Screw You Fashion! How-To Find YOUR Own Style…

sunshine-fashion-style-quote-be-you-unique-petite-wordsOnce upon a time I was a voguer, bitten by the Carrie Bradshaw bug I was a teen obsessed with fashion. And I dreamt of being a Fashion Journalist.

But luckily I grew up (don’t worry, not that much), I realised it was all a big pile of pretentious HOO-HA.

I mean, think about it, fashion trends come and go so fast, that you could be perfectly fashionable at breakfast only to be a total fashion faux par by lunchtime. How can anyone keep up with that?

But also,  why on earth would you want to, because if you really look at fashion it’s pretty DAM RIDICULOUS, let’s be honest. The shapes that cut all which ways, the styles that sag too much here and pinch too much there, the patterns that make us dizzy,  the colours that make us pasty, I just don’t get it.

And it’s ironic, because I remember as a kid in school everyone loathed wearing school uniform and hated looking the same as everyone else. So when we grew up, we strove to be unique and individual in our style, and so we followed trends that told us they were ‘quirky’ or ‘off-beat. But then we all ended up looking the same because…

Fashion is the most widely worn uniform in the world. 
Now you start to understand the term ‘SLAVE TO FASHION’!

And if we look back through fashion’s history WHO do we admire, who do idolise? The conformists? The people in uniform? NO! We admire men and women who pushed the boundaries of what was accepted, who made a stand, who invented something new. CoCo Chanel for example, in a time when everyone was all feathers and ruffles, she tore down the gaudy facade and intrigued the world with her simplicity, her elegance, the likes of which had never been seen. All of these iconic fashion figures stood for more than just ‘trends’ they were TIMELESS they were UNIQUE.

So do WE really want to be told what to wear? Excuse me, but I take orders from nobody,  I’m not a ‘off the rack’ kinda gal and I’m betting you aren’t either.

I believe in MY style. The kind of style that everyone can afford and that we can all make our own.

So here goes… 5 Tips to take back the GODDESS within:

  1. OWN IT: Be the girl who wears sunshine. Even the most stunning girl in the most gorgeous dress isn’t going anywhere without that LIGHT that sparkle. That sparkle is something  us amazing people have and can flip out at any moment, we got the power! So always remember a smile and some sass are the best accessories a girl can have.
  2. COLOUR: For some reason vibrant colours seem banned in the winter months, which actually makes me wear even more colour than usual, just out of pure rebellion. I mean since when did black suit everyone? I know it’s a sliming colour but actually black washes most people out. And it’s a fact that colour is a mood enhancer, just think about that. So, experiment, find the shades that suit you best and you’ll be amazed at how great you look.
  3. OLD IS THE NEW NEW: It’s lovely to treat yourself to a few key pieces now and then but when I’m trying to pull in the purse strings I find eBay and charity shops have some wonderful stuff, quality brands and quirky pieces that you just wouldn’t find on the high street. Also remember that not all designer brands are quality,  sometimes you’re just paying for the pretentious label.
  4. COMFORT: From the crazy that designed stiletto heels to the madman that came up with drainpipe jeans, these people are not of this world and have clearly never seen a human body. We must remember that comfort= happiness. And comfort doesn’t mean Bridget Jones pants and sloppy joe hoodies, being comfortable is about understanding your body’s shape and wearing clothes and shoes that make YOU feel amazing, not suffocated, not pained because that’s are never a good look!
  5. TRENDS: Finally, always remember TRENDS are a marketing tool designed to help you spend your hard earned money. Most of them won’t actually suit our bodies or make us feel good about ourselves. Remember that.

So here’s to us feeling wonderful about ourselves, to opening up our style possibilities and being free of the fashion restraints. May your style goddess run wild!

UPDATE: By popular demand ‘Dress Yourself In Sunshine’ is now available in Print form! Click here.


Bewitching Iceland On A Beautiful Budget


Iceland….the land of ice and snow, a place so bewitching you’ll quite forget where you are in the universe. People, what people? Never mind them… You’re too busy looking at a mountain, yes another mountain but look at it, it’s so beautiful. You just look, drinking it all in, you’ve never felt so small, never felt so lucky to be alive and never felt so lucky to witness nature at its finest. That’s Iceland. It’s bloody brilliant! But it’s also really bloody expensive, I mean literally the most pricey place I have ever visited.


But…. we’ll forgive you Iceland, labour rates are high, VAT is high and importing is an expensive business.However, fulfilling as your scenery is, we are human beings and we kinda gotta eat and drink.

So, here’s how to DO Iceland on a BUDGET.

Travel Around. Iceland is not your typical holiday destination, it’s not set up for weekend getaways, staying in the city and day tripping around. You can’t just whip by and see the delights then bugger off. The public transport is, well, it just isn’t. It isn’t there! So, hire a car that way you’ll be free to stay in cheap digs, access all the supermarkets you want and really experience Iceland. Road tripping is the BEST and cheapest  way to see this gorgeous country in all its glory.

The Black Beaches at Vik

Forget the Tours. Horse riding, glacier hikes, there’re all wonderful BUT Iceland is a WOW country so tours  are not an essential part of a holiday. You can totally come to Iceland and pay to see nothing, just as nature intended!

Don’t bother with Reykjavik. I sound a bit mean saying that and you are a very cute little ‘city’ (cough cough town) and yes it’s the capital but really, who visits Iceland for the bright lights and night clubs?! Not that Reykjavik is very well endowed in that department anyway. I’m not sure, maybe I just missed the show,  but all I saw was an amazing church (that really was worth seeing), some cute cafes and a lot of overpriced shops and restaurants. Not Iceland at it’s best, good for a stopover but don’t bother hanging around.

Bring Booze. You’re on holiday, everywhere is the middle of nowhere in Iceland. And you can no longer buy alcohol in the supermarkets, you’ve got to visit special liquor stores called Vinbudin.  I learnt my lesson the hard way… The bday girl who arrived in Iceland on a Sunday to find ALL the liquor stores shut!!!! Boohoo. Luckily the lovely owners of our apartment felt our pain and gave us a vintage bottle of rioja, WOW, happy birthday to me! Icelandic people are really kind btw. Anyway, back to drinks, most alcohol is double the price of the UK, so it’s a no brainer really, just don’t go crazy, there’s obviously a limit to how much you can bring !

Icelandic miniatures, Bjork liquor!

Goodbye Bacon. A sad truth, bacon for some mad reason is extortionate in Iceland, like £15 for a pack of regular streaky bacon. Forget it, you can eat all the bacon you want when you get home! This was the the same for a few of my favs: blueberries £9 a punnet! Good coffee £8 a pack! Fancy jam £5!

Log Cabin, the best place to be in a snow storm!

Forget the Souvenirs. Little pebbles of volcanic rock, Icelandic woolly jumpers, anyone would think they were selling gold dust! Just don’t do it. Iceland is about the memories not the random bits you bring home. Shopping in Iceland really is the best way to blow your budget.

Bring Coffee. Also tea, chocolate that kind of packaged stuff, it’s so easy to fit in your suitcase and most of the flights give you a 25KG allowance, which is plenty for everything! It was nice having my organic home comforts and we also we saved over £50 on coffee, as a decent cup outside was about £3.50.

Skogafoss Waterfall

Picnic in the Hotel. For the most part we stayed in log cabins and self catering apartments but if you do find yourself in a hotel don’t think ‘oh right that’s our budget blown!’  We found that most of the hotels give you a really good free breakfast (with BACON, yippppppeeee) a pretty good start to the day. So in the evening we’d just have a picnic, in our room. Snacks, fruit, cheeses, wine, desserts, it was lovely and cost very little.

Gullfoss Waterfall


Have you visited Iceland or other pricey destinations, what are you’re frugal traveller tips?


WOW DIY Body Butter


SKIN…. It lives, it breathes and it needs nourishing. And  I don’t know about you but my skin tends to drink up any lotion thrown its way! That can be an expensive business when you use Organic products, as some of the good ones don’t come cheap.

So here’s what I did, not wanting to sacrifice my healthy organic habits I opted to make my own Body butter using a few key raw ingredients and it was pretty effortless!

I bought raw Organic Raw Shea Butter and Organic Coconut Oil  which you just melt down, I prefer using a bowl of boiling water and placing the cup of ingredients inside, so it can slowly melt. I used about 5 parts shea butter and 1 part coconut oil, as I wanted a thicker, creamer body butter.

Now time for scents…

What I love about making my own products is how unique they become, each cosmetic can be tailor made to suit your style. I added a few drops of Bulgarian Rose oil and Lavender essential oil, Organic of course. You can be so free and the really wonderful thing is,  you know exactly what goes into them, no nasty chemicals that can harm you or your family.

This body butter costs very little to make and you can whip up large tubs to share with all your friends. Go one give it a whirl…. Here’s to happy hydrated skin, the ORGANIC way!



It’s an odd question isn’t it… What IS love? I often wonder about it, I bet you’re thinking , WOW here’s a lady with way to much time on her hands, but no, I just think it’s a question that deserves a thought and it IS almost Valentine’s Day!

LOVE: some say there are different types of love; the love of husband, love of a mother, a father, love of a friend, sibling love, to me it’s always been ONE love, like Sir Bobby Marley preached. And that’s how I knew, when I met my husband, that’s how I knew I loved him. He felt like my family, almost instantly,  like I’d always known him, he was the missing piece of my Petite jigsaw.

So we all know LOVE is amazing, but do we ever really stop to ponder the true ‘power of love’, yes I know it’s pure cheddar cheese, but do stay with me…

I believe we don’t think about LOVE enough, we talk about it enough, but never really stop to give LOVE  enough credit.

I get it, life is busy, we get comfortable, sometimes we take love for granted (naughty naughty!) but I can’t help thinking that us humans have complicated life way too much. I mean ‘All you need is love’….. and if the Beatles said it then it’s probably something we should take pretty seriously.

And whilst some people question, what about health, what about money, love won’t pay the bills and love doesn’t cure diseases. But… doesn’t it?

I mean, that do you think?

Here’s what I think about LOVE… incase you wanted to know:

I think far from blinding us LOVE actually gives us clarity, to view with magic eyes the true beauty and purpose of life.

LOVE unravels all problems, even if it takes a long time, it does.

LOVE moves us to the places we need to be.

LOVE is the biggest reality check, EVER.

LOVE makes even the grey days shine. Even when all hope is lost,  love has a way of soothing pain and calming reality.

LOVE teaches us the lessons that nothing or no one else can.

LOVE nurtures us without judgment and truly cares, unconditionally.

LOVE guides us to make better choices.

LOVE inspires us deep down to our roots.

LOVE shows us perfection isn’t real and that life and people are imperfect by nature.

LOVE teaches us that death is a fragment in time, but LOVE will be forever.

LOVE heals our wounds, no matter how deep they are.

LOVE gives us the space and confidence to grow into the person we are meant to be.

LOVE puts us back in tune with nature.

LOVE gives us unnerving strength to hold us up in the darkest of times.

LOVE makes us fight, for what is  good in the world.

LOVE brings out the best in our hearts and brings our souls back to life.

That’s what I think…. but look at me babble on like a love sick pony, let’s end this gooey eyed post before we both turn to mush.  Wishing you all a very happy day of love, today and always. One LOVE people, one love.

The Elusive Grey Goddess.


I’m 27. I have 0 grey hairs (that I know of!) a few cackle lines and a dabbling of cellulite but nothing else…yet, because I’m young, but one day (if I’m lucky to live long enough) my frizzy hair will go grey, my plump skin with loose it’s bounce and my face will crinkle and soften declaring it’s chilled comfort in the body it calls home.

EVERYONE GROWS OLDER. Every second, of every day, from the day we are born….

But somewhere down the line, we’ve starting ‘Bejamin-buttoning’ backwards, sprinting fast as we can from our real age,  shameful of the years we’ve collected, survived and strived through.


Society, the media, advertising, we’ve been had up, we’ve been scanned and quite frankly, damaged, by it all. Because we are not born vain, we didn’t come out of the womb and make a beeline for the nearest mirror, we’ve been conditioned ladies and gentleman and it is not good, not for me and not for you.

Vanity and it’s juicy lips and taut cheeks are plastered all over the media, it’s in films, in magazines, the celebrities we admire (sadly) and the fashions we tend to follow. Even our once geeky pal Carol Vorderman has joined the plastic babe brigade, what a shocker that was.

Some may say “Well, good for her” but is it really GOOD for her. Is inserting plastic in your body, a GOOD thing? Is injecting toxic chemicals into your face a GOOD thing? Is bowing down to vanity really a GOOD way to feel happy about yourself. I don’t believe it is.

Imagine a generation of perfectly pumped boobies and pulled back faces, where all lips are plump and all hair is dyed, where all nails are acrylic and all cheeks are contoured. And where bare faces are lost in the crowds of smokey, wrinkle less eyes.

Are we not born beautiful, in most unique sense of the word? So, then, why do we spend our whole lives trying to be somebody else, struggling to fit in with societies model of beauty. Surly we just need to find out how to be ourselves.

Because how long can we keep this up for?  Isn’t it exhausting….

And who made those ludicrous beauty rules anyway, why are wrinkles and grey hair such a terribly unattractive thing? I mean I get it, we’re programmed to be attracted to perky breasts and smooth skin but isn’t real BEAUTY more than that. What defines beauty, WHO defines beauty, surely WE do…. not magazines, not hollywood.

We are heading into a time where age and ageing are taboo, where silver foxes and grey goddess’ are an elusive thing of the past.

And if you’ve seen on of those mystical white headed  wonders you’ll get what I mean. It’s someone who ages with grace and wonder, someone who has clearly stuck two fingers up at the status quo. And those people, glow, they glow with the confidence and radiance that only a person who is truly comfortable in their own skin can achieve.  And I think WOW because THOSE are the characters we remember. THOSE are the woman and men that make you stop and stare. The pretty faces, the youthful rosy glows, they are lovely, but quite frankly anyone young can be youthful, but not everyone old will grow old gracefully. It’s a skill, it’s an art and it’s about knowing who you are and believing in your own kind of beauty.

It’s about time we jumped OFF the plastic face bandwagon and we stopped judging, stop pushing for youthful glows and smooth everything… let’s just BE, let’s have wrinkles, let’s go grey, let’s live.

And most of all let’s not be defined by fashion, by the media, let US define ourselves.

Kindness: we’re robots without it.


Kindness, I never really thought about it much, it was just something you’re told from a young age is good and that you should try and BE IT. But often, as busy human beings we just forget to think about other people. And we’ve started mistaking NOT being ‘unkind’ as being kind, which of course it is not.

KINDNESS is doing something to give happiness, protection or general goodness to another person without any obligation or benefit to yourself. Do you do that? Do you do that everyday? Once a week? Now and then? Hardly ever? Never?

I remember when I lived in Italy, it was a tiny little town, the kind of place where your only friends are Mr biscotti and Mrs gelato. I was working  there as an nanny and every day I’d go to collect my newly adopted twins from their little nun run kindergarten. And because I was a newbie, a stranger, a clearly non-Italian fuzzy haired crazy, with flower power sunglasses,  I was mostly greeted with frosty chic glares and perfectly plucked, knitted brows. However, there was one lady,  a sweet Italian grandma and instead of staring, she just smiled.  I think she could sense my loneliness. And  when everyone else pointed and whispered, she spoke to me and we laughed. We could hardly understand each other, but that didn’t matter, because she understood something more important than English, she understood my need for a friend.

And at the end of that first month, she handed me a gift, it was a ceramic glazed Madonna and baby, she said it was to hang on my wall and to ‘protect’ me.

I was touched. I was so moved that she cared enough about me, a stranger, to make sure I felt safe and protected.  I’m not a religious person, but that day I converted, to KINDNESS.

I think the world is in danger and no I’m not talking about ‘climate change’. Did you know it’s now illegal in America to give food to a homeless person? I mean what? We’re encouraged by society to grown our ‘selfness’,to be unique individuals, but what about our fellow human beings, who we share this planet with, shouldn’t we give a stuff about them?

And of course the media, with it’s big skewed lense seems to focus only on the ‘unkindness’ of the world, as if there’s not a spec of kindness left.

And so we take for granted that people can be kind. We stop noticing it, stop seeing how special kindness is. And maybe we even feel entitled to it. Have you ever been queuing at a supermarket, when you’ve got a handful of items and the large trolley loaded customer doesn’t let you go first in the queue, you felt cross didn’t you,  you see?

So, turn off the tv, smile at people, give someone your parking ticket, help an old lady with her shopping bags, give a homeless person a sandwich, just sprinkle kindness, because kindness will always be something worth investing in.

The NY Resolutions You Actually Need


Quit smoking, banish cake, drink less wine, New Year, new you.

My problem with New years resolutions is this… when the fresh NY vibes wear off and you start back at work, the schedule resumes and your new year good intentions end up on the recycling pile next to a very sad looking Christmas tree. Game over.

WHY? Because intentions, no matter how sterling, mean nothing without the drive to back them up. For example: I subscribed to babbel, I WILL learn Spanish, I bought a yoga dvd, I WILL do yoga, I bought green tea, I WILL get into my skinny jeans. What’s missing is the actually WILL that gets IT done.

I think sometimes we don’t understand ourselves, sometimes we’re just not ready for a change or sometimes we just don’t want it enough.

But that’s ok.

We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves, our minds are a strange thing and instead of beating ourselves up about not getting the results we want or depressed because we’re not dedicated enough, we should do this… Be honest with ourselves.

So here’s the 5 REAL NY Resolutions that we should be making this year:

-Accept who you are. I don’t have Scarlett Johansson’s assets, my makeup will never be a flawless like Kim K’s (thank Fudge for that) and in the words of Bridget Jones “I’m always going to be just a little bit fat” We need to make peace with our wonderful selves and decide just how to emphasis our fabulousness, not paint another version of ourselves.

-Take baby steps. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a long and winding road to goodness knows where, so you’ve got to be in it for long haul. Quick fixes and rushing into things never gets stuff done, make a plan, stick to the plan, get it done.

-Learn about stuff. No one can easily go from sausage rolls to raw kale in a week, especially if you’re only eating it because someone said ‘it’s good for you’. Try learning about healthy living, educate yourself about what super foods actually do, it IS truly fascinating and gives you a much better incentive rather than mindlessly munching carrot sticks like a clueless rabbit.

-Accept what we really want. Do you really want a six pack, or are you just wanting to be a little less jiggly, because they really are two different things. The end game of fitness doesn’t have to becoming world’s strongest woman, just be honest about what you really want and you’ll obtain it much easier.

-Look at you life from a fresh perspective. Sometimes we just need a little time away, from our family, our jobs, just to see who we are and what, if anything, needs to change. So, go for a walk, stay with a fried you’ve not seen in ages, just have some ‘thoughtful’ time because my goodness have any of us actually had time to THINK about 2016 and what went down, we need to, we must.

Cheers to 2017! May everyone reach their true potential and OWN this brand new year like the super stars we are!

Facial Oils ROCK!

ooh-heaven-oils-petite-words-organic-beautyI’ve lost my glow. Oh no!

Sound familiar? Glow, the glow, that glow, what is that glow anyway, who knows, all I know is my face seems to have misplaced it and I’d quite like it back.

Enter Ooh Heaven! Facial Oils. Now I’m not affiliated with Ooh Heaven! in any way, it really is just a wonder product that I’ve found and what to shout from the rooftops about. In particular, Ooh Heaven Organic Argan Oil for moisture retention. It is pure liquid ‘glow’ in a bottle. I don’t make a habit of giving rave reviews but this stuff is just too good not to share.

My skin, which was once acne prone has changed pretty drastically in the last few years, call it stress, ageing, city living, for whatever reason my skin is now pretty dry, blotchy and epically failing in the glow department.

So after hearing so much about ‘facial oils’ I decided to give them a whirl.

I was pretty sceptical, I failed to see how slopping oil all over your face could help anything, surely your already temperamental skin would erupt into a million volcanos just to spite you. But wow am I glad I tried, I guess that’s the thing,  you really never know until you try.

Still not convinced? Here’s 5 things that I love about facial oil:

It feels luxurious: You put it on before bed (obviously not in the day as it doesn’t work with makeup) and you feel like your spa-ing it up a fancy hotel. Butler, champagne please! Don’t you just love that feeling.

It leaves a great finish: My skin hasn’t felt this soft and fresh for years and makeup seems to go on much better the morning after wearing facial oil.

A little goes a long way: It may be a little expensive, but you only need a few drops per night, you do the math.

It changes your completion: Really really, I literally feel like my skintone is much more even after just a week of using the oil.

It balances your skin: Far from making it too oily, it cleanses and clarifies it and seems to just KNOW what you skin needs. Pretty magic stuff.

Thoughts about facial oil? I’d LOVE to know, leave a comment pretty please!

I’m rubbish.

low-self-esteem-petite-wordsThat’s me somedays. Telling myself I’m rubbish. I’m not clever enough. I don’t smile enough. I’m not kind enough. Maybe I’m just not a good enough human being.

I can be pretty hard on myself somedays, especially given none of the above is true.

In fact… I am a pretty wonderful person.  I am kind and I care about people. So if you know me you’re probably reading this thinking ‘WHAT!?!’  because on the outside I’m a very ‘together’ person, I am ambitious and happy, but, like most things in like a story is so much more then the cover.

And despite all the happiness there are still some days when that unwelcome little whisper tells me I’m just not good enough.

I’m not the only one am I?

We’ve all been there, we’ve all listen for too long and too attentively to that sad little voice in our heads, the self doubt, the anxiety of ‘what if’.

Low self esteem, there you go, I said it. It’s there and it’s as common as a hipster in a flannel shirt, so why do we still feel ashamed to talk about it?

I blame the British ‘stiff upper lip’ nonsense. We’re scared of coming up inadequate or letting our insecurities be seen  because god forbid we aren’t actually perfect. So we bury our heads in the sand and we paint on smiles instead of accepting our problems and working to find a solution.

But I say let’s STOP. Let’s not spend a second longer doubting our awesomeness. We are amazing and it’s a new year, a perfect time to give ourselves a big hug and take back control. Here’s my top self-esteem boosting tips, because you ARE a super star, go ahead an whisper that to yourself!

  1. Get out there! Don’t just stay at home, playing out your life, pondering all the things that could go wrong. Get dressed and push yourself out there, a good friend once told me ‘If we don’t go, we can never know.’ Exactly.
  2. Meditation: Like it or not, meditation and just being still is a great way to clear the fog that self-doubt and negative thoughts bring, allowing you to see more clearly. It always works for me.
  3. Think Positive: It’s all about the mindset. Tell yourself something enough times and you will believe it, this works with both positive and negative thoughts. I find affirmations help me a lot, telling myself I am loved, I am a good person that has a wonderful family supporting me. Try writing a list of 10 positive affirmations and repeat them each day. Read my own affirmations to give you a little inspiration.
  4. Chakra Healing: My wonderful par gave me a great book ‘The Book Of Chakra Healing’ by Liz Simpson. I’m finding myself more and more draw to this kind of life choice, because it just seems to work, it keeps me calm and helps me to find a balance. If you’re unfamiliar with ‘Chakras’ do look into it, I’d try and explain it, but I wouldn’t do it justice, read more here, you won’t be sorry you did.
  5. Do what you love and do it more often: So many times I’ve seen people feeling so low, with no confidence and I look at their life and think ‘no wonder!’. Because they don’t seem to love themselves. If you don’t truly love yourself your world will just crumble. We must make time for ourselves, be it time for eating truffles in the bath or reading novels in bed, we MUST put ourselves first, at least a little of the time.







How To Find The Christmas Spirit


Christmas, the most magical time of the year, a fairytale of tinsel and wonder, a time that will either drive you crazy or bring on a happiness of epic proportions. Me? I’ve always been a devout lover of Christmas, I’m not religious, I just believe in the spirit of it all and the magic that it brings.

However, the older I get, the more I find myself troubled by the confusion and misdirection of it all. Between the continuous stream of advertising and the palpable pressure society puts on us, we’ve lost our way. We’ve let the true spirit of Christmas fade into tacky Christmas jumpers and maxing out our credit cards.

Since when was Christmas about money, has it not always been about JOY. About love,  about giving and being united in our happiness.

So this year, I want to do my bit in spreading Christmas cheer with my top tips to find the magic of Christmas, because it really is the best gift of all.

  • Don’t buy too many presents. No my name is not scrooge and yes I DO like presents, but hasn’t it all got a bit much? Some may gasp in horror, others may say “Well it’s only once a year!” well so what, does that mean that we must turn into greedy delusional monsters, I’d rather not. And because money, as we all know,  does not buy happiness, it just buys something cool, something pretty, which will probably end up in the charity shop come next year.
  • Deck the halls as a family. This is a definite giver of joy and a great chance to get away from the madness outside and embrace the warmth of your home and family. Just put on some Christmas tunes, pour yourself something sweet n strong and enjoy the whimsy of hanging all kinds of knick-knackery around the house, knowing it will never, EVER be dusted and nobody cares, it’s Christmas.
  • Don’t go shopping in December. As if shopping wasn’t a big enough horror story, you can still see people madly dashing about like headless reindeers days before the ‘big day’. All in the name of “just one more this” or “Oh no I’ve forgotten that” There is no end to it, until YOU put an end to it. You really don’t NEED what you think you need.
  • Embrace the Elf gift wrapper within. It’s gotta be done, and providing you followed RULE 1 then wrapping your presents should be pretty effortless. So grab a glass of festive cheer (yes elves DO drink prosecco) and imagine you’ve been hired by Father Christmas as head gift wrapper. Then award yourself prosecco for a job well done!
  • Bake Christmassy Stuff. It frustrates me to see so much stress caused by the Christmas dinner, we really do pile those expectations on. So I much prefer pre-Christmas baking, and the happiness that comes from making sweet treats like marzipan fruits, mince pies and the naughtiest of all Chocolate log! So embrace the festive baker within, the turkey can wait, now is the time for jolly experimentation and cooking fun!
  • Go out for mulled wine. Like it or not mulled wine has a magical way of bringing about festive cheer. I’m not sure whether it’s the alcohol or the various spices, it just works, so go on, chin chin!
  • Take a walk in a forest. Especially if you are permitted to snip snip a holly branch or 2! There’s just something truly beautiful about forests and woodlands in wintertime, the crisp winter air, the feeling that everything is content, nestled sleepily waiting for spring, super peaceful. And no, it’s not the mulled wine talking!
  • Listen to a Christmas band. This marks the start of Christmas for me, a brass band’s nostalgic hum bringing people together, iPhones down, ahhh can you smell Christmas in the air?  
  • Spring clean the house. It may sound like the last place you’d find festive cheer but truly giving your house a good clean banishes all kinds of negative energy, making way for the all Christmas joy to come.
  • Go tree shopping & Buy and REAL tree. For me Christmas died a little bit when a silly man invented a plastic tree…. I’m sorry plastic tree people, it’s nothing personal, you just can’t replace that divine pine smell and the feeling that Christmas, like your sap leaking tree, is REAL…
  • Go for brunch. I can’t pin-point why it feels so good, I just know that it does. Brunch around Christmas time just fills me with a glow, a happiness like the day is all a fresh and there’s so much wonder to come. And it’s always so much more chilled than festive lunches or bustling dinners out. And coffee is always endless.
  • Buy Champagne. Nothing says Christmas like the clinking of bottles, especially sparkling bottles of delight. Champagne is my absolute favourite drink and still remains my no.1 fav thing about being an adult. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth, just know that champagne is so worth it. I’m sorry prosecco, you aint got nothing on Queen Champers.
  • Spend time with your siblings. We never truly grow up, do we… so your brothers and sisters remain like portholes back to Christmas’ past. And all the memories you’ve shared glow even brighten at Christmas. The excitement of being with my brothers at this time of year, will always remain one of my favourite things about Christmas, we remember we are always siblings, always someones children forever, no matter our ages.

So, have a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS wonderful people! See you in the new year, 2017 I can see you coming…..