5 Under £5 for June


June! How it is June already?????? What little fairy came and stole May! And how about this heat, gee whizz, I hope you’re all enjoying England’s new tropical weather and keeping cool? Here’s my 5 under £5 for this sunny month of June.

Something for when your trying to be good but want something sweet and wholesome Biona CocoBella Chocolate Coconut Spread £3.83 spreadable on bread but my fav if using it in cooking, or even try heating it up as a choccy dip. Yummmmmmy.

Continuing the chocolatey theme Super Seeds Coconut Brownie £1.95 a seedy yum mix for when the heat drags you down and your need a quick energy boost!

Now onto the non-edibles…I love Playmobil, absolutely besotted with the stuff and this little Pink Princess brightens my day no end! Found at a market in Italy but eBay has an amazing collection with great prices.

Next up, parcel labels. I think it’s one of the most satisfying things, labelling something, neat and orderly and this 12 Pack Large Coloured Labels £1.60 is perfect.

Lastly, I’m not sure what it is about summer but face paint always seems like a summer thing. These Stargaze Face Paint Crayons £2.88  are great because they include 12 colours so you can really get creative and crayons are much easier to use, no paint brushes or sponges needed. And what a bargain!

What were your wonderful buys this month? I’d love to know. Why not follow the linky love over at Rainbeaubelle!


5 Under £5 (MAY)

One of my absolute fav bloggers Rainbeaubelle inspired me to start this feature. Buying 5 items that cost under £5 each. You’d be surprised what treasures you can buy with a little crisp green note. So here we go, my 5 under £5 for May!


May has been a pretty fun packed month: new babies, birthdays and a lot of jolly times!

Toot Sweet Party Hats 8 per pack, £4.66 were a super find on Ocado, just in time for hubby’s birthday. We did have some novel moustaches to match, which we worn out in Dublin but unfortunately they didn’t survive the knees up.

I also added some sparkle with -Mavala Nail Polish- Sparkling Gold, £4.75 my fav little polishes. I could collect these all day, convenient size and stunning shades.

To round off the festivities, another classic eBay find, super for those get out of bed mornings, who needs an alarm clock when you’ve an annoying wife with a -Hand Bell- Wooden handle, £3.25 ! Just for kicks.

Babies galore this month, so many friends bringing little darlings into the world, and I just couldn’t resist this sleek and bright -Hey Baby (New born) Greetings Card, £3.20 (Including postage). A really cool illustrator, TheGinFox.

Lastly, I’ve always adored Little Miss books and now I’ve got my little 5 year old I nanny adoring them, we’re loving Little Miss Splendid – Little Miss, £2.99.

So there you have it, first month and I already adore this feature! Happy shopping sweeties, hope you found some super duper treasures too!