Why we SHOULD celebrate Halloween.

halloween-death-celebrationHalloween beckons…..So I thought it only right that I dedicate a post to the much misunderstood celebration of HALLOWEEN.

As a child I was never allowed to trick or treat, mama thought it was not a sound idea, knocking on random doors waiting for treats just didn’t seem right . But that’s not to say we didn’t celebrate halloween… in-fact staying in was much more of a celebration! For some random reason Halloween became our very own little autumn party.  Mama make a halloween cake, usually a white iced ghost and we’d decorate it together. Dad would always come home with a  pumpkin, the best he could find and  I imagined him in the shop rummaging through the pumpkin pile looking for the just right one. And for years we’d always carve it together, until I grew up and became more creative and better with the carving knife, then I became the chief carver.

And I’d always dress up, even though I’d only be watching t.v and eating cake, it just felt RIGHT. Halloween felt important to me, as though all the scary stuff, all the deamons and zombies, witches and monsters meant something, it was meaningful like we SHOULD celebrate it….

So…. Halloween, the ancient pagan festival, recognised all over the world, day of the dead, all soul’s day…. this holiday, like so many others has roots!

And as you can probably guess I’m not a big fan of the American’s highjacking of halloween, of the princess costumes and bags of candy, going “trick or treat” ING…. because I think  halloween is NOT  a plastic ‘novelty’ but a…

Celebration of DEATH.

After all we NEED death, without death there would be no LIFE. Without death there would be no end to pain, no change, no transformation, cycles of life would not longer function. Death is the beloved partner of life and how can we celebrate one but not the other

So Halloween is a time to embrace death, embrace the cycles of life and celebrate the dead that have passed.

I decorate my house, I carve a pumpkin, I cook a special dinner and give chocolates and small gifts to my family because if we cannot give respect  to death how will we ever understand it, how will we ever be at peace with life, if we cannot be at ease with death.

So I wish you alllll….

A Very Happy Halloween.

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