My Pot belly is divine. My tiny boobs are perfect.


This week I’ve be thinking a lot about BEAUTY.

Like many women I’ve had a real love-hate relationship with myself… though eating disorders and low self-esteem, at times utterly discontent with my body…. with teeny boobs I’d been given, the podge belly that would never flatten and the size 8 clown feet that were so tricky to shoe…..

Then one day, I woke up to see that I WAS beautiful, I perfectly me and that was just as it should be. My body was marvellous,  powerful yet delicate and it was ALL MINE.

So now armed with my soul ablaze I wish to set light to all you lost woman who still think you are not enough….

To you I say…



You were made to be you, your imperfections are marvels.

STOP cutting away pieces of yourself to fit in with society’s idea of beauty.

We are throwing our beauty away without even understanding it, without even discovering it yet.

We are altering the very bodies we were blessed with, the bodies our mothers and fathers made for us….. and to alter our body is to be at war with our very soul. We are telling our souls we are not good enough, we are telling them we need to be changed…. and your soul will never rest, your soul will be forever saddened that you needed change when you were already perfect.

So… take a stand, stand up for YOUR beauty, the way you would stand up for your mothers, your sisters, grandmothers, daughters beauty….  EMBRACING your beauty, is to embrace ALL women beauty. Society is sick…. it not does realise what it is to be human and it is our job to teach them.

Don’t let anyone tell you you NEED altering. They are sick. You are not.

Because one day when everyone looks the same, plastic faces on plastic bodies, there will still be a handful of wild women that run free, with flaws to see, hair that ruffles in the wind and skin that feels it all and those other woman will look at them in wonder…. as it to see a goddess, and they will wish they too could be free.

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