Goodbye Social Media, Hello LIFE.


Instagram makes me feel small.

It disrupts the flow of my daily life and it steals away my ‘now’,  it stops me from being present.

This is why I’ve (almost) completely stopped using INSTAGRAM.

It may seem over the top, it may seem like an overreaction but I hope by the end of this post you’ll understand just how damaging social media, instagram in particular, is to our lives.

First, let me tell you why I started using INSTAGRAM.

My facebook was deleted last year, when I was posted too many controversial (REALLY!) articles and used the words ‘think for yourself and ‘open your mind’ too often, yes really facebook does monitor the specific words you use and labels you accordingly.

Anyho… glad to be away from FB I embrace the glorious community of open-minded goddesses on INSTAGRAM.  As a very visual person instagram suited me and I met some incredible women that truly helped my ascension process. I made amazing contacts and I hope I gave some inspiration back.

But then, one day…. I looked around to see I was moving away from that soft human space. My mind was twitchy, I would think in bed the night before about insta posts and possible photos that would be inspiring, beautiful, pretty. There I was  advocating our limitless potential as human beings, spending the word about organic living, natural beauty and truth and yet I was limiting my expression to a  tiny instagram box, an imaginary square.

A square that tells the insta world….

I am this.

I am my morning coffee in a cute personalised mug.

I am organic toothpaste.

I am a new sparkly crystal.

I am my tattered travel journal.

I am my acned forehead.

I am my bowl of blueberry porridge.

NO. I am not….because I am everything.

INSTAGRAM I cannot be pigeon holed into one of your soulless boxes. We are humans. It’s not in our nature to segment our day into bitesize ‘experiences’ to be judged and rated BY our fellow humans. It’s not in our nature to PAUSE to take photos constantly, to ignore our friends and family so we can reply to comments that stroke our ego or posts that make us jealous.

Frankly, I got to the stage where I felt my brain re-programming, it was snapping to guides in response to an IMAGINED self, rather than our REAL being….

I remember in the 90’s,  I was a child, before technology and social media infiltrated our daily lives. I remember being perfectly happy drinking a milkshake, riding my bike, seeing beautiful places, doing cool things….I didn’t NEED to tell the world, I didn’t need feedback from strangers, I didn’t need validation from others, I just ‘was’ and life was bloody great…


And so, that’s why I stopped using instagram, I stopped documenting my life. I said no to breaking my day into pieces to show the world. I stopped living to S H O W and started living to L I V E.



NOTE: I have left my insta page up because without any social media I would never reach all my blogger pals. And this discussion would never see the light of day, sadly.


Petite Mission 3: The Power of Softness

Hello to you wonderful goddesses (or gods!)

This week I’m talking about S O F T N E S S and how being gentle and kind is a freaking powerful weapon of wonder. Try it for yourself, it’s WOW.

And you know how much I LOVE your comments and questions, DO reach out and say HELLO.

Sending much love your way, until next time!

Petite Mission 2: How to find your true beauty!


Today I’m talking about BEAUTY…. because for many of us beauty is a bit like wrestling an oily piglet… it’s a struggle.

We all want to feel beautiful, we all want to feel GOOD…. but unfortunately the media don’t want that… if you felt good all the time there would be no need to buy the latest fashion accessories or dip dye your hair the latest shade of grey or buy that new orange lipstick…. it seems beauty is a big secret only the young, fashion following ‘people’ who live in the pages of glossy magazines.

But truly, and I never lie…. the real beauty is US…. It’s in ALL of us.

I dare you to do this now…. stop reading and go to the mirror and just look. Look deep into the mirror and think of the loveliest thing in the world and S M I L E, a big beaming, sparkle smile…..


If you can’t see, then you need to keep doing that, keep doing it every day until you’re not blind anymore. You are so wonderfully beautiful, you are YOU and that is your greatest, most beautiful power.

Because…. a person that has soul (which we all do, even if it’s a little tattered or lost) will shine, will radiate beauty.

It has nothing to do with age, fashion or cultures, beauty IS Beauty.

So click play and watch me talking about how amazing you are, because you bloody well are!

I started these ‘mini missions’ as much for myself as to help others.  It’s incredibly therapeutic to voice your thoughts… talking to yourself works, you should give a try! You’ll be amazed at how crystal clear things become. Here’s the full collection of P E T I T E   M I S S I O N S …I hope you find some inspiration, you deserve it!

Petite Mission 1: Stop Fighting The Battle

 H E R E   W  G O…..

…kicking off my new series of  P E T I T E   M I S S I O N S … these are little snippets of thought for us all to discuss. They are my life missions and ideas which I feel need to be brought to the surface. This is my bright, open space where I hope we can all bounce ideas of one another and share life affirming ideas that brighten our days!

So please reach out and message me because it’s all about opening up and sharing… I absolutely love to hear you thoughts!