Screw You Fashion! How-To Find YOUR Own Style…

sunshine-fashion-style-quote-be-you-unique-petite-wordsOnce upon a time I was a voguer, bitten by the Carrie Bradshaw bug I was a teen obsessed with fashion. And I dreamt of being a Fashion Journalist.

But luckily I grew up (don’t worry, not that much), I realised it was all a big pile of pretentious HOO-HA.

I mean, think about it, fashion trends come and go so fast, that you could be perfectly fashionable at breakfast only to be a total fashion faux par by lunchtime. How can anyone keep up with that?

But also,  why on earth would you want to, because if you really look at fashion it’s pretty DAM RIDICULOUS, let’s be honest. The shapes that cut all which ways, the styles that sag too much here and pinch too much there, the patterns that make us dizzy,  the colours that make us pasty, I just don’t get it.

And it’s ironic, because I remember as a kid in school everyone loathed wearing school uniform and hated looking the same as everyone else. So when we grew up, we strove to be unique and individual in our style, and so we followed trends that told us they were ‘quirky’ or ‘off-beat. But then we all ended up looking the same because…

Fashion is the most widely worn uniform in the world. 
Now you start to understand the term ‘SLAVE TO FASHION’!

And if we look back through fashion’s history WHO do we admire, who do idolise? The conformists? The people in uniform? NO! We admire men and women who pushed the boundaries of what was accepted, who made a stand, who invented something new. CoCo Chanel for example, in a time when everyone was all feathers and ruffles, she tore down the gaudy facade and intrigued the world with her simplicity, her elegance, the likes of which had never been seen. All of these iconic fashion figures stood for more than just ‘trends’ they were TIMELESS they were UNIQUE.

So do WE really want to be told what to wear? Excuse me, but I take orders from nobody,  I’m not a ‘off the rack’ kinda gal and I’m betting you aren’t either.

I believe in MY style. The kind of style that everyone can afford and that we can all make our own.

So here goes… 5 Tips to take back the GODDESS within:

  1. OWN IT: Be the girl who wears sunshine. Even the most stunning girl in the most gorgeous dress isn’t going anywhere without that LIGHT that sparkle. That sparkle is something  us amazing people have and can flip out at any moment, we got the power! So always remember a smile and some sass are the best accessories a girl can have.
  2. COLOUR: For some reason vibrant colours seem banned in the winter months, which actually makes me wear even more colour than usual, just out of pure rebellion. I mean since when did black suit everyone? I know it’s a sliming colour but actually black washes most people out. And it’s a fact that colour is a mood enhancer, just think about that. So, experiment, find the shades that suit you best and you’ll be amazed at how great you look.
  3. OLD IS THE NEW NEW: It’s lovely to treat yourself to a few key pieces now and then but when I’m trying to pull in the purse strings I find eBay and charity shops have some wonderful stuff, quality brands and quirky pieces that you just wouldn’t find on the high street. Also remember that not all designer brands are quality,  sometimes you’re just paying for the pretentious label.
  4. COMFORT: From the crazy that designed stiletto heels to the madman that came up with drainpipe jeans, these people are not of this world and have clearly never seen a human body. We must remember that comfort= happiness. And comfort doesn’t mean Bridget Jones pants and sloppy joe hoodies, being comfortable is about understanding your body’s shape and wearing clothes and shoes that make YOU feel amazing, not suffocated, not pained because that’s are never a good look!
  5. TRENDS: Finally, always remember TRENDS are a marketing tool designed to help you spend your hard earned money. Most of them won’t actually suit our bodies or make us feel good about ourselves. Remember that.

So here’s to us feeling wonderful about ourselves, to opening up our style possibilities and being free of the fashion restraints. May your style goddess run wild!

UPDATE: By popular demand ‘Dress Yourself In Sunshine’ is now available in Print form! Click here.


It’s all about the details…

I’ve always believed life is about the little things, the small details and my idea of fashion is much the same. I don’t follow trends, I don’t much care about what’s ‘hot’ right now, I just do my own thing, right down to every little quirk, my fashion is my own. So this month I’m sharing my top styling details, so that you might be inspire to share yours too, after all, our unique quirks are precious, they make us who we are, definitely something to celebrate!

The Penny Pinched Wedding Dress Of My Dreams!


Every little girl dreams of her wedding dress. Well at least that’s what they say, though to be honest I was too busy building dens and washing my barbies hair to worry about such grow up details.

But when the day finally came, to pick out a wedding dress I was surprisingly excited! Hours were spent scrolling through pages of white gowns, full skirts, silky skirts, long skirts, fitted skirts, beaded bodices, embodied bodices, sleeves, no sleeves, it’s enough to make you bridal head spin!


But wow did I find the dress, oh my dress, the dress to make all dresses stare. I really did feel like a princess and why not, a bride (and of course the groom) should feel like a million bucks, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a million bucks. My dress was bought on Etsy for £420. A cheerfully  cheap price you may think, off the hanger you may think, but no it was specially designed and made to order, so it’s a one of a kind dress. And if I had purchased it in bridal boutique it would have been 3 or 4 times more expensive! So how? How did I end up with this beautiful custom made dress for under £500? Here are my top tips for buying a stunning dress on a budget and completing the look for tuppence!

  • Try before you buy! Before you even think about spending on a dress take your mama or a pal and visit some bridal shops. Try on all kinds of dresses, different styles and fabrics, that way you can know how it’s going to feel on, for example you really wanted a big cupcake dress, but after trying one on and plodding around in the sheer weight of it, you opt for a different style. It’s the only way to truly get the feel of a style, quite literally. Plus it’s super fun trying on all the dresses and being told repeatedly that you look like a princess, that never grows old!
  • Always buy online. eBay, Etsy etc, as a big online buyer I highly recommend it, you can save big big bucks and not compromise on quality, because who wants to do that! However,  beware, don’t just delve right it, read all reviews first, get a rave reviewed designer, make sure the fabric looks quality, there’s a lot of dreadful Chinese manufacturers, especially on Etsy, but some are great so just look carefully at the photos for high standard dress finishes and more luxury fabrics.
  • Measure EVERYTHING. Online dress makers usually ask for a lot of measurements, which is a good sign. The company that made my dress required about 20 different measurements, including nipple to nipple, OMG, but my dress did  fit like a slipper! Some also reccomend getting a tailor to do the measurements but my mama managed fine, just make sure you follow their measuring guidelines.
  • Do your own hair & makeup. I did mine myself as I only use organic cosmetics anyway and I didn’t want anything too technical. Also I don’t enjoy too much faffing, I find it more stressful than pampering, so I probably saved at least £100 doing it myself. It was a bit stressful relying on your own skill, but nothing a glass of champagne and some patience can’t fix.
  • Spend more on accessories. I think when you save so much on the dress you can afford to spend a little more on the accessories to richen the look.  I had a jewelled hairband (also from Etsy) custom made in Ukraine, which was a little pricey but exceptionally well made and really special. And remember, the dress you won’t wear again (well hopefully not! lol) but the headband and earrings (also from Etsy and came from Japan) you most definitely will. In fact I’m wearing the earnings right now!
  • Buy a budget veil. I kept mine on for all of 5 minutes,  handing it over to my mum when the veil lift was done! I think it cost about £8 from eBay and I literally couldn’t tell the difference between that and a designer one!  I mean it’s an ivory piece of mesh, how much do you really wanna pay for that!

I hope you find your own dream dress ! Read more about my quirky unique wedding that cost £7000 here.  And may LOVE be with you!