Healing. Slowly, Naturally.

natural-healing-petite-wordsSo last month I decided to give myself a little pre-holiday pedicure but like a totally ham fisted clumsy Ann,  I sliced straight into my toe. My toe was pretty pissed about it and reacted by instantly swelling up and turning crimson red. So I bandaged my giant strawberry toe and hobbled off on my holiday, to Marrakesh, but that’s a whole other story.

So, I let it heal and do its thang, I cleaned the wound with warm water and diluted tea tree oil, which is my absolute go to remedy for any cuts/ enflamed spots etc. It is magic stuff.

But this time my magic cure wasn’t working…. it remained red and it was barely healing, infact it wept.

What can I say, my toe was sad.

But I’ve learnt with age, that there’s NO substitute for knowing your own body. I’ve suffered from infections before and they’ve  felt nasty and this was different….. I just knew my toe was trying, my whole body was trying, they were making an effort to HEAL me.

And it took 3 weeks and many salt soaks,  turmeric root juice and iodine later….. but my toe DID start to heal.

SO this time I said NO to doctors, no to antibiotics, no to chemical creams (antiseptic creams contain a lot fo S***!), and by the help of nature my infection was healed.

You’re probably thinking, wow, 3 weeks to heal a cut, people usually say 3-5 days then see a doctor and even the NHS website says things should start to heal after a ‘few’ days…. but really?

Who’s to say how long I take to heal, who can say how my body will fight… maybe something things just take LONGER. It took me 2 weeks to even begin healing…. and I know (from past experiences) if I’d gone to the doctor, they’d look at the infection and instantly prescribe antibiotics.

AND SO a  little food for thought…Know that we have options, in many cases WE can heal ourselves and don’t you think there’s something magical about that. I’m not saying we should all play doctor BUT equipping ourselves with the knowledge, the ancient knowledge, to know what different herbs can help, what natural remedies may work or what foods could make things better, that’s what we need.

We are given this wondrous body, is it not our duty to know how to take care for it? Like a wily wolf who knows to lick a fresh wound, we too KNOW what to do…deep down we do!

If you’re interested in alternative, chemical free healing, here’s my natural healing remedies for infected cuts/ grazes.

  • Himalayan pink salt: a spoonful in a bowel of warm/ hot water soak your foot until water is cold.
  • Iodine Liquid 12%
  • Raw Turmeric root: I peeled and chopped the root boiled with half and saucepan of water, boil for 10 minutes, until it’s a hearty dark orange. Let it cool, keep in a jar and use when needed. I used it as a rinse direct onto the wound. It’s also great to drink a small cup each day, it seemed to help my healing process.
  • Elevation: Whenever you can elevate you wound, so particularly if it’s a foot or toe issue this is just excellent at reducing the  swelling and giving you wound space to heal.
  • Tea-tree Oil: AMAZING for so many things. I put 3/4 drops in the cap and top up with warm water. Dilute more if you feel necessary and dab onto the wound.

NOTE: There are times when Professional help IS needed, that’s a given and here’s a time and place foe antibiotics.My infection had NOT spread, the red was only in the area of the cut and it was not that painful. IF you see red veins around the infected area, or it’s causing more pain and clearing getting worst you should GO to the doctor that day if possible…. because the infections go too far. In general if something is really not right GO to the doctor/ hospital… lumps bumps, prolonged illness all point to professional intervention.

  • Himalayan pink salt: a spoonful in a bowel of warm/ hot water soak your foot until water is cold.
  • Raw Turmeric root: I peeled and chopped the root boiled with half and saucepan of water, boil for 10 minutes, until it’s a hearty dark orange. Let it cool, keep in a jar and use when needed. I used it as a rinse direct onto the wound. It’s also great to drink a small cup each day, it seemed to help my healing process.
  • Elevation: Whenever you can elevate you wound, so particularly if it’s a foot or toe issue this is just excellent at reducing the  swelling and giving you wound space to heal.
  • Tea-tree Oil: AMAZING for so many things. I put 3/4 drops in the cap and top up with warm water. Dilute more if you feel necessary and dab onto the wound.


NOTE: There are times when Professional help IS needed, that’s a given and here’s a time and place foe antibiotics.My infection had NOT spread, the red was only in the area of the cut and it was not that painful. IF you see red veins around the infected area, or it’s causing more pain and clearing getting worst you should GO to the doctor that day if possible…. because the infections go too far. In general if something is really not right GO to the doctor/ hospital… lumps bumps, prolonged illness all point to professional intervention.

My Pot belly is divine. My tiny boobs are perfect.


This week I’ve be thinking a lot about BEAUTY.

Like many women I’ve had a real love-hate relationship with myself… though eating disorders and low self-esteem, at times utterly discontent with my body…. with teeny boobs I’d been given, the podge belly that would never flatten and the size 8 clown feet that were so tricky to shoe…..

Then one day, I woke up to see that I WAS beautiful, I perfectly me and that was just as it should be. My body was marvellous,  powerful yet delicate and it was ALL MINE.

So now armed with my soul ablaze I wish to set light to all you lost woman who still think you are not enough….

To you I say…



You were made to be you, your imperfections are marvels.

STOP cutting away pieces of yourself to fit in with society’s idea of beauty.

We are throwing our beauty away without even understanding it, without even discovering it yet.

We are altering the very bodies we were blessed with, the bodies our mothers and fathers made for us….. and to alter our body is to be at war with our very soul. We are telling our souls we are not good enough, we are telling them we need to be changed…. and your soul will never rest, your soul will be forever saddened that you needed change when you were already perfect.

So… take a stand, stand up for YOUR beauty, the way you would stand up for your mothers, your sisters, grandmothers, daughters beauty….  EMBRACING your beauty, is to embrace ALL women beauty. Society is sick…. it not does realise what it is to be human and it is our job to teach them.

Don’t let anyone tell you you NEED altering. They are sick. You are not.

Because one day when everyone looks the same, plastic faces on plastic bodies, there will still be a handful of wild women that run free, with flaws to see, hair that ruffles in the wind and skin that feels it all and those other woman will look at them in wonder…. as it to see a goddess, and they will wish they too could be free.

Why we SHOULD celebrate Halloween.

halloween-death-celebrationHalloween beckons…..So I thought it only right that I dedicate a post to the much misunderstood celebration of HALLOWEEN.

As a child I was never allowed to trick or treat, mama thought it was not a sound idea, knocking on random doors waiting for treats just didn’t seem right . But that’s not to say we didn’t celebrate halloween… in-fact staying in was much more of a celebration! For some random reason Halloween became our very own little autumn party.  Mama make a halloween cake, usually a white iced ghost and we’d decorate it together. Dad would always come home with a  pumpkin, the best he could find and  I imagined him in the shop rummaging through the pumpkin pile looking for the just right one. And for years we’d always carve it together, until I grew up and became more creative and better with the carving knife, then I became the chief carver.

And I’d always dress up, even though I’d only be watching t.v and eating cake, it just felt RIGHT. Halloween felt important to me, as though all the scary stuff, all the deamons and zombies, witches and monsters meant something, it was meaningful like we SHOULD celebrate it….

So…. Halloween, the ancient pagan festival, recognised all over the world, day of the dead, all soul’s day…. this holiday, like so many others has roots!

And as you can probably guess I’m not a big fan of the American’s highjacking of halloween, of the princess costumes and bags of candy, going “trick or treat” ING…. because I think  halloween is NOT  a plastic ‘novelty’ but a…

Celebration of DEATH.

After all we NEED death, without death there would be no LIFE. Without death there would be no end to pain, no change, no transformation, cycles of life would not longer function. Death is the beloved partner of life and how can we celebrate one but not the other

So Halloween is a time to embrace death, embrace the cycles of life and celebrate the dead that have passed.

I decorate my house, I carve a pumpkin, I cook a special dinner and give chocolates and small gifts to my family because if we cannot give respect  to death how will we ever understand it, how will we ever be at peace with life, if we cannot be at ease with death.

So I wish you alllll….

A Very Happy Halloween.

My job is to rest.


This week I was ill with a chesty cough, the kind that knocks you for 6, in fact I’m currently writing this from bed in-between naps and sips of hot tea.

And being ill this week got me thinking…..

If we have flu, we complain, we moan at the inconvenience it’s causing our lives, we have so much to do, places to be, errands to run, we don’t have TIME to be sick, but to be honest…. we stupid.

We watch as our body works to sweat out the virus, it’s makes us cough and sneeze, the endless runny noses and watering eyes…..OUR BODY IS FIGHTING FOR US! It’s fighting these gems so we can continue to live and this year people WILL die of the very same gems we’re complaining about fighting…. just because their bodies could not fight…. So….

Before you go and buy some trashy medicine to stop your runny noses or pills to banish your upset tummies….. THINK….

The problem is not those ‘pesky’ symptoms which help us survive! The problem is US….. trying to resist! We are working against our bodies natural flow. So before you crawl out to bed because “I don’t have time to be ill!” THINK… My only job now is to get better because without you wellness you won’t be doing or taking care of anything. Your body is the MOST powerful tool you will ever have, give it some RESPECT!

The dishes WILL wait,  your job will be there tomorrow and the world will not collapse if you give into the cycles of nature and have a few days in bed….. life does go on !


Who Am I?


W H O  AM I?

I am a girl.

A woman.

I am a flowery top and big sunglasses.

I am a fringe, I am frizzy hair and pouting pink lips.

I am big ears and dangling earrings.

I am soft dough flesh and strong walking muscles.

I am unplucked eyebrows and prickly legs.

I am sparkly blue nail varnish with beads and bangles.

I am rosey cheeks and freckles.

I am. . . Who am I?

You can see all these things… but they are not who I am. One day I might not have a fringe, one day my nails might orange instead of blue. One day my freckles may be faded, omy belly may be bigger or smaller. One day my limbs may wobble or be steadier. I don’t know. No one does.

But it doesn’t matter… because THIS is who I am…

I am a human.

I am a sunshine ray of pure light.

I am pure love and abundant joy.

I am enteral wonder and I am freaking amazing.

And so are Y O U!

How The Queen Of Sugar Kicked Her Habit!


This is a post I never thought I’d write.

But the truth is SUGAR is bad. Yes I said it, it’s bad,  SO very bad. And what’s worst is that we look at sugar as an old friend, someone who can comfort us, someone who is always there to make us feel happy. After all sugar will never stand us up, sugar never argues back, and sugar will always taste sweet. But what’s that old saying….

“…for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

Yes yes he does and the worst thing of all… you don’t even know it’s there and without realising it you and your family are probably well exceeding your sugar limit (6 tsps women, 9 tsps men).

Let me just blow you mind for a second… think about those 2 sugars in your morning coffee, think about that big dollop of sweet chilli sauce at lunch, think about that sneaky chocolate bar before dinner, think about that can of coke to keep you going. How much sugar, add it up, what do you reckon? Well for a start that can of coke contains over 9 tsps of sugar. That little bar of Dairy milk has 6.25 tbsps,  you get the picture.

And that’s only the things we KNOW are bad… what about all the other little things. When you start checking ingredients, it’s literally MIND BLOWING!

Ok, now onto the factsheet… because no doubt you need hard proof iF you’re gonna give up your best bud sugar… so here we go, why is sugar bad:

It makes us fat…. and yes, in the words of Bridget Jones,  I will always be just a little bit fat, but I’m talking about ‘obesity’ and THAT is dangerous.

It causes heart disease….sugar literally helps to damage the lining of your blood vessels, what a bastard!

Sugar has a way of suppressing your immune system…WHAT! It’s literally trying to kill you!

Sugar has an empty soul meaning it literally gives your body NOTHING.  Sugar also enjoys taking away valuable stuff such as zinc, magnesium, potassium and chromium, all the good stuff we have!

Bad bacteria LOVES sugar so it really is your guts worst energy… think yeast infections, autoimmune disorders, arthritis to name but a few.

Type 2 diabetes… yeah yeah we know the drill…but did you know that it can lead to cancer, coronary heart disease and strokes.

Sugar is ADDICTIVE. Meaning it makes you want it, even when you don’t REALLY want it and definitely don’t need it.

So now we can all see sugar for the devil it is… let’s see how we can move on with our lives and be the healthy goddesses we all know we are.


  • Smoothies: They are literally like the ‘get out of jail free’ card for kicking cravings and keeping your appetite satisfied. There’s a million different kinds, find what you love and get blending!
  • Bananas: Like them or not they offer a great energy and sugar fix. They are also amazing in smoothies, especially protein smoothies…My fav is unsweetened almond milk,  bananas,  cacao powder and organic peanut butter, that’s how I usually start the day.
  • Labels: this is the best way to check your sugar intake, because companies love to sneak sugar in wherever they can! After all… it’s addict, which means you’ll keep coming back for their products! Peanut butter, sauces, milk alternatives, cereal bars, sugar loves to hide in supposedly healthy places.
  • Fruit: pineapple, grapes, mango those super sweety fruits really give you the boost you need. If my family or friends are tucking into treats I have my own stash of fruit and cheese at the ready!
  • Drink green tea: for those who are wanting to loose weight in addition to cutting sugar, green tea is a wonderful way to reduce cravings and for many people it helps to loose weight.
  • Diary: Eating a little more diary really helped me, cheese and fruit are a really satisfying thing and also butter on toast, it stoped me wanting cake!
  • Visualisation: this was really good for me… visualising chocolate, cakes and sweets in a VERY negative way stops you wanting them! I imagined them making me feel sick, hurting my teeth and picturing all that oiling, sugary crap that they are made of.  It’s a good idea to check the indigents in your favourite ‘bad’ foods but beware it REALLY puts you off them!
  • Eat more: you’ll feel more hungry so always make sure you have nice snacks (nuts, cheese, fruits, smoothies, sandwich, shakes, sugar free cakes) eating little and often is the best way.

Finally I must tell you after a few weeks with 0 added sugar (not even honey, agave syrup etc) I felt pretty amazing.

My brain felt clearer, my skin was gooood, a cavity that was hurting before just stopped and in general I felt less mood swings and less tired! So a pretty big payoff for quitting sugar.

I’m going to do a month and then I’ll probably add agave syrup again, as the only thing I’m really missing is pancakes with bacon and agave nectar!

Have you given added sugar the boot, I would LOVE to hear your story!

NOTE: When I say SUGAR I’m talking specifically about added sugar. Sugar that has been added in during the making process I AM NOT TAKING ABOUT NATURALLY OCCURRING SUGAR. Fruit has natural sugar and is amazing, so don’t think of them in the same light.


petite-words-instagram-mayMay was a pretty special month, I didn’t have anything planned, nothing in particular went down but it was an amazing month of calm clarity.

Several things happened: I got outside a lot, taking in the gorgeous street art of Bristol (sometimes I forget how cool this city is!). I laid on the grass reading in the sunshine (good to top up the vitamin c) and I got busy making stuff, from trying out news paints to experimenting with smoothie recipes, getting my hands dirty ALWAYS gives my soul a good stretch!

I also cut myself a mini fringe which I never imagined would look good, but it did and I wouldn’t be without it now. I’ve also taken a step back from work, creating things as they come and generally going at a slower pace… because I’m always in such a beehive rush to push projects out and I can make myself crazed in the process. So taking time this month to invest in my mental and physical wellbeing has worked wonders.

This month I’ve also said good riddance to sugar and I’m not sure if my new found calmness has anything to do with that… we will see!

I hope you’ve have a magical May too!? Are we following each other on Instagram? Come and find me …..

Finally, each month I’m going to add a mantra in the name of self growth and all that stuff! So here goes….May’s Mantra :

Slow down, kick back,  breathe and take in the scenery because the ‘stuff’ will still be there when the sun goes down.


Petite Posters Are Here! Limited Edition.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 18.35.48Inspiration.

We need it. We need it everyday! We need it in our homes, we need it in our offices, we really just need to have something lovely and motivational to kick start our day, for when we’re doing the dishes or putting the little ones to bed. It’s not a luxury,  it’s essential!

So I’m very excited to share with you my new Petite Prints! They’re  small, so they can fit in anywhere and they aim to give you that essential  boost of inspiration that everybody must have.

Petite Prints are for a limited time only and at a very special price of £8.99. Come and have a nosy in my Etsy shop and grab your own little slice of inspiration!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.59.19

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.28.42

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 18.32.01


My Fav REAL PEOPLE instagrammers


Instagram is a place of inspiration, well sometimes, well actually no…sometimes it just makes us feel inadequate, messy and like we really don’t have our shit together! And yo can read more about that here: Instagram: Inspiring Or Just Making Us Feel Like Shit!

BUT fear not….I have found the gems, the great super woman that are keeping it real and far from making us feel crappy with their sparkly faces and not so messy buns, they are inspiring up with REAL life ! These are my Fav REAL People Instagrammers.

gypsynspice: This new mama is truly WOW, her openness about life has made me cry on more than one occasion because she asks the question’s we’re sometimes too shy to ask and she does so half naked, feeding her baby in a flower tiara, what a goddess!

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 22.38.59

KRISTINROGERS: This homeschooling mama is keeping it real. I loved her videos where she was showed people around her house, highlighting just how dirty it really is and how pictures can totally hide that. 100 points for honesty! A star!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 13.21.42

omgkenzieeeSo much respect for this lady, she really puts herself out there. Love your rolls, embrace your stretch marks, she shows us that beauty is not plastic, beauty comes from being REAL.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 23.25.09

GEMMA_MARIN: I’m a big fan of this Spanish mama living in L.A. Famous for her bump dancing, she really has an incredible energy! she shares her story in a very natural and warm way, she even uploaded her birth video to insta which unfortunately got pulled down due to her being a bit naked. It is such a powerful video that really shows how natural and instinctive birth can be.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.15.34

WILLITLOOKGOODONMETHO : These 2 gals are amazatron! They try out the new makeup and fashion trends to see what is looks like on a real person!  Because lets be honest does blue lipstick really work for anyone? And what an amazing job they’re doing.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 15.11.06

BADDIEWINKLE :This 88 year old superstar is a true asset to instagram! Legendary for her pink, fluffy lycra style, she is a rainbow bubble of inspiration!

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 23.40.51

bodyposipanda: This shining star is all about promoting positive body image. I love the unglossed pictures of beauty and how she empowers woman  all over the world.. This is a message we really need to embrace!

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 15.15.48

PINKSCHARMING: This British mama has her fair share of pretty pictures, but she also inspires me with her little real life snippets: her daughters misshapen gingerbread people, inspiring notes on life or Organic makeup that really works. A lovely feed (:

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 23.32.22

JULIABERNHARDCOMICS: For when only cynicism will do! This hilarious illustrator, based in Germany always makes me laugh out loud with her bitter-sweet observations on life! This is one of my absolute fav pics.


I hope you get some well deserve insta-ration. Am please let me know your most inspiring instagrammers! I absolutely can’t wait to know. And if they inspire me too, I’d love to add them to the list!


Time Is OURS… let’s take it back!


Jolly Cake time picture aside the other day was far from a cake walk….I just cried, I cried because time tick tocked by and seemed to just  laugh in my face at all the plans I had… “As if you have time to do that all!” cackled Time. And so I cried a bit more.

Has that ever happened to you? What a silly question, I’m almost certain it has, and if you’re very unlucky it may happen on a daily basis!

Because you know what… our current system IS flawed, but have you ever stopped to think just how bad it is and how much it’s effecting YOUR life?

Look at an average persons week: working 40 hours (the U.K average)  adding on a commute, 54 minutes each way (the U.K average) plus getting ready in the mornings, that’s over 55 hours spent being the WORKER YOU! Not being YOU because YOU are not your job, but being a YOU that’s doing a certain role, for a certain company that you may or may not loathe.

And I guess the rest of the time you’re sleeping? Well, that is, unless you have a child or a life, a family, a husband, friends, where do they all fit in?

And what if your trying to better yourself, you’re writing a book, maybe your a blogger, perhaps you’re trying to set up a company, you’re moving house, you’re pregnant. Or what if times are hard, you’re suffering from depression, you’re  going through a divorce, someone in your family is terminally ill, you’re having to take another part time job. These are things that real people are going through every day.

You can quickly see just how easy it is to become a shell….. a ghost of a person, someone who goes through the motions of life, having no time to really relish any of life’s happiness. Wow, do I sound bitter, but I’m not, not anymore…

Yes, I’ve done 12 hours days and silly commute times and I’ve felt sheer momentous exhaustion before, one where you don’t know whether to eat, sleep or shower first. And you know what, I could never EVER do it again. Even for a million pounds and I mean that.

Because I had NO time, NO energy left to be me, Charlotte…. just to sit down and chat with my partner, to go for a coffee with their parents, no time for my writing, no time for watching anime, no time for drawing, no time for eBay shopping and reading articles… I don’t like ‘no time’ for that stuff. Time in mine! And re-connecting with people, and yourself takes time.

So now, I feel exceptionally lucky to work from home and work for myself, because demanding and stressful as it can be, it is totally mine, my schedule is my own. And there’s something really special about that.

So this post for everyone who hates their job, who sighs and almost cries when their alarm goes off, who can’t even find time to read a book or do their 15 mins yoga workout,  who feels sick to their stomach every Sunday night.

To you I say….Time is yours…. let’s take back time. Money is money, a job IS a job, but ultimately we make the choice, we shape our own lives and sometimes we forget that. Even if it seems like you have no choice and find yourself saying “Well, it’s all right for them…” STOP. Think…. why are you really doing what you’re doing and is it really worth it?

Is the world going to crumble if you don’t bake a cake for the school’s cake sale, will it be armageddon if you don’t clean the house for one more day, and well all hell break loose if you don’t attend Annalouise’ birthday party? No? Didn’t think so.

YOU deserve happiness, not just at weekends, but everyday and to be happy in your job, in the life you lead.

And because there really IS nothing more important in life than happiness and healthiness and if your lacking in either of these then something has GOT to change.

Wishing you health and happiness always!