The Organic Beauty products I swear by…


I don’t know about you but this spring/ summer has been a pretty hectic! And when you’re that bumble bee busy there’s certain things we can take for granted… for me it’s Organic beauty…. As you may or may not know a few years ago I embarked on a quest to banish toxics and chemicals from my beauty regime, here’s a little vlog about why I switched to organic.

And for a long time it was a struggle to find good organic beauty brands, but no more!  I would have shared these little beauties sooner but you know, life and all that. So these are the little lovelies that keep me coming back for more. They’re all organic, safe and simply gorgeous.


This beauty really ‘sorts’ my frizzy haystack out. Smells delicious and a little goes a looooong way.

2. Georganics Remineralising Toothpaste Spearmint 60ml 

I’ve been on the pure pastes for a while now (NOTE: Regular toothpastes and FULL of nasties) but I love this brand, a lovely whipped consistency and delicate taste.

3. Ooh! – Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil 30ml

Face cream went out the window last year, for me it’s all about the facial oils. I have combo skin, but who knew oils just work! (NOTE: This oil is great for fine lines and doubles up as a good primer if you wear powder).


This is my GO TO product for spots, scratches , basically anything red and blotchy gets a dab of this with warm water. It’s Ammmmmmazing, forget savlon etc, this is the stuff.


Organic lipstick can be tricky, so when I found this one with such amazing stay power, smells floral and sweet and a wow colour, yippee! The whole collection is amazing.

6.Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara – Black Tea

This is my favouite mascara ever, may not be for everyone, it’s more natural and it’s not waterproof but it’s just the right side of sticky that is sculpts your lashes really well.

Ok so that’s all my favs, how about you…..Do you DO organic, no chemical beauty? As always I’d love to hear you thoughts, ma ears are open!

Until next time!

:-) Petite <3

Make Your Hair Go Boom!


As my readers know I have a real love hate relationship with my hair. By that I mean I love my hair, I don’t burn it, don’t throw chemicals on it and in return it just hates me!

Anyway on my great quest to find the golden hairbrush I came across a total haircare wizard called JOHN MASTERS. I love ALL his products from his Apricot & Rose Hair Milk to his Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo (please do read my fabulous reviews) but today I’m talking about this one… John Master’s Organic Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment. It’s a herbal spritz that you spray into the roots of your hair and just wait for the magic to happen.

Ok, it doesn’t literally make your hair go BOOM but it really goes tantalise the roots and bring your hair to life. Among it’s many wonderfully natural ingredients are things like Irish moss, burdock root, papaya, chamomile, nettle, so you can imagine the divine smell, a real herbal stew. It has a fresh, very light consistency which leaves 0 residue on the hair. If anything it helped my usually greasy roots. You just massage and leave in wet hair.

What an amazing product, especially for people with thin hair and unlike most of the John Master’s styling products this one’s available in miniature, with a pretty cute price of £7.00.

I’d love to know you’re organic haircare routine!? Leave a comment below!


John Masters: The Wizard OF FABULOUS HAIR!


Introducing my new pal JOHN MASTERS. To call him a ‘Master’ is an understatement, he is a true wizard of hair! Working his magic with each gorgeous potion. Every bottle is brimming with natural herbs and scented wonders, things like ‘aloe vera leaf juice’ and ‘nettle root extract’, the kind of concoctions you’d never dare to put together, but they work!

Hair care is a science, after all and dare I say it, this shampoo has finally got it right.

John Masters has such a wide range of treats to choose from, and without really knowing WHAT my hair IS (as I’ve previously explained my hair resembles a ‘crimped’ terrier and that’s probably being a bit harsh on the terrier) so in the end I played it safe and opted for NORMAL HAIR.

But THIS shampoo is far from normal, it had my locks soft and tamed, with not a terrier in site.

And yes it’s pricey, IT IS. But if you wash you hair once or twice a week the  a bottle of shampoo last what, 3/4 months!?  So is £17 really that damaging?

Well, I’ll tell you what IS damaging, the nasty little shampoos sold in all are favourite shops and supermarkets…. some of them even dare to call themselves ‘NATURAL’ when they’re technically a bottle of toxic waste. CHEMICALS people are surrounding us and so John Masters shines down like a beacon of hope. And yes there are a lot of super Organic brands out there and I’m not affiliated with John Masters in any way, but I just REALLY love their all their products and want to spread the word…..

ORGANIC BEAUTY IS THE WAY FORWARD. Forget the chemicals, here’s to healthy happy hair!

Facial Oils ROCK!

ooh-heaven-oils-petite-words-organic-beautyI’ve lost my glow. Oh no!

Sound familiar? Glow, the glow, that glow, what is that glow anyway, who knows, all I know is my face seems to have misplaced it and I’d quite like it back.

Enter Ooh Heaven! Facial Oils. Now I’m not affiliated with Ooh Heaven! in any way, it really is just a wonder product that I’ve found and what to shout from the rooftops about. In particular, Ooh Heaven Organic Argan Oil for moisture retention. It is pure liquid ‘glow’ in a bottle. I don’t make a habit of giving rave reviews but this stuff is just too good not to share.

My skin, which was once acne prone has changed pretty drastically in the last few years, call it stress, ageing, city living, for whatever reason my skin is now pretty dry, blotchy and epically failing in the glow department.

So after hearing so much about ‘facial oils’ I decided to give them a whirl.

I was pretty sceptical, I failed to see how slopping oil all over your face could help anything, surely your already temperamental skin would erupt into a million volcanos just to spite you. But wow am I glad I tried, I guess that’s the thing,  you really never know until you try.

Still not convinced? Here’s 5 things that I love about facial oil:

It feels luxurious: You put it on before bed (obviously not in the day as it doesn’t work with makeup) and you feel like your spa-ing it up a fancy hotel. Butler, champagne please! Don’t you just love that feeling.

It leaves a great finish: My skin hasn’t felt this soft and fresh for years and makeup seems to go on much better the morning after wearing facial oil.

A little goes a long way: It may be a little expensive, but you only need a few drops per night, you do the math.

It changes your completion: Really really, I literally feel like my skintone is much more even after just a week of using the oil.

It balances your skin: Far from making it too oily, it cleanses and clarifies it and seems to just KNOW what you skin needs. Pretty magic stuff.

Thoughts about facial oil? I’d LOVE to know, leave a comment pretty please!

Organic Beauty: Farewell Static Hair & Winter Skin!

organic-beauty-reviews-petite-wordsAutumn is lovely isn’t it, not freezing but just that refreshing nip that makes your home that bit more cosy and your hot chocolate that bit more tasty! That said, one thing I don’t like about this colder weather is the static hair and the dry patchy skin, not a good look!

But do not fear, I’ve found some lovely organic products that will sooth that Autumnal edge and see you thought until Spring  !

Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo 200ml, £5.96 It’s a long quest, to find a good organic shampoo. But finally a winner! This shampoo leaves my frizzy dry hair, shiny, clean and quenched and all at a great price!

Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash 200ml, £7.95 Sometimes I find the best solution to dry skin is not just a lotion but a more nourishing body wash or special soap. So this is a lovely product, with a truly divine scent, can never get enough of roses! And it really has a lovely creamy consistency, that soften and nourishes tired, dry skin.

John Masters Rose & Apricot Hair Milk, £25 Loved this product so much I’ve done a whole blogpost on it! This is the stuff, it really transforms frizzy hair and smells like Turkish delight, I’m a little bit in love.

Weleda Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk 200ml, £8.95 Isn’t it wonderful, when you come home, soaked or icy cold and jump in the bath, ahhhhh, but sometimes I feel something is missing, this creamy lavender milk is the perfect addition to your bath,  so reeeeelaxing.

LOGONA HAIRSPRAY SILKY LUSTRE 150 ML, £9.12 The first organic hairspray I’ve ever used, I actually bought it for my wedding day as I don’t usually use hairspray but it’s so great, I use it as a daily styler! it smells like nectar, literally, with its floral and honey notes and sits lightly on your hair, no sticky feeling. And it has a great hold. Well done Logona, brilliant product!

Have you found any exciting new Organic products? I’d love to know !


John Masters- The Master Of Taming Frizz


I have troll hair, there I said it, please don’t tell my hair, it will probably just make things worst.

So what does it mean to have ‘troll’ hair, well, it means frizz, and frizz that doesn’t go away. And it’s not even self inflicted frizz, I never dye my hair or use curlers/ straightens, what can I say, I just got the frizz gene. And of course both my parents have beautiful curly mains, but mine is that feral kind of hair, not straight, not curly, just a wild mess, and not in the sexy way, no no, hell no.

Anyway, it’s been a long quest, believe me when I say I’ve tried everything! From homemade remedies to the creme de la creme of Organic haircare, because it’s got to be natural, baby I was born this way and chemicals on you hair are no joke.

So I’ve finally found something that makes my hair less ‘Stig of the dump’ and more ‘glossy bedhead’, I can live with that.  John Master Rose & Apricot Hair Milk is a pretty special potion, with the faint aroma of Turkish delight, it rests lightly on your hair, yet nourishes deep into each tress, the perfect combination for easily to get greasy, frizzy hair.

And yes, the £25 price tag might be a little hefty but in my opinion it’s worth it and (in the words of some very none Organic sillies) ‘I’m worth it’!

Do you have annoying troll hair? How do you wrestle your untamed lion main? Love to hear from you!

Cleaner Teeth The Organic Way


Teeth are important, aren’t they. It’s your smile, the first thing people usually notice and the gateway to the rest of your body. So if you’re teeth aren’t healthy they could be causing your body all kinds of problems!

And we’d all love to have a gleaming white smile, but that doesn’t always mean healthy teeth and gums. Chemical pastes, abrasive whiting, and nasties like bleach may give you white teeth but could do major, often irreparable damage to your nashers.

So first things first here’s a little list highlighting the toxics to look out for, because chances are your toothpaste has at least 1 of them, even your kid’s toothpaste!

Fluoride a truly horrendous chemical that’s been linked to all kinds of mental health issues and problems with brain function, seriously toxic stuff. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) many reasons not to use this but for a start it’s a pesticide, used to kill insects and plants (put it in my mouth, uh no thanks) and its corrosive (on my teeth! Hell no!).  Aspartame yes the nasty little sweeter which has been band in so many soft drinks due to links with Alzheimer’s disease and birth defects, not exactly something you’d want in your toothpaste! Microbeads which are essentially teeny tiny plastic beads, mostly used in body scrubs and whitening pastes, as the beads exfoliate and then go directly into your body, yes that’s right, you have plastic in you body! It goes down the drain as well and because the beads are so small they can’t be filtered out so those beads end up in the ocean, and you know that juicy piece of fish you’re about to eat, yes, that’s probably where the microbeads have ended up. Green Peace are working really hard to band them, with our helpDiethanolamine (DEA) is another horrible toxin that goes directly into skin and causes bladder, esophagus, liver and stomach cancer, hard to believe it’s in a toothpaste, but it is, just check the packet of most big brands. Propylene Glycol is a mineral oil (which in itself has huge links to premature ageing) and can be found in paint enamel, antifreeze and other products you wouldn’t dream of using on your skin, let alone in your mouth, also links to organ system toxicity.

Yuck right, so what to do, well luckily there are loads to amazing organic and chemical free toothpastes out there and you could even try making your own! Here’s a super simple recipe from Food Renegade if you fancy giving it a whirl.

No on to my personal dental routine. My teeth may not be pearly white, but they’re pretty good and I’ve had more compliments from my dentist that EVER before, which is something to be proud of. I’ve also banished my tooth sensitivity, definitely something to smile about!

My Dental Regime:

Lanes Sarakan Original Salvadora Toothpaste £2.85

My fav natural toothpaste and I’ve tried a lot, it’s also one of the cheapest! It uses extract of Salvadora persica a.k.a the toothbrush tree, which has been naturally cleaning teeth for centuries. I’ve never had a cleaner teeth feeling. Really is wonderful stuff and although it doesn’t have the regular mint taste, it really is pleasant and you quickly get used to it. Mint pastes feel sickly to me now!

Weleda Salt Toothpaste, £3.98

I used to get a lot of mouth ulcers, so I started using this paste every other day, as an extra, because salt is naturally antibacterial and leaves my gums feeling really healthy.

Groovy Food Virgin Coconut Oil, £4.99

I use this as a mouthwash, a teaspoon in my mouth quickly turns to a liquid and you can swish it around, after a few minutes your teeth are super clean and shiny. And used everyday you can definitely see a whiting effect. It also seals gums, which is a big WIN for dental hygiene!

I hope you’ve been inspired to to change your dental regime to a safer and cleaner one! If you’d like to learn more this site was really helpful. I’d also love to hear about any new organic products you’re loving, get in touch below and happy smiling…


Shhhhh It’s A Secret (Face Cream)

balance-me-cream-review-petite-wrods*********TOP SECRET*******
Here’s a little secret, I’ve done it, I gone and found the perfect face cream for combination skin.  And it’s Organic (of course!).

Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream is sensational. I’m not being sponsored to write this post, I haven’t been given a load of free Balance Me products, I’m just passionate about Organic beauty and want people to know where the good stuff is!

My skin before: slight acne scaring, oily t zone, puffy, dry and occasional red blotches.

My skin after: soft (I mean pure silk), spot free (no break outs for months), no dry red patches, a nice smooth even skin tone.

And it’s natural, safe and chemical free. And yes it’s £24.00 (though that’s actually cheaper than many chemical creams) but considering it lasts you 3-4 months it’s 100% worth the money. If you buy one organic product make this it!

Bye for now! And remember it’s a secret, just for you lovely people.

Summer Essentials (The Organic Way!)

Summer-organic-beauty-petite-wordsHello summer sweeties! Can you believe summer is almost here, we’ve have our taste of the tropics here in England, so I’m getting ready to welcome summer with my ‘Top Summer Essential’ the Organic way (of course)!

First off, if you’re anything like me sunshine means pink cheeks, hat on and suncream…But for years we’ve all been doing it wrong! Did you know almost all suncream has chemical filers and or hazardous toxics, even the ‘baby proof’ ones! So, actually the safest was is to be bare, stay in the shade and just peep your head out and greet the sun for 10 minutes every day, so you get all the Vit D you need. However, sometimes that’s no possible/ we want to be out more. So,  if you’re not already using Organic sun cream, you can get all the info you need here! My personal favourite ThinkBaby Sunscreen 50+ £9.75 non toxic, smells divine and it works!

Next summer essential… introducing the new super deodorant, it last forever, well a year or 2,  it’s hygienic and again IT WORKS! Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant (unscented) £3.49 travel size, a non toxic way to stay dry.

Now this is something exciting, for years I searched for an Organic BB cream with enough coverage for acne scars yet light enough to feel fresh and here you go Green People Age Defy+ Tinted Moisturiser £32.40 you’re welcome. You will love it, and in my humble opinion it’s worth the dosh.

Summer skin needs good loving and this richly moisturising, heavenly scented Pacifica Island Vanilla Body Butter £14.95 is perfect. The sweet delights of summer  wrapped up in a tube. Pacifica have all kinds of gorgeous fragrances, Persian rose is my everyday fav (which all all natural by the way, so it won’t irritate your skin like manmade fragrance does).

My last summer essential is Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip balm £3.69.  All those ice creams, salt water and sun can leave your lips in need to love and this lip balm delivers a big boost of moisture to restore your kisser to its natural loveliness.

What are your summer essentials? I’d love to know!

Organic Products I’m Loving

I always love trying new organic products, especially ones that smell as divine as these. You’ve love these scented treats…

A face full of roses. If you like the feel to literally sticking you head in a bouquet of scented roses you will adore this cream. If your skin reacts badly to any trace of essential oils this will not be good for you, but I have pretty delicate skin and my face has been pretty pleased with this one. It’s just light enough for day, yet nourishing enough for dry patchy skin. Downside is it comes in tiny tubes, and comes out a little to quick but I’m in fool in love and have just ordered another 2 tubes!

This soap is a legend in the organic world, so I won’t say much, just that it cleans, cleanses and loves you skin effortless. Rose and almond are my two fav scents. Dr Bronner really is the best organic soap.

I’d ran out of my favourite toothpaste ‘Sarakan’ which is epic and basically makes your teeth cleaner than anything else plus it’s totally natural. However, in the spirit of being a beauty guinea pig and knowing that Sarakan Toothpaste is not to everyone, some don’t like it because it’s not  minty. So I gave Green People a bash, as I love their brand already. And this toothpaste did deliver. It has a great taste, much softer than leading (non-natural) brands, but it felt like it did nourish my teeth and left me with a fresh clean feeling. And while it didn’t tickle my fancy as much as my usual brand I thought it was worth a mention.Fluoride is nasty people, and they stick it in almost all toothpastes! So, this is a great alternative for someone looking to switch to a natural paste whilst not loosing the minty frothiness I know so many of you love.

Last month I went to Fuerteventura, a land of sand dunes and goats! There (it’s a paradise by the way) I totally fell for Goat’s milk soap. Inspired by Cleopatra, who bathed everyday in fresh goat’s milk I bought a whole bundle of these soaps. Sorry beauties theses are not available in the U.K but I’m sure there’s lots of great goat’s milk products out there. They all had difference scents, but each one as wonderfully nourishing, sensitive enough to use of my face and left my skin really hydrated. Hubby wasn’t so pleased, he detests goat’s in any shape or form and didn’t even try the soap for fear he may attract other goats, yes for real. Anyway, goat’s milk has alpha-hydroxy and caprylic acids – natural materials that remove dead skin cells leaving behind radiant new ones. So it’s definitely something to look in to and I’ll certainly be adding a pint of it to my next bath, despite the danger of a goat attack!

What beauty delights are you loving? I’m waiting to hear you beauty calls, do drop me a comment !