My New Bestie Cacao!


Since giving sugar the boot I’ve began a new love affair. It starts with a C and it rhymes with Kapow!

CACAO, also known as cocoa is little magic bean that answers your dreams!

So here’s 5 reasons why you’ll also fall in love with CACAO!

1.Raw cacao is the most antioxidant-rich food in the world.

Cacao contains over 300 important compounds! WOW…these include protein, fat, certain B-vitamins and minerals (calcium, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and copper). Pretty impressive stuff!

2. It can improve your mood.

Cacao contains naturally mood enhancing chemicals (phenylethylamine (PEA) & anandamide). These are the chemicals that make us feel excited, the chemicals we get after dong things like exercising. And it’s these chemical which can help to fight depression. We all need some of that right!

3. It can help you lose weight.

Another nifty thing about Cacao is that it contains chromium, which can naturally regulate blood sugar and it also contains coumarin, which has been know to suppress the appetite, thin blood AND as if that wasn’t enough it has anti-tumor properties too.  Here’s the sciencey bit….Agriculture and Food Chemistry say the “compounds in the cocoa bean appear to disrupt the activity of enzymes normally used to digest fats and some carbohydrates. With this activity disrupted, the fats and carbs don’t get digested – so we don’t experience the harmful effects, including weight gain.”

4. It protects the heart/cardiovascular system.

According to the Linus Pauling Institute, the flavonoids in cacao can decrease or even block the oxidation of “bad” LDL cholesterol. This improves circulation and minimises the risk of heart disease. Well done cacao!


Cacao also helps us to stay focused as it quickens our pulse rate. So if you’ve got a big deadline coming up try a cacao milkshake to stay on the ball. I’ve tried it and it really works!!!

Little Miss Matcha: The Lime Green Superhero!


Introducing Little Miss Matcha, she’s lime green, comes all the way from Japan and is truly magnificent!

I’d wanted to try the miracle ‘matcha’ for a while… though I was always a bit put off by it’s crazy price tag (around £10 per 100g and that’s for the cheaper stuff).

However,  on reading about some of matcha’s super powers I decided to give it a whirl!

I’ve been on match every day for over a week, very early days, so I’m not going to comment on it’s effectiveness for me, personally… also I’ve eaten about 10KG of chocolate eggs this week, so I’m not sure if that’s undone any good work matcha may have done, oops. Be better next week, promise.

Anyho…Here’s some Matcha facts that you NEED to know:

  • Matcha Green Tea Powder has 137 times more antioxidants than a cuppa green tea! So it’s actually pretty good value for money, you only need half a teaspoonful.
  • Matcha is metabolism boosting. Just what I need after the naughty Easter bunny’s visit.
  • Matcha is detoxifying for mind & body. Yes and Yes.
  • Matcha is calming, many people take it to calm their anxiety or just to help focus.
  • Matcha is very rich in fibre (so you really need to be careful about your dose or you could be in for a bit too much of a detox, if you know what I mean!
  • Matcha is a mood enhancer, hell yeah, all need a slice of that pie!
  • Matcha helps to lower cholesterol and prevent all kinds of diseases, always a winner.
  • Matcha is rich in zinc, magnesium and vitamin c, these a pretty vital, yet another selling point.

Have your tried Match green tea, what DO you think, I always love to know?

Happy Healthy-ing (:

Newest Nibbles (November)


November already, how did we get here! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll agree the month before Christmas is a good time for some serious healthy eating (preping for the indulgence to come)…. So here’s some organic, fairtrade, good foodie treats, because being healthy doesn’t mean living in a chocolate-less/ burger less world! Happy month before Christmas! he he he

Daylesford Organic Cacao & Coconut Porridge 450g, £2.79 (currently on offer) I knew I’d love this, with this chilly days sometimes all I want for dinner is a big bowl of oats and berries, this is not sweet (a good sign is it not!) so I like to add honey. The cacao nibs and coconut, combine beautiful with the dates, so warming and comforting.

Waitrose Duchy Organic Dates 250g, £2.19 There’s something about dried fruit in winter just makes me so excited for… CHRISTMAS, yes!

CRAZY JACK ORGANIC AGAVE NECTAR 250ML, £2.25 (CURRENTLY ON OFFER) If you haven’t already jumped on the agave (cactus) nectar, which is not as sugary as honey and tastes divine, then jump aboard, it’s delicious!

DRAGONFLY GLUTEN FREE ORGANIC WALNUT & ALMOND BURGERS 200G, £1.75 What a wonderful surprise these were. And loved by the husband, amazingly, as he is totally nuts for meat, but now he’s nuts for nut burgers! They keep you full too and are super for days when there’s no time for proper cooking, these with a bowl full of spinach and mango chutney, yes!

Willie’s Cacao Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut & Raisin 50g, £1.35 (CURRENTLY ON OFFER) Such a deal on these at the moment, a brilliant stocking filler. A real top quality chocolate, this is what REAL chocolate tastes like.

Have you found any Organic delights this month? Let me know!!! Love your comments, happy eating (:

Newest Nibbles (October)


Happy October! I’m immensely enjoying these first crisp mornings, when you feel snuggly yet refreshed, isn’t this time of year lovely!!? Ask me again next month when I’ll probably be sick of soggy boots and lemsip, but for the moment autumn is my bestie. Anyway, Organic tastes good in any season and I’ve got some super organic goodies to warm your autumn chops, enjoy!

Grove Organic Fruit Co. Premium Apple & Pomegranate Juice, 1L £1.96

An apple juice with a twist. Sometimes I find apple juice just a little too sweet, this one is the perfect combination of sweet and sour, with hints of berry. And of course we all know how great pomegranates are for you. Groove Organic also do all kinds of lovely juices, check them out!

Doisy & Dam Ginger, Chilli Flakes & Hempseed Chocolate, 40G, £3.00

So so moorish and what a kick. I’m a big fan of spicy chocolate and I really love D & D’s whole collection.


I love coconut milk, but it’s gotta be organic and this one is really nice. It is thick and creamy, but not intensely coconutty, so I find it’s really perfect for cooking.


Super yum, not as sugary as you’d imagine ans it has really subtle flavours. It’s a refreshing combination, with a fiery kick. Isn’t this just a time of year for warming soups and hot buttered bread!


How lovely this is, feels especially nice for winter. It’s already sliced which is such a luxury with rye bread and the pumpkin seeds add a little sweetness, my favourite rye bread to date!

So that’s if for this month, pop by again next month for more organic loveliness! And of course my ears are open to hear about new organic treats you’ve been sambling !

Newest Nibbles (August/ September)


Where did August go! I seem to have misplaced an entire month. My summer has been stuffed with a mound of projects, leaving me a bit frazzled, so after a little chill time I’m back with some super delectable treats to see you though September.


Being a picky little one I always like a mix of salted and sweet popcorn so I was super pleased to discover these. And of course there’s no nasties so a good treat for little one’s pack lunches!

ThreeSixty Organic Peru Coffee 227g, £4.99

More than I usually spend on coffee but this curious to try it. I love the whole concept of ThreeSixy coffee, each bag contains coordinates so you know exactly where the coffee comes form, you know you’re getting the bees knees.

Yarden Greek Style Aubergine 250g, £1.80

Truly scrumptious, though one little tub is never enough! Sweet, juicy, stuffed with flavour, perfect with salad, bread, eggs, anything really!

Cranks organic bread wholemeal 800g, £1.55

I’m not a lover of wholemeal bread but my husband adores this and it’s definitely a healthy alternative, packed with fibre. It’s firm and wholesome, you really feel like you’re getting a satisfying loaf of bread.


Delectable, my husband and I love brownies but sometimes I find there much pricer to make than to buy  (well if you do it the right way, real choc and ground almonds) so I’m always searching for supermarket alternatives. These are great, try for yourself as I’m sure you SO deserve it!

Have you discovered any new organic/ fairtrade / free-from treats this month, I’d love to know.


Newest Nibbles (JULY)


July, welcome! I cannot believe you’re here already, really, where does the time go! So, celebrating the start of summer with some truly wondrous organic treats, I hope you’ll be inspired to step into the world of Organic eating!

Belvoir Organic Ginger Beer 750ml, £2.59 

Summer is a perfect opportunity for cocktail’s in the garden, YES! And I used this ginger beer as a wonderful mixer with gin and lime for a London Mule (gin, London, get it!?). My absolute favourite cocktail.

Roots & Wings Organic Sherbet Lemons 100g, £1.99

A favourite with my nanny, whose had 80 years experience as a sweetie connoisseur… and now I’ve got her hooked on Organic sweets! Talk about mission completed. And these are such fresh little sweets, not syrupy and they don’t leave a sugary feeling in your mouth.

Higher Living Organic Green Tea Chai, £1.99

I love the soothing spice of Chai tea, but also the tummy helping benefits of green tea. So, what a wonderful combination this is!

Tropical Forest – Organic Honey 454g, £4.29

Delectable honey, simple and you know it’s non nonsense. I love adding honey to numerous dishes and really believe in it’s health benefits, but only with pure honey. So much of the honey you get in supermarkets is a mix of sugar and bad quality honeys, so I always go for raw/ Organic.

Cafedirect Fairtrade Organic Machu Picchu Coffee 227g, £3.50 

Coffee has got to be Organic for me. It’s such a pure and beautiful thing, you really CAN taste the difference. There’s increasing more wonderful Organic coffees to choose form, and this one’s gorgeous.

What Organic delights are you enjoying this month?

Newest Nibbles (JUNE)

Newest-nibbles-June-organic-foodie-petite-wordsJune is here! A new month, a fresh page to put our mark on and wow what treats I’ve got for you…

  1. Vermints Organic Ginger Mint Pastilles, £2.99 I get super travel sick, sometimes after just seconds of being in a car, so hearing ginger is great for travel sickness these handy little pastels looked super. They come in a cute tin too and in all kinds of flavours!
  2. Thirsty Earth Organic Tempranillo, £5.32 My new obsession; Organic alcohol! And this is continued to delight. I’m a difficult red wine drinker to please but this was a gorgeous, very fruity yet very dry wine. Though dangerous moorish!
  3.  Biona CocoBella Chocolate & Coconut Spread, £3.83 It won’t be for everyone because the flavour isn’t as sweet as you’d expect but I’ve included it in the list for sheer organic goodness! Combining too epic ingredients, it’a a healthy alternative to regular choc spread and top marks for that name, ‘CocoBella’ sounds like an exotic dancer!
  4. Superseeds Coconut Brownie Tube, £2.00 This was a curiosity buy, I wasn’t even sure what it was! It’s a shot of seedy goodness, to boost your blood sugar when you’re on a low. Really cool treat.
  5. Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, £5.52 I’m a bit of a coconut oil connoisseur, so trust me when I say this is the ‘bee’s knees’ so to speak! The smell… divine and the texture, just when you thought it couldn’t get any smoother it does! I love it, my absolute new favourite.

Did you find any Organic treats this month? I’d love to know!!!

Newest Nibbles (May)


I’m a total Organic nut and always believe Organic is better. We get back what we put into our bodies and I think we’re made organically so lets eat organically! Every month I find new Organic yummy products to share with you, hopefully you’ll find something you love this month!

I love coffee, I mean I just adore it, but it does make me a bit of fuss pot when it comes to shopping. I never buy bad coffee, it’s just not on! And there’s not many organic coffees in supermarkets (and believe me organic DOES make a difference, if you love coffee that is). So I’d heard great things about ‘Grumpy Mule’ and I wanted to try it, just for the fact I can say “I’m drinking a cup of grumpy mule”. And… it was yum, not as robust as I was expecting, despite being a 4 on the strength chart,  but it was chocolatey and moorish. Excited to try the rest of the range!

Sweet but not too sweet for a strawberry jam, I love the sickly syrupy jam but this was the most ‘real’ tasting jam I’ve ever encountered, I mean you could really taste (and feel) the strawberries as though it wasn’t made with much else. Top marks for not messing to much with great ingredients.

Yes these are teeny tiny, but they were on offer and I’ve always been curious about energy balls. These are super coconutty and were pretty yummy, don’t expect a tasty treat mind, these are still more of a health feel good food, not a bar of choc but still good, especially for on the go, I get so famished on bus rides home.

I’ve got a lot of love for Green & Blacks and I think this is one of best flavours. The currents remove the bitter edge of the dark chocolate, leaving behind a fruity delight. Highly recommended.

I adore clipper tea but this chamomile, lemon balm and lavender one was a big tasty surprise. A calming tea, that is so light and gentle, totally vanquished my hot chocolate cravings and made me feel warm and cleansed. Loved.

My husband loves ale, so I’ve been buying a few Organic ales lately as they’re pretty reasonably priced and Organic, so why the hell not.  This one got the thumbs up from the Mr.

*I am not in associated with any of the brands or stores in the post, they are just my personal choice and the links to where you may find the products are simply the cheapest at that time.

My Newest Nibbles (April)

aPRIL_Newest_nibbles_petite_words_food_haulWell folks it’s finally Spring! Hooray, those perfect glimpses of sunshine, rays of heaven.

In love with the heat this month I was looking for the perfect hot sauce. I don’t do preservatives and hate sauces that are too gooey and sugary, so yay, I found something just right.

I also found my favourite coffee bean so far! And surprise that’s spicy too, wow!

As well as hot wonders, I finally found some sweety sweets that I won’t feel guilty about eating! And a curious chocolate that I just adored. A great month of treats!



My Newest Nibbles (March)

Newest_nibbles_march_petite_wordsSo as you know every month I like to share some foody treats I’ve tried out. Some items I share because I just love them and they’ve already made it into my weekly shop. Others are for fun kicks and just deserve a mention. So here are my Newest Nibbles for March.

What Organic treats are you loving this month?



  • Willies Cacao Colombian Gold Chocolate £2.99 (Wow this is not for the faint hearted; a super intense chocolate that has one hell of kick to it. Wouldn’t buy this regualrly but worth it for a choccy with a bite.)
  • Whole Earth Peanut Butter £2.66  (You can really taste the difference, 97% peanuts is pretty impressive and it is still sweet and delightful.)
  • BeLoved Date Nectar £3.50  (A massive winner. It has a salty sweet taste and only a very light hint of dates (something I actually don’t like). It is perfect on pancakes, marinating meat and I have it on my yogurt every day. Loved it.)
  • Groovy Food Company Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil £5.99  (THE BEST coconut oil I have ever used and I’ve tried several Organic ones. This one is just so silky smooth and has a beautiful delicate coconut taste. No looking back.)