bodies natural flow. So before you crawl out to bed because “I don’t have time to be ill!” THINK… My only job now is to get better because without you wellness you won’t be doing or taking care of anything. Your body is the MOST powerful tool you will ever have, give it some RESPECT!

The dishes WILL wait,  your job will be there tomorrow and the world will not collapse if you give into the cycles of nature and have a few days in bed….. life does go on !


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