Are we really coping?

How-we-really-copeC O P E.

Everyone learns to cope right? Probably from a young age and coping CAN be a positive, it can empower us to delve into our instinctual wild state and manage all kinds of exceptionally difficult situations, that would usually blow our minds. That said, in today’s society we often use the word ‘cope’ to deal wrongly with things, we scrap by when emotionally we are in tatters, we push feelings aside, when really big stuff is crying out to be healed …..for example I have OCD and we OCDers are very good at pretending to be ok with CHANGE. We build walls to protect our comforts and the ‘home’ we have within ourselves. And so it seems as if we’ve coped well, but in actual fact it’s just a disguise, to please ourselves and others. And at some point WE fall apart, piece by piece because that change still needs dealing with. I can’t speak for all OCDers but that’s my experience.

So a while ago, when my spiritual spectacles kicked in I could suddenly see all the places I was hiding, all the nooks I disguised as safe havens were actually just pit stops, keeping me from  evolving higher. I realised I would need to jump in and wade though the thickest, greyest parts of life to truly HELP myself become the best ME!

So when change knocks on your door, because it will, say HELLO, welcome it into your house, let it sit with you for a while, sake it’s hand, ask it questions and see how this change is going to affect all the things you love and also look at what it’s going to infuse your life with.

Some call it silver lining, I call it star searching, because think of night & day…. day is full of brightness, we know it, it’s our comfort. Then there’s a change, it’s night, it’s dark and everything is transformed. The night sky with it’s vastness, it is too great, but we wait, we hold, our eyes adjust and stars spring out like buds on a beloved tree, we see the friendliness in them, we find familiarity amongst the unknown world out there…. we see a cluster of something that might be something, then it expands out, it’s a constellation, we find meaning in the stars, the unknown, the scary, we find meaning in newness, in change and we learn to welcome it.

After all,  we are living breathing creatures, entwined with awe striking nature. And nature IS the the very definition of change; twisting and turning with each new cycle, every time bringing something new.

And so I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again CHANGE is good….After all, there’s no flowering without change, there’s no growth without welcome newness. I hope all you beautiful flowers are reading this and reach out to give change the welcome it deserves!

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